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From the Associated Press

Federal officials confirmed Wednesday that the U.S. Department of Justice has reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with the families of most of those killed or wounded in a 2018 Florida high school massacre over the FBI’s failure to stop the gunman even though it had received information he intended to attack.

Attorneys for 16 of the 17 killed at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland and some of those wounded previously announced in November that they had reached a monetary settlement with the government over the FBI’s failure to investigate a tip it received about a month before the massacre. The 17th family chose not to sue.

The government’s announcement Wednesday said the settlement resolves 40 cases connected to the shooting for $127.5 million. The settlement does not amount to an admission of fault by the United States, according to a Justice Department news release.

About five weeks before the Feb. 14, 2018, shooting, an FBI tip line received a call saying a former Stoneman Douglas student, Nikolas Cruz, had bought guns and planned to “slip into a school and start shooting the place up.”

“I know he’s going to explode,” the caller told the FBI.

But that information was never forwarded to the FBI’s South Florida office and Cruz was never contacted. He had been expelled from the school a year earlier and had a long history of emotional and behavioral problems.

Cruz, 23, pleaded guilty last October to 17 counts of first-degree murder. He will receive either a death sentence or life in prison after a penalty trial that is scheduled to start in April.

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  1. Not much of a win for the country since any payout will have to be borne by the general taxpayers.

    • The lawyers are going to get a new car or boat, maybe even a new house with that payout!

      • TheUnspoken,

        The Plaintiff’s attorneys will typically get 1/3rd of the cash award. That means the Plaintiff’s attorneys will receive approximately $42 million.

        Granted, those attorneys have non-trivial overhead expenses (expert witness/consultant fees, their support staff salaries, computer/data systems, building rent, utilities, supplies, etc.). I would be shocked if those overhead expenses attributable to that lawsuit would exceed $2 million. Thus the attorneys will likely pay themselves on the order of $40 million for their time and effort.

        There is a reason why attorneys call such lawsuits “rainmakers”.

        • I’ve been party to a few lawsuits, two of them as Plaintiff. Both times, the attorneys’ fee was a full 40%. I won both claims, but in one of them I literally did 90% of the footwork, and IMHO the law firm shouldn’t have gotten anything more than 10% because all they did was show up to file the court paperwork.

          Shakespeare had something to say about lawyers…

        • Yeah, then one settlement against violating the Constitutional 2nd/A across the board with all this totalitarian political illegal Gun control law-making and such should make the lawyers Super Rich and at least give citizens the satisfaction of knowing their tax-dollars are are not being shitted down the sewer pipe?

        • “There is a reason why attorneys call such lawsuits “rainmakers”.”

          Just a nit, but it’s actually the people who can consistently land such cases who are the rainmakers. See Denny Crane from Boston Legal

  2. Its too bad that David Hogg’s parents were unable to share in this settlement. Sometimes there’s just is no Justice in this World.

    • I don’t buy that this was a false flag or anything like that but let me tell you synchronicity worked out great for the FBI and MSM that there was a kid at the school who could play the part for both and act as a demagogue to throw mud to cover up the real issue.

  3. … U.S. Department of Justice has reached a multimillion-dollar settlement with the families of most of those killed or wounded in a 2018 Florida high school massacre over the FBI’s failure to stop the gunman even though it had received information he intended to attack.

    I just commented on the previous article how I believe that many members of the Ruling Class are intentionally pushing destructive policies in order to cause as much misery and suffering as possible–simply because they are evil. This particular case sure seems to bolster that assertion.

  4. This is yet another of countless egregious examples of government refusing to mitigate a clear-and-present danger to society.

    It is high-time that we institute a new felony crime which only applies to government employees who fail to mitigate clear-and-present dangers. I am thinking that this new felony crime should be called “Breach of the Public Trust”.

    Let me provide another example. A city in Michigan (Flint) had horrendous levels of lead in their municipal water supply. Various local and state government oversight and executive members allegedly learned about the dangerous lead level and waited several months (possibly as long as 18 months?) before notifying the public. That is utterly and completely inexcusable because it unnecessarily exposed the public to dangerous conditions and possibly caused lifelong damage to residents, especially children.

    Government employees who purposely fail to act in such matters need to spend a LOT of time in prison. Paying out tax dollars to the victims is not the solution when we could prevent people from becoming victims in the first place.

    • I love it how pols talk about ending civil immunity for cops. How about we end it for pols, teachers and other entities of the government as well? It’s amazing that something like Parkland or The Pulse can happen, have the response to it that it did and no one gets fired.

      This was the spending of your and my money to avoid the embarrassment to the government and people getting fingered for their negligence.

