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Next Post is all abuzz about Paul Ryan’s interview with Flint ABC anchor Terry Camp. The anchor grilled, and re-grilled, the Vice Presidential hopeful on gun control. As you can see above, Ryan was having none of it. Well, not much. The more interesting part: “If you take a look at the gun laws we have,” Ryan said, “I don’t even think President Obama is proposing more gun laws. We have good, strong gun laws.” Uh-oh. Those aren’t exactly the words of a politician dedicated to rolling back the regulations preventing millions of Americans from exercising their Constitutionally protected right to keep and bear arms. Those being the same “good, strong gun laws” supported by the Prez and fellow Dems. Romney = status quo?

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    • WOW, shocking, SHOCKING!!! What did I say before? What did I say? Although in previous comments some time ago I was critical of Romney, I knew that neither of these two would be good for gun owners. It’s very much possible that in the near future will will have to face strict austerity measures, maybe even worse than what Greece is going through and Spain is starting to go through. Well, gee whiz, what do you think the next president will do when people start rioting? Even if Romney wins, I expect more gun bans / restrictions, not less. So Ryan’s position does not surprise me one bit. Expect it to get worse.

      • Americans protest to get the fed off our backs. Greeks whine over handouts. Austerity would be welcomed by most gun owners in America.

  1. Let’s see….. status quo vs, possibly reinstituting the AWB, magazine restrictions, nationwide registration, and new supreme court justices that don’t believe in the constitution? I’ll take status quo and wait for the next turn of the wheel in 4 years. I won’t be happy, but I can live with it. Kinda like being offered a choice of stepping in cow poop while wearing boots, or being bearfoot.

    • exactly. tell me romney/ryan aren’t great, I won’t argue. tell me that they’re no different than the alternative, and you’re insane….. if you think any of your gun rights survive a supreme court with 5 obama appointed justices on it for the next 25 years, you’re dreaming….

      • My natural inherent rights survive regardless of what some black-robed clown decrees. Better to have them expose their illegitimacy than continue their coup under the guise of authority and law.

        • exercise your natural inherent rights against the decisions of those clowns in black robes and see if you get to go to prison.

        • So, since they might kill us for exercising the principles of freedom and liberty, we just shouldn’t resist?

          I’m saying that it would be better if they exposed their malice by taking a step to far than to continue our oppression through the deception of authority and incrementalism.

        • And if they do expose their malice Henry? What, it wasn’t exposed at Waco, Ruby ridge. Where was the great rebellion amongst the masses? You’re living in a fantasy if you think the fat, lazy spoiled Americans are going to rise up to support your gun rights or any other rights.

          a system exists, still, that will allow us to affect change. We need to vote and make it count.

        • Yes, I’d say it was exposed at Waco and Ruby Ridge. That’s what gave rise to the militia movement in the 90’s. That movement, of course, was politically discredited through the false flag attack at OKC.

          Obviously, I disagree with your view of the system. The system exists for their benefit, not ours. All the system parameters give them more power, not us. In over 200 years, voting has never resulted in a decrease in the size or scope of governement. It’s a tool they use to placate the masses… to deceive us into believing that we have a voice, that we can make a change. It’s totally bogus.

          As Emma Goldman said: “If voting changed anything, they’d make it illegal.”

        • im with henry. those POS statists come in many different clothing types, races, religions, and creeds.

          Yes, standing up for your rights would land you in prison, should you choose to submit so easily. History knows how well those people turned out.

          nobody ever said the 2nd amendment gives you immunity from prosecution by the state. no other amendment guarantees such a thing either. In fact, with the 4th and 5th already castrated by the patriot act and NDAA, the hope of the constitution helping firearms ownership is foolish also.

      • Here’s Romney/Ryan are different: A large number of their supporters believe in the 2A. Period.

        They are slightly more likely to have negative repercussions if they go pro-AWB than Obama is. But if they do it anyway, what will most “Pull the Republican Lever Come November” voters going to do? Remember that most of those “sheep” will go back to sleep if there’s an “R” in the whitehouse. They won’t pay close attention until it’s too late.


        Let me repeat:

        ROMNEY signed into LAW the bill that BANNED ASSAULT WEAPONS forever in the state of Massachusetts, his highest ranking job ever.

        Why do people forget that?

        • So you believe his mouth and not his deeds?

          What’s that old saying? How do you tell when a politician is lying? His lips are moving …

        • Why do people forget that?

