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We talked to someone in Illinois — someone who’s in a good position to know — who told us that despite the huge backlog of gun sales background checks due to the current gun sales surge, the Illinois State Police has cut back their hours. They’re working only one shift a day and the current backlog is running about a week. This despite a 72 hour statutory processing requirement.

And that was before Governor J.B. Pritzker issued a shelter-in-place order for the entire state today that could result in the closure of all Illinois gun stores.

In Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Police Department as well as law enforcement agencies in other counties around the state have let it be known they’re not processing concealed carry permits any more.

From the Philadelphia Inquirer . . .

[T]he Philadelphia Police Department has shut down its gun-permits unit. Firearm owners without a license-to-carry permit will, in almost all circumstances, not be able to carry the weapons on them without risking arrest.

Sheriffs offices in Montgomery County, Allegheny County and at least five Pennsylvania other counties have done the same, according to gun-rights groups who have been tracking the shutdowns.

Given the current coronavirus national emergency, look for more of these shut-downs to take place in other jurisdictions around the country.

That means that tens of thousands of new gun owners who have rushed out in recent days to buy their first firearm won’t, in many cases, be able to carry them legally any time soon unless they happen to live in a constitutional carry state.

As has always been the case, laws in nearly every state allow gun owners to carry a firearm on their own property (with a few notable exceptions). Check your state and local laws to see how you may be affected both on your own property and when you venture out to the grocery store of pharmacy.

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  1. I’ve already got a PA permit but last I checked we are still a constitutional open carry state except for Philadelphia.

    • Not under a declared state of emergency, of which we are now under 2: Opiod epidemic, and now corona. You must have an LTCF to be excepted from the general prohibition on carrying firearms during a declared state of emergency.

    • I should add that an LTCF is required at all times to carry a firearm in a vehicle. So your constitutional open carry without an LTCF could only be exercised on foot, during the 6 months of the year we are typically not under a declared state of emergency.

    • They don’t want to fingerprint people but will have no problem sending the cops to handcuff those who violate a curfew. No fingerprints, but we will finger you and you’ll ask for more lol.

    • Odd that they’re issuing purchase permits but not issuing new CCW’s. I was under the impression that purchase permits also required a livescan fingerprint? Strangest thing though, EVERY time I’ve ever been livescanned the machine was wiped down before and after and the machine operator wore gloves.

      I think this is just another case of our illustrious Sherriff not really wanting to grant us normies our privileges.

    • They are saying renewals are taking 90 days now rather than 45. I submitted my paperwork for renewal on 1/13 for my CCW that expired on 2/20. I called last week to check and they gave me the 90 day spiel. Guess I will be lucky to get approved for renewal on 4/13ish…

      • Update: My renewal came in the mail today. They did not text me it was approved like they did for the initial permit. They did text me that it was received for the renewal, though I did not receive the 2nd text that it was approved and set to be mailed out.

    • If emojis with sunglasses went out into the darkness and visited violence upon oath breakers and traitors, we would have no reason to worry for the future.

  2. Welcome to the Los Angeles County experience, where we have never been able to obtain CCWs for decades (unless you’re wealthy or politically connected).

    Not that I want you to go through this, but perhaps now you’ll feel our pain and understand why we’re fighting so much for change here.

    • Since California concealed carry permits are good for the whole state, you can get a permit in another county and carry a gun in Los Angeles.
      I understand it’s quite an expense to rent a room in a house in another county, Declare that your main address, use that address to apply for your permit in that county, and then take that gun to your “vacation home” home in Los Angeles.

  3. Fat boy hasn’t issued an ILL shelter in place order-YET. But it may hapoen in a few minutes…

    • There you go…fatboy just shut down ILL starting Saturday 5pm CST. For me not much will change…guns are OUT. No doubt “non-essential”😩😖😏

      • Yeah, and our shanty Irish Governor here in Peoples Republic of NJ will do the same on Monday according to the scuttlebutt from the local POPO. I feel sad for those who were for some reason unable to acquire firearms or ammunition before this latest emergency situation; if that is what this is. I’m always suspicious when politicians do something during an emergency that so happens to fit their agenda during normal times they would otherwise not be able to accomplish. Like limiting access for firearms or otherwise pretending the 2nd Amendment doesn’t really mean what it actually says.

      • Some government officials are talking about using the National Guard soon. Katrina style.

      • https://www2.illinoi…der-2020-10.pdf

        n. Supplies for Essential Businesses and Operations. Businesses that sell, manufacture, or supply other Essential Businesses and Operations with the support or materials necessa1Y to operate, including computers, audio and video electronics, household appliances; IT and telecommunication equipment; hardware, paint, flat glass; electrical, plumbing and heating material; sanitary’ equipment; personal hygiene products; food, food additives, ingredients and components; medical and orthopedic equipment; optics and photography equipment; diagnostics, food and beverages, chemicals, soaps and detergent; and firearm and ammunition suppliers and retailers for purposes of safety and security;

  4. Linked above (ghost gun)

    “It is sold at gun shows and over the internet — not as a functioning gun, but in a kit of disassembled parts. Buyers use their own tools, including electric drills and sandpaper, to build a handgun or assault rifle.”