    • I’ll see your government incompetence and raise you. Not with firearms involved, but dead is dead. Radioactive materials from the Manhattan Project has been polluting St. Louis Coldwater Creek (after winding through St. Louis County, dumps into Mississippi River north of downtown St. Louis) and St. Louis County Landfill area since early 1960’s when it was moved in uncovered trucks from downtown St. Louis to land adjacent to Lambert St. Louis airport and another site adjacent to county landfill. 70 years and still under investigation whether/how/when to clean up. Cancer related death incidences in North St. Louis are unbelievable, but still the issue drags on.

    • The Municipal Water Supply in Flint had absolutely no lead in it. The lead that people consumed in the water came from the service line going from the meter into their house. A line that they personally owned and the city was not responsible for. A line they could easily be replaced with an afternoon’s work and about $40 worth of PEX tubing. The only lead pipe in the entire water system is the service line going from the meter to the house and that’s because it was required by code in most cities until 1986. This typically doesn’t cause a problem because after a very short amount of time in service the inside of the pipe gets lined with a layer of calcium chloride that deposits on to it from the water. The problem in Flint Michigan came from the municipality changing their source water that had different chemistry and that layer of calcium chloride got dissolved exposing the lead underneath. Whenever activist start talking about lead in drinking water and the fix for it what they’re talking about is replacing the property owners service line that they personally own that goes from the meter base into the house. Replacing that line is the responsibility of the property owner and not the municipality. For whatever reason even though the property owners are aware of a lead contamination issue they just sit on their hands and wait for the government to come in to fix a problem that is not the publics or the government’s responsibility.

      • That’s a common issue, especially in older buildings; I’ve seen it just about everywhere I’ve lived. An interesting case was one where the water company moved the meter due to the sidewalk and curb being replaced in order to widen a street; the homeowner insisted that the three feet of pipe that used to be on their side of the old meter was now the city’s responsibility and the city argued that since the pipe belonged to the homeowner originally then it still did. The homeowner ended up winning that one because the judge ruled that when they moved the meter the city should have automatically updated the pipe as well — and besides, the fine print did after all say “from the meter” when it defined whose responsibility the pipes were. He really chewed out the water department people because if they’d updated the line when they moved the meter it would have cost less than $50, but since the new sidewalk now ran over the top of that bit of pipe it was going to cost eight times that — and he commented that he wished he could order the difference to be paid by the employee who’d failed to replace the pipe.

    • Some of the posters on this article may be right, it could just be evil actors.

      You are correct, the Flint water crisis is a good example, where the Republican administration intentionally harmed thousands of mostly minority children by failing to provide clean drinking water.

      “In January 2021, former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder and eight other officials were charged with 34 felony counts and seven misdemeanors—41 counts in all—for their role in the crisis.[15] Two officials were charged with involuntary manslaughter.“

      • LOL you really mean the issue that was decades in the makes that both sides both D and R played in?

        good try at SADLY trying to hitch a issues that took most likely 50 plus years to develope

      • Charged with something and convicted of something ate not the same thing. All of the charges except for the two manslaughter charges are a misdemeanor punishable by a fine only. The manslaughter charge doesn’t even stem from the lead; it’s because nine people caught Legionnaires disease and some of them died. The lead did not come from the water supply. The lead came from the service line between the meter base and the house and that line was owned by and was the sole responsibility of the homeowner. That led was exposed because the source water supplying the water treatment plant changed. That change in water chemistry caused the protective layer of calcium chloride that plate the inside of metal pipes to be eroded exposing the lead underneath. Had the people at the water treatment plant added more sodium bicarbonate than they normally would have done for treated water it would have prevented the problem but they stuck to Industry standards where you don’t let the levels of sodium bicarbonate to exceed 50 parts per million. I’ll say this once again just to be clear. There was Zero lead in the water when it left the water treatment plant and all of the LED that wound up in the water came from the plumbing that the home owners themselves owned and were responsible for. And just so you don’t think I’m talking out my rear end my step dad ran the Fort Worth Water System for 35 years and I’m intimately familiar with every facet of Municipal Water Supplies.

