Tallahassee Murder Suicide Walmart Parking Lot
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Once is noteworthy. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is a trend. After violent incidents over the last few days in a Walmart parking lot in Jacksonville and a Kroger lot in DeKalb County, Georgia, today’s violent incident took place outside another Walmart, this one in Tallassee, Alabama.

Three people – two women and a man – are dead in an apparent murder-suicide in the parking lot of Tallassee Walmart on Tuesday morning.

A press release issued Tuesday afternoon by the Tallassee Police Department identified the dead as 65-year-old Harold Miller, his wife, 58-year-old Tresea Miller, and Barbara Buttles, 75.

Harold Miller was in the middle of a divorce proceeding and his wife, Tresea Miller, had obtained an order of protection against him. Somehow that official piece of paper did nothing at all to protect her when Mr. Miller decided to kill her and a friend before committing suicide.

According to court records, Fifth Judicial Circuit Court Judge Tom Young signed a protective order just hours before the shooting for Tresea Miller in what apparently was the beginning of her filing for a divorce from her husband, Harold. The couple’s Tallassee home was  in Tallapoosa County. Buttles and the couple’s adult son were also included in the protective order.

Two vehicles were involved in the incident, Higgins said. Harold Miller was driving one vehicle and the women were in the other. Miller apparently rammed the women’s car with his, shot the women and then turned the gun on himself.

Once again, neither orders of protection or police officers — no matter how quickly they respond to a call — can protect people from those who are determined to do them harm.

Higgins said TPD officers responded within five minutes of receiving the call. He said the Elmore County Sheriff’s Office and the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency were assisting at the scene.

In other words, they’re investigating and cleaning up the scene. Oh, and the ATF is there, too.

The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is also involved in the investigation, looking into the gun and spent cartridges found at the scene.

Exactly why this domestic tragedy should involve the feds is anyone’s guess.

Moral of the story: you are your own first responder. This should have been a defensive gun use. But you already knew that.

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  1. It is WRONGFUL, not just ‘wrong’ for anyone to claim that they can protect you on an individual level (maybe not even you). IT IS NOT DONE. ANYWHERE.

    Don’t let any ahole (especially any of your neighbor aholes that needed a job [your government]) preempt you from your individual defense.

    Don’t let your cops gang up against your own individual defense because they, or their job, feel ‘threatened’.

    • “Once again, neither orders of protection or police officers — no matter how quickly they respond to a call — can protect people from those who are determined to do them harm.”

      Seems like you are making a fine case for Extreme Risk Protection Orders.

      • I saw a video from Asia that shows a man (probably a husband or boyfriend) stabbing a woman to death in a parking lot as everyone stood there and watched it happen. She was screaming for help as he stabbed her countless times. There was nothing the average person could have done to save her; they could only yell at him to stop killing her.

        There are so many stories from Brazil and India of former husbands or boyfriends murdering women. All the laws don’t stop them from doing it. It’s very sad to see a woman cower and beg as a man she once loved kills her for leaving him.

        My family once had a situation like that. The former husband wanted to hurt her for divorcing him and taking his kids. There was an order to stay away, but that didn’t stop him from sometimes sitting outside her home thinking about going inside and hurting her more than he did in the past. The stress caused her to have a mental breakdown, seek mental help and medication. That situation lasted for years as they had to share the kids. The fear that one day he would get her and her kids apparently was enough to make her go crazy, but not strong enough for her to get a gun. I don’t even know if the government would have prohibited her from owning one; I do know they would have prohibited her from carrying it.

        You could say, “a man doesn’t need a gun to kill a woman, a woman needs a gun to kill a man.”

      • I think extreme risk protection orders are a very dangerous idea. In addition to depriving a person of their Constitutional rights without a conviction by a jury, the persons that the extreme risk protection order would actually prevent from using a firearm to commit a crime will only become angrier.

        So the very angry person now has been further aggravated and is out in society with the motivation to commit something like the Happy Land arson fire.

        The persons that would not have used the guns to commit a crime in the first place will also not commit any other crime because of the same motivations. The person just suffers the unnecessary infringement if their Constitution rights.

        This will end badly.

        • My thoughts exactly. These ERPOs don’t do anything to address the real problem which is the person & their mental health. It is strictly about gun confiscation. & I agree that a bunch of police showing up at one’s home to confiscate their firearms will only result in more anger & aggression from a truly mentally disturbed person.
          I recently wrote my governor in Marxland to ask about that very predicament, as he recently signed an ERPO bill into law. Still waiting on the reply.