    All I need are electric drills (plural?) and sandpaper??? I’ve been doing it wrong.

    • That’s exactly how I did all of my P80s. Needed the jig for the ARs, of course, but the P80s are rather simple.

  5. Does it really matter, I dont think i know anyone NOT carrying at this point. The list of people I know WITH permits is a microscopic fraction of that.

    • This ^
      A lot more law abiding citizen are going to say screw you when it comes to formalities, safety first. The panic is only growing, and things are going to be a lot worse before it eventually gets better. Although there are less cars on the road and as a result less stressed drivers, I have already witnessed some irrational and dangerous behavior. You’ve got to run that red light at 60mph, you never know they might still have some TP or hand sanitizer at the store.

      • A friend’s mom has been laughing about all the people zooming to the stores to buy up essentials: she just ordered everything she could think of from Walmart, which is still filling shipping orders because most of the work is done by robots.

  6. I cannot blame any police agency for shifting personnel from administrative tasks, like background checks and permit issuing to other tasks during an emergency. I’m sure that they will soon be hit by absences due to illness, not to mention increased load due to the panic out there.

    I used to live in a state (NJ) where despite the 30 day time limit on issuing a handgun purchase permit, it could take 6 months or more. Carry permit? Fuhgedaboudit! Nobody gets those. Only Cops and Criminals are allowed to carry in NJ. That’s one of the reasons I don’t live there anymore, but on reaching Free Soil, I began the process of getting a License to Carry immediately.

    I don’t feel sorry for anyone who decided last Thursday that they might want to carry a gun someday.

    I make a pretty poor Ant, but I’m no Grasshopper.

    • The police said they are going home instead of helping arm the people and they said they will not come to calls for service if it’s not violent because of officer safety. They said they won’t show up for burglaries, car jackings, vandalism, etc. They don’t want people armed and they don’t want to expose themselves to the virus.

      It’s all about them. The government is protecting themselves. Like when the government said not to buy masks, that masks won’t help against the virus.

      I already prepared for this situation long ago. I made sure to buy the expensive/proper masks. I knew it was coming.

      Just wait until the next recession hits soon if the fed and Trump continue stealing money.

        • Do I have to show you my box of 3M masks, all my jugs of water, my months supply of TP, etc? I have yet to go to the store. I can hang out for months. I don’t need to go stand in a line to get anything.

          It doesn’t take a genius to figure out cyclical events. Look at the Bible to see how the same scenarios played out over and over again. It’s like the Bible is an instruction book for some people.

          How many 3M masks do you got for your family? I made the decision a long time ago to not go for the full gas mask because those are not going to go well with the public. I was even thinking of selling some when everyone was starting to panic buy all the masks on Amazon but I knew that would be dumb because Trump is president.

        • Here we go with the bible nonsense. “Just read the bible and then look outside!!1!!1” they huff. Conveniently forgetting things like two world wars, the bubonic plague and malaria. Looking for reason to reassure themselves.

          • ‘guest’: your trolling skills are worse than a 7 y/I’d. Your mom said it’s time for your nap.

    • In PA the LTCF is issued by county sheriffs, except for in Philadelphia where it is the “gun permits unit”.

      Sheriffs in PA do not have statutory powers of arrest and are “merely” officers of the court. Ergo they are not going to be used for any other law enforcement duties and as all courts have suspended in person hearing and trials and warrant service they are not much needed right now for anything else.

      State police run the PICS background check system and they have kept that system up and running, mostly.

      • They’ve issued notice that there will be delays and that they are not processing background checks as normal.

        i suspect this is demand from Wolf who is preparing to do some fancy footwork with his illegal eagle as far as “ghost” guns and other laws.

        They have a big problem tho and that is that the possession of firearms is in the Pennsylvania Constitution. We’re protected by not just the potentially confusing words of the US Constitution but the State Constitution which is much clearer with no caveats or weasel wording that the weasels can grab hold of.

        That and we have almost as many carry firearms licensees as Texas.

    • Since Philly police are not enforcing laws anymore I cannot imagine they would have nay other use for the GPU officers either. So they should be functiuoning.

      Perhaps our kind governor could declare constitutional carry for the duration of the crisis as this shutdown of issuing new LTCFs clearly disproportionately affects minorities and the disadvantaged.