          People “forget” that because it’s not true. MA had an even worse law on it’s books since 1998. It was permanent and had no sunset clause — it was law until repealed.

          The 2004 “AWB” that Romney signed repealed the old law and replaced it with one that was so much better for gun rights that every gun organization in the state supported it.

          Know the facts.

        • Is there anything Romney won’t “support” if it helps him get into the White House? What do his fellow GOP’rs have to say about him? (hint, it ain’t good) At what point do conservatives cut their losses and say, “ok, something is wrong with the party that is supposed to represent us”?

      • Amen.
        Romney/Ryan may not be Teddy Roosevelt/Wayne La Pierre, but we know Obama/Biden/Clinton/Holder etc. are far worse. I don’t want to think what “Executive Orders” would come out of the White House in a second term of O/B.

    • Exactly. Where in the heck did Paul Ryan discuss rolling back anything? The staus quo federally is just fine. The whining ringing daily though the halls of TTAG is over State regulations, not Federal. Some of you guys need to get over yourselves. All politicians are not out to get you, just half of them.

      • NTE, you nailed it. The only exception I would note would be the federal regulation that we don’t have, namely national handgun reciprocity. And we’re not going to get that unless pro-2A people take more than 60% of the Senate, which isn’t going to happen.

      • The federal Status Quo is fine? Really?

        You, and people like you, are more dangerous to Liberty than the Brady Campaign ever was.

        Anyone that thinks that GCA ’68 and NFA ’34 is “fine” is cancer to our Civil Rights.

        • Dramatize much? The current NFA regs really don’t cause me to lose any sleep at night.

      • “The staus quo federally is just fine.”

        actually its not “fine”. not when people in our government torture and kill around the world and are hellbent on upholding a crumbling empire.

        The sooner the status quo house of cards tumbles into pieces, from the weight of its own hubris, the better off humanity will be. I am keeping a specifically well-aged bottle of scotch to celebrate its collapse.

        • Sadly, what usually happens when things like that happen, especially in current times, one gets something worse than what was.

          I’d rather our Constitution was once again upheld and enforced, in the way the founding fathers wished it first and foremost. IF I can’t get that, I’d rather have the status-quo instead of it getting worse… and believe me, our current direction is for the worse for ALL our rights.

        • sorry, there is no “status quo gun regulations” subject that is separate from geo politics.

          The sooner you learn this, the better off you will be.

          “our current direction is for the worse for ALL our rights.”

          Exactly and that is what my point is. clinging to the status quo IS going towards our current direction.

  2. Listen to the whole video. Ryan does not want any MORE gun control. He does not blame guns, but those who commit the crimes.

    Besides, are you really not going to vote for Ryan/Romney?

    • I am absolutely not going to vote for them, but I’m not a single issue voter.

      Given Obama’s complete lack of giving a shit about pushing new gun regulation, my vote has bigger fish to fry.

    • You’re right. He doesn’t want any more limits on his ability to GO HUNTING.

      Wake up. Those are not the words you want to hear.

  3. People, please watch the video before commenting. For those who cannot be bothered to get the scoop before actually opening their yap ill summarize the video as follows:

    News Media shill tries to maneuver Ryan into supporting gun control. Ryan says hell no. End tape.

    The statement Ryan says is “even Obama isn’t in favor of more gun control”, illustrating for the brain dead reporter that adding more laws to the books is so stupid even their own man won’t touch the issue. Not once did Ryan state that he supported more gun laws, and in fact he said the opposite .

    • Thank you for your perspective, which I agree with. You won’t be heard by the paranoic, single-issue voters around here though.

      • +1
        Reporter: “You don’t think America has a gun problem?”
        Ryan: “America has a CRIME problem.” (paraphrasing the rest) “You don’t fix violent crime with more laws against guns. You fix it by working on enforcing the laws we have, trying to identify and help the sick people out there, and by helping to educate and elevate those stuck in inner-city poverty.”

        Ryan wasn’t saying he supports Obama’s stance on gun control, Ryan wasn’t even saying he supports the status quo, he was saying we HAVE strong gun laws and they’re not fixing the problem. Read: We have solutions for violent crime outside of making it double-plus-ungood to be violent.