        • My dad was president of our water district for more years than I recall; it was at least six. He got called in the middle of the night once about a line break; he rousted out us boys and we went to dig it out. The break turned out to be on the branch from the main to a cluster of three houses. This was a problem, because the water district was only responsible to “point of delivery”, which in most cases meant the meter, but in the matter of this branch line it wasn’t clear. We did a temp patch and went back to bed. The next day a lawyer for the water district told my dad that the break was on the property owners’ portion, and later the homeowners responded through their own lawyer that everything up to the meters was the water district’s responsibility. Everything was set for a nasty court battle.
          My dad called a friend who was one of the top three lawyers in three counties. This lawyer laughed, and said this was an easy matter: he called the homeowners and the water district secretary and asked a simple question: How much do you expect to pay your lawyer for handling this? He added the two amounts and then called my dad and asked what it would cost to replace the line from the main to the cluster of houses with a larger pipe as a branch main. That cost was actually less than what either side would have paid out in attorney’s fees, so my dad’s friend got the two sides to agree to pay proportionately to what they would have paid their lawyers, and we went ahead and put in a pipe large enough to qualify as a branch main — thereby settling the issue because since it was now a branch main then in the future the homeowners would be right: their line started at their meters.
          I remember my dad and his lawyer friend shaking their heads over the issue because it had all been caused by someone not thinking things through to begin with.
          The punch line was that the homeowners were thrilled with the turnout for an unexpected reason (unexpected to them, anyway): their water pressure became more constant where previously it had dropped substantially if every one of those houses was using a significant flow at the same time.

      • jfkjr you are exactly correct, and I say that as a proud card carrying Marxist, and a subversive to this country.

        Do you want to know the most beautiful part, the reason I can openly confirm your post?

        Simple, because no one listens.

        The MSM is completely either bought and paid for, or subjugated to only repeat the official narrative. You are stuck with them and the subjects they command who jump when they are told.

        Over 100,000 young Americans have died from Chinese fentanyl, yet because the MSM has not told you to be outraged, you will continue to obsess over two bad actors thousands of miles away…because Democracy… of which neither country is even close to achieving.

        So yes, what you said is correct. Now what?

        We Marxist play the long game, fight to win, and your ramblings, while quaint, are to late. You already wear your chains, the frog is nearly boiled.

      • MajorStupidity,

        You are nothing if not consistent. EVERYTHING is partisan, to you – and it’s always “The EEEVVIILLLL Republicans” who cause every problem. You are a f***ing clown, and you’re thick as a brick. Go join the circle jerk.

    • Now, you got it! For decades we’ve been slowly brainwashed by the insidious Marxist-creep in our political world to trust that governments know best and that they will always protect us as a priority. The Framers knew that was a deceptive illusion perpetuated from the British System of Government derived from the historically evil Authoritative unions of Church and State.

      The gave us the social paradigm of the Constitutional Egalitarian Republic (not a pure Democracy) Where the ‘people’ are self governed and only have a formal bureacratic government by proxy one of consent and consensus, subject to dismissal and change at the Citizens’ discretion by legal political process.

      This principle of social society in America has been compromised by the incessant brainwashing of our institutional guidance that had become compromised by a ‘Deep State’ insurgency that has corrupted just about everything America stood for and represented.

      They mind fucked us into absolute dependence, subservience, and fear of the government as all-powerful unchallenged, and even unquestioned entity of authority over ‘We, the People’, even though the visionary Founders made clear and immutable recourse solution in the event of anything like this ever happening in our Nation. And it wasn’t just Molan Labe style War. You can now wake up from your armchair Revo warriar fantasy dream and watch the reality of Ukraine to see just how insane that kind of last resort ‘Revolution’ takes no account of who is right or wrong. Just a sickening and unnecessary body count. I’ve been their personally and first hand. It’s never, evere, as ‘glamorous or glorius’ as it is in movies.
      And that’s why the Founders designed our Republic political system the way they did. They made it relatively easy to keep us from becoming a Tyranny by simply firing an unconstitutional government gone out of control at the polls.

      But we fell for their successful obfuscation of this political ‘remedy’ over the years and got body-slammed at the last election. But now, a lot of previously indifferent souls are beginnng to see the truth, And I sense a Redemption factor that’s starting to build among us.

      Yeah, Sure, Americans are slatternly, slovenly, Capitalist over-consumers, who spend more energy and resources on recreation than they do on serious life business. And we are too often slow on taking things seriously.
      And after all is said and done, too often there winds up being ‘more Said, than actually done’?

      But we are born badasses. And we’d make the brave Ukrainian people look like cub scouts at a camping outing if our Country’s incipient government incompetence and deleterious corrupted Tyranny started to piss us off enough…

      And I think we are seriously reaching this point as I see more of us exercising our 1st/A rights because of our 2nd/A rights by speaking out against these Rights Deprivations.

      I’m grateful that before I die that I think I’ll have the chance to see We the People’ experience an ‘awakening’ from the mind-control they managed to acquire over us and take back the original paradigm we desperately need for true liberty and justice for our future, and our progeny.