      • “Extreme Risk Protection Orders.” are the fabrication of stupid-crazy motherfuckers [typically abbreviated as “POS (D)” and/or rino].

        Stupid-crazy motherfuckers ARE THE PROBLEM.

        The PROBLEM doesn’t get to define the problem.

        The PROBLEM doesn’t get to offer solutions to the problem.

        A N D. . .

        How could you draw such a stupid conclusion Fwd Ass. ?

        • Exactly right. The ones trying to suppress & destroy the 2A are the ones for which the 2A was meant to be used.

      • How do you figure? NO protective order, no matter how high quality the paper it’s written on will protect anyone. ERPOs state that the subject may not possess a firearm, sort of like the laws the state that felons may not possess a firearm. And they are just as useless and more dangerous because they lull the police and the potential victim into a false state of security because they think the order will prevent violence.

  2. Some folks don’t have it in them to protect themselves beyond loud talk/barking; if that much. Not much anyone else can do, until that person, or group, decides to do [whatever] for themselves.

    • Mr. Walking Tall ain’t sh_t on Flu day (that’s why China’s going to attack first chem/bio wise from inside our borders).

      Watch out for the quiet ones, they don’t bend, they break.

  3. The order of protection did correctly identify a threat. Does TN law require the husband to turn in his guns?

  4. Be happy you all aren’t ” hopefully ” living in NY shite. You can’t even carry a truck gun , unless it’s locked up , and ammo is also locked up in a separate lock box. Got an SUV ? Well your shit out of luck. You must have a car with a trunk & separate location in car for locked ammo. Libtarted fucking politicians and their dumb as shit laws. Its not worth going to jail. Then there are my backwards uneducated neighbors to worry about stealing my collection of arms. So I stay away from Wal-Mart , DICK’S pretty much stay home & mind my own business. If trouble comes thru my door uninvited , they will be leaving in a black bag.

    • It’s cause your stupid-communist tyrannical neighbors hate you and don’t trust you. They can’t think of a fast enough way to wring you of what you have and discard you.

      Every other place in the world, throughout history, that has had that problem / scourge, has wound up having to kill the MFrs to get rid of them.

      Just sayin.

  5. I see the ATF showing up at more and more of these scenes. I suspect it is done as an attempt to show that the Agency is still relevant. Somehow. I mean, what is the point when you know what gun was used and who used it? So we really need to trace anything at that point? On top of which, I rather suspect that the husband probably had yet to be served wit the protective order. Instead, he’d followed his wife to another state to murder her there.

  6. This is why I buy almost everything on the Internet — no parking lots. And I pities the fools who tries to take me off in my own home. My cats will be lapping up their blood for a week, and probably getting high off it.

  7. Perhaps if they issued some actual protection with those orders, like a glock, or heck even a Hi Point. Or hand out some of those weapons that are always being bought back.

  8. That didn’t happen in Tallahassee, FL. Watched local news three times today and read the paper. No mention. No Tallapoosa County in Florida either.

  9. Toxic masculinity strikes again!

    Ladies, the best way to stop toxic males is to keep and bear firearms. Protect yourself and your children. Don’t rely on the patriarchy to save you and your kids. Don’t be a victim. Love yourself and your kids enough to do what is necessary to keep them and yourself from being harmed by violent animals

    • “MAC 10 clone” ? ? ?

      Make your own.

      $12 at Home Depot, gravity feed the mag vertically, trigger as a cycle-interrupt switch. Heavy bolt on blowback with a medium recoil spring. . . but I digress . . . yes, MAC 10 clone??? What brand.

  10. Each Walmart generates 1,000 , 911 calls per year .

    Ra 15 what ? I live in NYS and everyone I know has a permit to carry …..

  11. Another like incident just happened in a sleepy little town in NC, a definite DGU. A 65-year old man in a wheelchair, with 8 fingers stubbed due to cancer, was physically assaulted in a Wal-mart parking lot, female assailant( gotta be a special place for someone like that!). In spite of his many handicaps, he managed to pull his.44, backed her off, and held her in place till the police came and arrested her. Stay alert, people!!!

    • Americans no longer have respect for their elders. Maybe the U.S. needs to let in more east Asians.

  12. TPD officers responded within five minutes of receiving the call. 

    Record time for them.

  13. Considering the police station is 5 minutes away from that Wal-Mart that’s an unusually quick response for TPD.

  14. In the future people will talk about how we had protection orders issued by our government that we thought were talismen that shielded us from all harm.

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