        Vote any way you want, but at least don’t try to justify your vote based on something you once heard – like the infamous Romney AWB that Ralph so eloquently debunked- that Ryan or Romney said or did. If you’re not a single-issue voter at least have the brains to realize that if we elect a Dem, we’re going to get Dem supreme court justices, Dem executive orders, and Dem platform-pushing. Including gun control. Bank on it.

    • What you and others do not understand is the Kind Of MEN we need would knowingly say I will do away with the Ban on Select Fire Weaponry.
      We the People Need whatever the Military has in order to perform their Function as required by the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS.

      TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS. Not just guns but arms, This it not a Hunting RIght, a Fishing right but a People check on the brances of Crap.

      Understand that is the kind of leaders we need and should produce all else is a trap.

  4. I’m throwing my vote to Gary Johnson. If the guy just didn’t come off so quarky on the tube , hey well they buried Paul so what am I sayin? I would ask the candidates how much of our sovereignty they would be signing over the the curs at the UN. Globalists R or Globalists D, see you Do have a choice! The way I see it, the well has been poisoned. We seem to have allowed all the mortal mistakes we were warned about to come to be. It’s like the warnings of the mechanics were read and followed by the saboteurs to destroy the country and we and most of our recent ancestors let it happen….

  5. It’s not Ryan I’m worried about. Vp sits in his office all day picking his nose. It’s that Romney has already banned guns before. But people get so worked up about dems and repubs they don’t see these guys both want you controlled They just disagree on how to control you. Status quo indeed.

  6. Paul Ryan must have been hanging around Mitt Romney too much. I’m sure he accepted the VP nomination with plans for something bigger someday, but associating himself with Romney will be a decision he’ll probably regret.

  7. My first comment was prior to watching the video.

    Here’s the lowdown: Ryan is speaking off the cuff to an antagonistic, anti-gun interviewer, Terry Camp. Ryan supports small government, lower taxes, less governmental regulation, and the expected accompanying opportunity in the private sector (things that i condider to be freedom and free enterprise). Ryan states that the country has a crime problem, not a gun problem. Terry Camp interjects (somewhat rudely, I might add), that the country has a gun problem.

    Ryan advocates enforcement of current gun laws and focusing on the criminal rather than adding additional restrictions on firearms, and states that a lack of opportunity contributes to crime. Camp makes an additional sarcastic comment about lowering taxes, and Ryan terminates the interview.

    Watch the video and interpret it however you want, but that’s the gist of what I saw.

    • Congrats, someone who actually watched the whole video before commenting. Some people need to a clue and watch some more info. Living across in CT I know that Romney made it better for MA gun rights. There is was not way he could have taken the needle anymore right and when he was in office MA had bigger fish to fry.

      I am not a one issue (guns) voter and rather take a chance on Romney than deal with the idiot we have now. Just like Jimmy Carter, please show this current idiot the door. Maybe he can go build homes with Carter, that way he can actually say he worked once.

  8. That’s right lets all be suspicious of the only one of the four running for the job this year that actually knows how to use a gun. While we are at it lets not even listen to what the man said in the video.


    Next up you will be telling us that Bush and the WTO are behind 911.

    • Yes, go back to sleep, little children. Everything the government tells you is the truth and everyone who works for the government will always love you and protect you.

        • “Excuse me, but I’m not asleep, and I’m not a child.”

          So, you agree with the rest of his statement? That the government doesn’t love you and isn’t out to protect you?

        • No, the govt employs him. He’s a cop (albeit from what I’ve read from him, one of the good ones). But still employed by the govt.

        • The government sometimes protects the people, and sometimes screws them over. That’s one of the biggest reasons I support the 2A. I also just really enjoy guns, shooting, and hunting.

          I agree with Henry Bowman that the size of government has increased, and that we have much more government than we need (ATF / TSA / etc). I definitely do not agree with him on all points. I know that my vote is only one part of the political process, and not a terribly effective one at that. The sacrifice of those before me secures my vote, and I will not disrespect that sacrifice by abstaining.

          As a government worker, I help people daily, but I also take enforcement actions. I’m not evil because of my occupation, but because of my sick sense of humor and sarcasm. Wait a minute – that came out all wrong!

          I’m pretty much just voting for Paul Ryan, and Romney comes with that package. I don’t expect a bowl of cherries either way, but I’d like to avoid the $20 Trillion dollar debt pace that we would have in 4 more years of Hopey / Changey.

    • Pretty sure Gary Johnson knows how to use a gun.