    • I’ll say that Illinois should have had a ton of people hired with the $30 million they stole from the FOID/CC fees that were supposed to hire people to process applications. Even at $100K/year how many people is that they could have hired or how much computer infrastructure would that by? Answer:a lot.

      • A friend told me that they used that $30 million to save one child’s life. True story. And since they’re not arresting non-violent offenders anymore, they can save another child.

      • A hundred thousand dollars per year is enough to hire a lot of people AND buy computer infrastructure????…. you’re kidding right?

  7. I got stuck in Philly overnight OKC for weather – checked into a hotel near the airport & asked the clerk where I might get some dinner.
    She said, “sir, you should not go outside.”

  8. If you waited until a week ago to realize you need to be able to defend yourself, you might as well blame yourself for all the good it will do blaming others.

    I feel sorry for the people who just reached the age where they can put them in or just started the process independent of the ‘panic.’

  9. Gun laws are for normal times. In times of crisis; natural disaster, civil disturbances and general lawlessness, we will all do what we have to do to protect ourselves and our families. Come what may. Hopefully most folks have prepared for such an eventuality; ammo, food, weapons, neighbors/friends and the like. The unknown is scary but common sense goes a long way. Stay safe.

    • in times of crisis, governments can go one of two ways…they can attempt to disarm you, as in Katrina….or make it easier for you to arm yourselves….which was my experience…that’s basically when I got my first gun permit…and was somewhat shocked to see how much easier the process had suddenly become…CC had its origins back in the sixties…

  10. This is what happens when govs chip away Rights over decades and replace them with permission slips.

    Unless a person just had a birthday that makes them eligible for a handgun/Permit: I don’t have a shred of sympathy for them. As is often the case, it is only when they realize the threat is close to them, that “GUNS” are essential for their safety and security. They are actually only one step ahead of a person being murdered wishing they had a gun when its too late.

  11. Fuck their permits, their permission, and their infringements.

    To anyone in these states that do this: Carry anyway.

    Would you rather be tried by 12, or carried by 6?

  12. If they’re going to start releasing criminals then we’ll have to act like the outlaws and arm ourselves whether we have a permit or not.

    The chances of an encounter has just gone up thus making it more of a payoff to be armed than not and take the arrest when it comes. Judged by 12 etc.

    One good thing is that you can still carry beyond the end of your permit expiration. I’m not sure how long tho. 3 months maybe. It’s longer than you’d think.

    This is when all your preparation and judgement pays off in feeling snuggly wuggly while all around you stroke out and do without.

    • Looked it up. If you had a license that expired less than 6 months ago and you are still eligible for one you won’t get charged if found to be carrying a firearm.

      I would guess they’d issue some kind of appearance ticket and that you have to appear with a reissued license or something like that.

      I knew it was a long time for a grace period.

      And if you have a license and you leave your firearm in your car and your spouse drives your car and gets stopped, they’re off the hook too.

      https://tinyurl.com/vpyk8y8 psp.pa.gov page

  13. While it sucks, its also hard to have sympathy for people who waited until the last possible second, when the apocalypse was nigh, to get their gun and permit.

  14. Massachusetts townships “suspended” FID card/LTC permit process…2nd amendment privileges (rights) on the back burner according to the local/city/state Authoritarians…..

  15. This is why we should have open carry as a right in all states in the United States and not just concealed carry for pistols. Every state should be a gold standard state for open carry of pistols, but some states you can open carry pistols, rifles, and shotguns and even car carry, which is also important in times like now. President Trump should make this a decree by executive order. OpenCarry.org is only focused on open carry of pistols and not other firearms.

  16. This is ridiculous. The city hall and other offices here re closed, but the city government is still functioning — it’s just that everyone is working from home. They check for phone messages regularly and respond; the only difficulty is signed paperwork but they’ve got a workaround for that, too.

    If a small town in Oregon can do it, big cities certainly ought to be able to!

  17. What’s the best legal way to challenge these infringements?

    This might be a good opportunity to challenge all hurdles to legally acquiring a firearm. If emergencies cause governments to shut down gun stores and PDs to stop processing applications, then those hurdles turn from “common sense” into widespread denial of rights.

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  19. Unless I’ve missed something, that doesn’t stop them from being able to carry on their property and they sure can in their home. Don’t get me wrong, constitutional carry all the way. That needs to be 50 state.

    All I can think of a state south in Maryland…welcome to all our experience down here.

  20. The state of emergency declaration is going to be the new half mast flag flying. Before long it will lose any value or meaning it may have ever had.

    Look for dem governors declaring states of emergency should Trump win a second term. A whole new level of virtue signalling retardation.

  21. Flathead County, Montana, also stopped issuing CCW permits (in fairness, the sheriff’s office closed down to the public for everything, save for emergencies). They did, however, waive any late-fees for late renewals if your CCW expired during this hiatus.

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