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In a recent post, a commentator opined that Texas can’t be considered truly gun-friendly until it restores residents’ right to open carry. Fair enough. By the same token, America can’t be considered truly gun-friendly until the feds roll-back the National Firearms Act to allow the sale of modern machine guns (and other stuff). Until then, this.

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  1. Ha… I just posted the 2010 version of this video on my local forum in response to someone complaining about “3 or 4” gunshots last night (probably raccoon hunters) and how they couldn’t get back to sleep because they were so scared…

    However, it’s music to my ears…

    • I’m in KY almost every year to visit the old man. Seems like I’m never there at the right time. 1 of these days I’m going to schedule it so I can go to knob creek. My bucket list is a Vickers water cooled .303. If I can’t find it at Knob Creek it probably ain’t findable.

  2. I’ve always wanted to go to this event. Anyone have any experience or advice? Anyone from the Austin area planning on attending next year? Apr or Oct, which is better?

    • Most KC videos on YouTube are shot on the main firing line, where there are generally NO rentals – lower range only.
      If driving yourself, get there really really early to get a good parking spot – like 6:15 am or so.
      Or have someone drop you off, but picking you up might be an issue as there is a 1.5 hr long
      exodus of spectators, vendors and participants shortly after the air horn sounds and the guns fall silent.
      Breakfast line opens up at 7am – all of it is southern comfort food – filling and inexpensive.
      Bring lots of cash to the rental range, and get there at 8:15 – 8;30 if you can to line up. Figure out your “shopping list” ahead of time, and use the menu sheets you’re given to make your picks.
      Walk around a lot, and take in the sights.
      When the firing line shuts down to let spectators inspect the damage inflicted on the targets, do it.
      Take lots of pics and videos, but make sure to take it all in with your primary senses.
      It’s an all-enveloping firearms spectacle.
      If staying in Louisville, treat yourself to the Seelbach Hilton – a beautiful early 20th century property.
      Oh, and the odds of severe flooding are far less if you go to the October shoot instead of April, although their site proclaims some recent infrastructure upgrades to take care of that.

      • The “infrastructure upgrades” are real. The rickety old scissor bridge was replaced by a real highway quality bridge. The money from the TV show combined with all the gun and ammo sales recently bought a really nice bridge.

        Spring or Fall if you can go then go. If you can’t go figure out how anyway. Imagine a massive NFA Class III gun show, live fire machine gun range, military and historic rifle/pistol/shotgun/full-auto competition, wholesale ammunition market, military firearms museum, camping weekend with helicopter rides cruising the Ohio river. If you can comprehend all that, you might get what this weekend at Knob Creek is all about.

        This is a full celebration of all things 2A. And, no mass murders occured on-site despite the fact that most every functioning Class III item east of the Mississippi is either being fired or is on display for sale or rent.

        If you have never seen a Lewis gun fired next to an electric Minigun with the entire history of “military style” firearms rocking and rolling in front of your eyes and ringing in your ears, with the opportunity to buy parts and pallets of ammo for everything there then you don’t yet understand the phenomenon that is Knob Creek.

        • BTW, no intention to impugn their infrastructure upgrades, Mother Nature really does a lot of damage in that area every year, and not just to KCR.
          Any idea if Guntucky will return for additional seasons? I really liked the show…

        • Come over highway 44 from Shepherdsville on the high-ground. Dixie highway (31W) can get a bid dicey next to the Ohio. As far as Guntucky…there were cameras filming this last weekend.

  3. It’s not the NFA that is the problem, just the Hughes Amendment. Which really should be challenged for constitutionality, on SO many grounds (equal protection, 2nd amendment, arbitrary, etc.)

  4. My wife and I drove down for this shoot this fall from Canada, worth every second on the road. The figured they shot 1.2 million or so rounds over the weekend. The minigun is a lead dispenser. There is no reason everyone shouldn’t own a beltfed!


  5. The Knob Creek show is like the Super Bowl for gun owners. No matter how cool the video looks, actually being there is much more impressive. I would say go in October, the weather should be drier than April. The parking lot becomes a swamp after a rain. If you want to shoot some “real” weapons, bring money and come early. Do not leave before the Night Shoot. It is glorious.

  6. I missed the October shoot, but I made the April show. My favorite gun is the WWI BAR. The Browning Automatic Rifle. Full auto .30-06.

    It’s death on a stick.

  7. I’m from Washington state and when I visited Austin on a few occasions, I didn’t find it so gun friendly at all. The open carry thing for one, but also the obnoxiously large legal signs at venues that won’t allow you to carry inside…. “Booh, now feel bad about exercising your rights!”, that’s the idea I get.

    On the other hand, WA has banned machine guns fully, which is one issue. On the other hand, to get a CPL, there’s no training requirement.

    • You just have to wander around until you find a set of inconveniences that inconveniences you the least.

  8. Went many years ago. It was a blast! Shot some rattle guns on the rental range. Watched and listened to the big shoot several times over the weekend. Saturday night it got crowded. Long walk from parking lot fo range. Impossible to see whats going on at night unless you go early and get a seat on the bleachers. I got a video taping pass that let me have access to the firing line. Not sure they do any of this anymore. A little girl got killed there some years ago when a tripod mtd gun fellover on her. She should not have been on the firing line in the first place. Traggic all the way around.

  9. Man i actually wish they hadnt blown the stuff up at night. The tracers looked so much cooler to me over the just big blob of orange. One of those things i am sure is way more impressive in person.

    And man why is it the normal for people to watch anything through their phone as they record it. Why cant people enjoy things without having to have it on their phones anymore.

  10. Watched the episode where they were talking to a guy with a minigun at one of their events and he would rent out time on it. 2000 dollars got you 30 seconds worth of ammo. At night and loaded up with tracer rounds that minigun was amazing to see.

  11. The had two or three mini guns running at the night shoot this year. I had the joy of shooting the 50 cal shorty at the end of the line in the video above. It was an amazing spectacle.

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