      And before you shill “you’re throwing your vote away”, keep in mind that if all the 2A people decided to get behind him, he’d have an easy victory.

      Here’s the math, in case you doubt:

      – On average, less than 1/2 of eligible voters actually vote.
      – Only half of them will be the “winning majority” in a state to earn the electoral votes– so less than 1/4 of all eligible voters in key states. But if the votes are split 3 ways, it only takes 33% + 1 to win the state’s electoral college.
      – If the electoral college is split 3 ways, it only takes 33% + 1 to win the necessary electoral college “votes”.

      So, 0.5 * 0.34 * 0.34 = 0.085, or roughly 8.5% of the population, centrally focused on key states (i.e. gun-friendly states) could “steal” the election for a third party.

      It’s not as impossible as your blue pill would make you believe.

      • Keep dreaming with your magic math. Not all of us 2A guys would vote for Johnson. Bottom line, a vote for Johnson or not voting is a vote for Obama.

        • “Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost.” -John Quincy Adams

          While I may not be fully on board with NYM’s math, Johnson and his party are the ones who come closest to representing me, so that’s where my vote goes. The two-party system is poison for this country – read up on the Blues and the Greens in Byzantium to see what slavish adherence to a two-faction system gets you.

      • One problem. While what you say may be right, you have to do the following:

        1. Make sure the candidate is on EVERY ballot, or at least where it counts. If they’re not, it’s a pipe-dream.

        2. Make ALL potential voters aware of the candidate. This is an uphill battle because:
        a. main stream media won’t give them the time of day unless they get really stupid in a bad way.
        b. being not of the two “primary” parties, they are often ignored when it comes to funds.
        c. the powers that be don’t want someone from the outside mucking up their plans. (if they were on the inside, they might be exempted from a. and b.)

        3. Make sure people like and vote for said candidate.

        • Last I checked, Gary Johnson is on all 50 states’ ballots, since the Libertarian Party is established in all 50.

          There may have been one state that is waffling, but I think it was something like Rhode Island– some New England liberal lost cause anyway.

    • “Next up you will be telling us that Bush and the WTO are behind 911.”

      save the 9/11 commission myth for the idiots. Myself and others arent buying the governments f–king bulls–t.

      The fact that people still believe terrorists attacked us on 9/11 is truly mind blowing; the only threat that exists towards the american people is our own government and the banking/industrial interests that have hijacked our democratic processes.

      • Sir, with all due respect, in saying that, you’re really giving the government a lot more credit than it’s due.

        The federal government can’t even agree to raise the debt ceiling to avoid global financial meltdown, I don’t think anyone seriously believes they have anywhere near the logistics and organization to pull off something like 9/11.

        • im not giving those animals a sliver of credit anyways. the credit goes to dick cheney and his little circle of industrialists and intelligence insiders.

          Dont take my word for it, there’s a book called “Crossing the Rubicon” that has over 1,500 footnotes on why muslim terrorists didn’t orchestrate the september 11th attacks.

  9. I don’t think that gun control is an issue in this election cycle, no matter how hard the antis are trying to start a “national conversation on the need for commonsense guncontrol.” Ryan is for the status quo. Obama is for the status quo, just stronger enforcement of the laws we already have that are designed to try to keep guns away from crazies, druggies and felons. I don’t think that Romney cares one way or the other–he will do what seems most popular at the time, just like the AWB in Massachusssets. [Comments on other political subjects deleted–this is a gun blog after all.] Nor do I see any immediate changes in the conservative side of the Supreme Court; the most likely retirees are Ginsburg, Souter and Breyer. Scalia, Thomas, Alito and Roberts aren’t going anywhere, so I don’t kow why people get the idea that Obama will be appointing five supreme court justices (three more I assume) to the bench.

  10. You vote for Johnson and by some miracle he get’s the white house. What next? He’s alone in a sea of dems and gop and non elected officials that rightly see him as a one shot quirk that will be gone and forgotten before their next coffe break is over.

    You vote for barry or abstain from voting or write in Paul= a vote for difi and her permanent Nationwide AWB and 10 round mag limits. And let’s not forget that hillary waits in the wings to bring the U.N. treaty home with what 2a protections?

    Why vote for Romney/Paul? Both of these men are going to want more time than 1 term in office. We send e mails telling them why we voted and why we won’t vote for them again if they fvck us. And difi and the clintons don’t have their ears.

    And I haven’t even got into federal judges or the supreme court. If you’re serious about gun rights and don’t want to live with California, Chicago or NYC type gun laws then you really only have 1 choice this cycle. GOP.

  11. Ryan is riding the fence a bit, however he does make the point that we have a crime problem not a gun problem. So he does get it.

  12. I know Robert wants zero restrictions on gun ownership, but Paul Ryan’s favoring of the current state of federal gun laws is hardly anything to get your schwarts twisted over. Mitt Romney is on record supporting concealed carry reciprocity and not favoring any more regulations on magazines or ‘assault’ weapons. The congress isn’t going to table any gun control legislation and Mitt Romney isn’t going to institute any by executive fiat like Obama will. You may not get a 0-day waiting period for silencers, full auto guns, and destructive devices but you weren’t going to get that anyway.

    • Romney is on record for every single possible permutation of positions on every subject.

      Take your pick and ignore the rest.

      • …and I’m sure you have more then conjecture and anecdotes to offer as evidence of that, right? Aside from his stance shift on abortion he has a clear answer for everything he did as governor of massivetwoshits. Weather or not you agree with those is another story, but if you think for a minute the two men, Romney and Obama, are some how the same I’m afraid you’re operating under some false premises.

        • Watch this and get back to us on that. At the very least you’ll be forced to the conclusion that Romney is a dishonest man who only wants power and has no true convictions, to flip flop on so many important issues.

        • Open Borders? Check.
          TSA? Check.
          Abortion? Check.
          Obama/Romney Care? Check.
          Assault Weapon Ban? Check.
          Goldman Sachs Funding? Check.
          Self-proclaimed “Progressive”? Check.
          Push Monsanto GMO Crops while eating organic only? Check.

          I’m sure there are more ways they are alike, but that should keep you busy.

        • Well, lets see… a video with a bunch of out of context quotes, and notmoma’s list with zero links to back up those assertions.

          I see my time here is being well spent….

        • liquid-behind-the-ears-floridian: Message received. Cover ears, look away, shout “Na, Na, Na, everything is just fine”.

        • liquidflorian, when you say people who see the same thing when looking at Romney/Obama, and I post a video of the two of them agreeing on the issues and about them having the same views, how is that irrelevant?

          As for that list, it’s all true, cited or not. Do some research.

  13. I like Gary Johnson. My viewpoint tends toward the libertarian.
    There’s no way on God’s earth he’ll be elected. Period.

    I live in a swing state. I didn’t vote for Obama last time, and I’m sure not going to vote for him this time. Coke and Pepsi they may be, but I’ll take the one that’s marginally more palatable rather than risk four more years of what we have now.

    • Yeah, but doing the will of the people in the massively liberal state of Massachusetts is a lot different than doing the will of the right of center on average American people.

      • I don’t get your point. If Romney was a trend follower and not a trend leader in MA, won’t he be the same as President and follow the pro-gun trend? If we — the people of the gun — elect him in a close election, do you think he’ll turn his back on that support if wants a second term?

        • I think he can do whatever he wants, and people around here will still mostly support him because “he’s better than ” — He could sign an AWB and still get reelected because if a R would do that, OMG WHAT WOULD A D DO!?!?!

          People here take their teams more importantly than they do their liberty.

    • Prior to reading the GOAL article at the link you provided, I considered Romney as merely a lesser evil compared to Obama et al. Now, it seems he has some positive points in his favor on gun rights. Cleaning up the mess in Mass. is like cleaning the Augean stables, and to his credit Romney seems to have at least made a start at it.

    • @Ralph

      You are alright, sir. I greatly appreciate your contribution and link. I fear that many TTAG readers will be too lazy to check it out, and remain quietly confident that our candidates are the same. Clearly, they are not. Romney and Obama are definitely not the same, despite the lovely out of context video link above. Gun control is a major difference. A leader can only work within the framework in which he resides – unlimited outcomes and possibilities don’t exist. I understand that from actually being in leadership, and understand that those being led chose to follow. Romney seems to have done pretty well given the system he had, and he supported the 2A. I’m going to give him a chance. Obama already had his.

  14. “Romney=status quo?”

    Uhhhhh duh. This has been evident for a long time. Here’s my book on Romney and gun rights in the event he’s elected. Signing a new AWB: 10% chance, but only because if he’s elected, the Republicans will probably have control of both chambers of Congress. If somehow he’s elected and the Dems control one or both chambers and a AWB gets to his desk, 75% chance he will sign it. Signing a right to carry reciprocity bill: I’d give it a good 50-50. Depends on which side of the bed Mr. Flipflopper wakes up on. Opening the machine gun registry: If only, if only…

    In the end, the choice is clear. The AI member who values freedom and love of country will pull the lever for Gary Johnson in November.

        • Doesn’t that ring any bells for you? That the entire Republican Party’s Presidential Campaign is “Vote AGAINST Obama” ?!?! That Romney is the best that they would serve up?

          Looks like a Don King (rigged) fight to me.

        • I agree with the Republican Party’s reasoning. In a big way. The first step to getting one’s self out of a hole is to stop digging.

      • I’m pretty sure a vote for Johnson is a vote for Johnson. Unless, of course, we have another 2000 Florida election, where a vote for Buchanan was a vote for Gore.

      • One of the biggest lies propagated by the demopublican duopoly in this country is that voting for a third party is a waste of a vote. It is obviously untrue for many reasons, and yet simpletons parrot it like it was the word of god at every opportunity.

        • And since you support gun control. hmmmmm, it serves your purpose to draw votes away from Romney/Ryan so that benefits barry and difi and the clintons.

        • The only things Romney actually stands for is further raping of the populace to funnel more into the military industrial complex, and tax breaks for the wealthy. Everything else is for sale with him, including gun control – he is a flip flopper extraordinaire. If you want to hold your nose and vote for a POS like that then have at it, but it still doesn’t mean voting for a third party is a wasted vote.

        • And since you’re a known gun grabber, hmmmmm, it would be wise for pro 2a people to follow any advice from you? Of course you want to bleed votes in a tight race away from Romney. That supports the grabbers in barry’s circle.

        • Yes, you found me out jwm. I am here as a personal favour to Obama to spread disinformation and try to spoil the Romney vote on this website, which the head of the CIA has identified as being essential to a republican win this year – however did you see through my cover?

      • I would have preferred several of the candidates over Romney, but that is not how it worked out.

        It’s politics: I make “politic” decisions.

        I support the better of the choices I was left with, and I will NOT help to give the election to someone totally intolerable to my views by either not voting, voting for a third party, or writing in my favored candidate

        • Right now in England the minority third party is in joint government. All over the world third and even lower ranked parties are in coalition governments. If you don’t ever vote for what you want, then you will never get what you want, it’s that simple. Even when the third party does not actually gain office they still have significant political power – do you really think that the Front National has not influenced any political decisions in France?

        • We don’t have a parliament in this country hmmmmm.

          Why don’t you just admit you’re trying to weaken Romney/Ryan because you’re a gun grabber and you want barry and circle to win in November.

        • “Why don’t you just admit you’re trying to weaken Romney/Ryan because you’re a gun grabber and you want barry and circle to win in November.”

          You sound like a rabidly partisan moron when you trot out that with us or against us BS. People like you are what’s wrong with this country. Not that it’s any of your business but I will not be voting for Obama in November.

        • We have various “factions” in both parties, which “form coalitions” and have power within that party and have “influenced . . . political decisions”.
          You take what you can get when you can get it.

          That’s how “you get what you want” — by being politic.

        • And I’m going to accept the word of a known grabber about who they’re voting for? As for calling me a moron, your opinion would have to matter for it to have any sting.

          And I consider people like you to be what’s wrong with this country. See how that works. We both have opinions.

        • im doing everything in my power to weaken romney/ryan and obama/biden by not voting for either one of them.

          the idea of “if you dont vote for romney/ryan, youre voting for obama/biden” is a perfect example of the statist paradigm that dominates our political system. No wonder nothing changes.

  15. Conservative site TownHall covered this issue yesterday. As I recall, it is against Obama’s election interest to get into debating guns. I think Ryan was baiting the Democrats forcing Obama or his team to reply. If Obama and Romney are seen as being the same on the gun issue and having the same values then that weakens Obama with the liberals. If Obama attacks gun rights then he alienates more Independents and riles up more conservatives to get out and vote for Romney/Ryan. There is more to the story but thats all I recall.

    • The gun control lobby is trying to insert the issue into the campaign. Brady Bunch has said so explicitly, and there is a lot of media noise as well. Both candidates are avoiding the issue–it is a no win situation for both of them. Obama can no more say “more gun laws” than Romney can say “reciprocity and roll back gun laws.” Guns and Social Security are the two major “third rail” in politics, and no matter what position you take, you’ll piss somebody off. Much safer to take no position at all.

      Think about it, people. Other that Wayne La Pierre, the only people making noise about the 2A are the banners, as usual being opportunistically bathing themselves in the blood of innocents. We should NOT take the bait. The public is showing its feelings with its pocket books–they are buying guns in record numbers. Let’s let that trend continue; let’s not engage in a conversation that will undoubtedly paint gun owners as not PC, evil, crazy, illogical, rednecks, yada yada yada. We don’t want the public to be deterred from buying guns, because those purchases are what will change attitudes that will lead to greater freedom.

      • Ryan kept it simple: “We have good, strong gun laws”

        That’s all he and Romney need to do during the campaign. He didn’t reply with committing himself/Romney to supporting more ‘gun freedoms’ and looser laws that would rouse up the Left. I don’t see how it might become a negative issue for the GOP unless they start speaking like fools. Romney/Ryan do not have to make a specific statement on CC. They simply have to say yes we support the current gun rights laws and that includes the existing laws for semi-autos and high capacity mags that the Obama administration has not tried to change the past four years.

        If Obama starts now suddenly calling for stricter gun laws ie a new ‘assault weapons ban’, clamping down on concealed carry, letting local governments override the 2A, banning semi-auto pistols, etc then it will make the democrats look like vote pandering and insincere, and bring out droves of gun owners.

  16. I thought Ryan was brilliant. He didn’t play into that slimy lib’s game and took him to task after the interview. In no way, shape or form did he endorse anything to restrict gun rights. Quite the opposite – he stated new gun laws don’t work, we don’t need them and that the gun violence problem is way more complicated than the gun banners wish it to be. Taking aspects of his words to say he is dangerous to the Second Amendment is inference and conjecture.

  17. One thing is for sure. Obama is bad for the 2nd amendment PERIOD. With Judges to be appointed to the Supreme Court, questioning Ryan’s stance on gun rights is simply STUPID! He is an avid hunter and he is ONE of US!

    If you write in a vote, or you actually vote for someone else on the ballot in your state, i.e..Ron Paul, your in fact voting for OBAMA.

    The gun culture, MUST unite, in this election. NO excuses!

    This years Republican Platform, listed all the things supported by Republicans. National Reciprocity for one.

    The Democratic platform, clearly states, “A reinstitution of the Assault Weapons Ban”.

    The choice is a NO BRAINER folks!

    • “If you write in a vote, or you actually vote for someone else on the ballot in your state, i.e..Ron Paul, your in fact voting for OBAMA.”

      Sell your fallacy someplace else.

      A vote FOR someone is a vote FOR that person.

      If you vote FOR Romney, you’re in fact voting for a white Obama with better hair, in Republican sheep’s clothing.

    • Ryan is Not one of Us, again with the Lesser of TWO EVILS, I have already stated what we need. It is not the Economy it is Leadership in the Right Direction to Less, Not more Laws. Always vote for the Man who promises more Freedom, More Hardship and More Reward.
      You get what you pay for and Earn or else you get Robbed.

      Having said that Yes Ryan and Romney are the Only real choice to prevent vote corruption, if the Lead is large enough. But still prepare for Revolution if More laws are imposed and less Freedom is remained.

  18. political shenanigans like these are the exact reason why YOU (the gun owner) need to take advantage of Bush-like presidents and buy whatever you need. Waiting until election is reactive, not proactive.

  19. Think of the Ecology.

    Vote Cythia McKinney and the Green Party.
    Obama has betrayed us. Don’t give him your vote.
    Make a statement about what you value, and where you stand.
    Vote GREEN!

      • Her, Jill Stein, or write in anyone you like.

        If we can be told that we should not compromise but stand firm on the hopeless support of the “ideal candidate”, and throw away our vote on a foolish “stand on principal” instead of a politic compromise, then let the Left do the same.

        Let all the treehuggers vote GREEN, not for Obama.

    • McKinney? I’d sooner vote for Rev. Wright or whatever that hate mongers name is. McKinney? What a cee u next Tuesday. I think I’m gonna puke.

  20. Apparently Ryan doesn’t like follow questions, which is what that was. Also pointing out that Obama isn’t even proposing new gun laws haha, letting the truth slip out there. Ooops!


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