      • jfkjr you are exactly correct, and I say that as a proud card carrying Marxist, and a subversive to this country.

        Do you want to know the most beautiful part, the reason I can openly confirm your post?

        Simple, because no one listens.

        The MSM is completely either bought and paid for, or subjugated to only repeat the official narrative. You are stuck with them and the subjects they command who jump when they are told.

        Over 100,000 young Americans have died from Chinese fentanyl, yet because the MSM has not told you to be outraged, you will continue to obsess over a conflict between two bad actors thousands of miles away… because Democracy… of which neither country is even close to achieving. Now jump again.

        So yes, what you said is correct. Now what?

        We Marxist play the long game, fight to win, and your ramblings, while quaint, are to late. You already wear your fitted chains, the frog is nearly boiled.

      • You’re attributing to ideology what is easily explained by Parkinson’s Law: that the work in a bureaucracy will expand to use at least the time allotted for a task’s completion, and that a bureaucracy will expand so as to increase the possible time available for tasks — with the result of “mission creep”, i.e. bureaucrats always extending the limits of their authority regardless of the form of government they serve.
        The observation was first made by a British gentleman in the Empire’s foreign service who over his career noticed that bureaucracies had little regard for the technical limitations on their power, and that every bureaucrat would push his authority farther and farther until he could justify requiring another employee — an acquisition that meant that there would be more time (man-hours) available for any given task, so the work would expand to fill that time….

  5. Would have been a real win if there was language in the settlement that concrete steps would be taken within the FBI to ENSURE this lapse would never occur again.

  6. This sets a dangerous precedent. Until now there was not a ‘duty’ by government to come to an individuals aid, as indicated by several Supreme Court decisions over the years.
    This new duty to act liability, compounded by all of the negligence and ‘over acting’ claims, and the attacks on qualified immunity sets up a perfect storm to erase law enforcement as we currently know it.

    • If it does away with the authoritarian, cops are better than you, they can do no wrong mentality, good

    • Uncommons sense:
      See that’s the ‘brainwashing’ I’m referring to in other comments here, How are we going to get criminal charges against them for what you’re saying when we can’t ENFORCE CRIMINAL CHARGES ALREADY on the fucking books ???! Like 18-241-242? I mean, under this Constitutional Criminal Law, and a couple of lesser ones, you can’t even Make a Law that Contradicts our Constitutional Amendments and Civil Bill of Rights! If you even try it there is good case law precedent that makes any such laws null and void. That’s why ALL gun Control laws are a mind fuck illusion, and for decades, (Starting with the 1934 NFA, then the Tipping point with the,68 GCA) they somehow disappeared the Fact from our perceptive reality that they were committing serious felonies with ANY and ALL gun control laws relatively simple psychological NLP and mass hypnosis propaganda hype according to some scholars who study this.

      Only recently are they bringing out this old Deprivation of Rights statutes under 18-241-242 with police officers like in the Floyd case because it is politically expedient for this Marxist Administration to do so? Otherwise, they never prosecute the corrupt lawmakers and prosecutors. Mainly because they won’t Prosecute themselves! Like the Brandon Administration refuses to prosecute Hillary or Brandon Jr.

      • jfkjr,

        You are obviously laboring under the quaint delusions that our “betters” in Washington give a flying f***. They’re too busy getting re-elected or feathering their nests. If something like this happens to you or yours, you’re simply “collateral damage”.

    • This doesn’t change that lack of duty, it only requires that public functionaries actually do their jobs.

    • This sets no precedent at all, legally speaking. That’s part of the reason for the settlement, to avoid a legal judgement that could set unfavorable precedent.

      That said, the caselaw surrounding the duty of law enforcement to act is not a simple “no.” While the government does not hold a specific duty to protect every individual, it can be found to have legal liability when it is sufficiently negligent. In this case, that could very well have been the determination.

    • This doesn’t set a precedent. The government voluntarily decided to pay out. Legally, they aren’t required to, as Gonzales v. Castle Rock and others show. Whoever is representing the government is doing a pass poor job and should be disbarred.

      • Correct, but I suspect there is more going on here.

        The police(in this case the FBI) have no obligation to protect the individual as borne out from the Castle Rock decision and the Warren decision before that.

        Why would you settle on something(with the facts as known) when you don’t have to? Exposure to liability is nothing the FBI would care about as they don’t pay the settlement and the has hundreds of lawyers who would happily tie up the courts for decades over as large a case as this.

        It seems this would set a precedent that on its face is good for the public, still leaves me confused and suspicious as to why they would roll over.

  7. Out of over 70 million legal law abiding gun owners in the U.S. who have done nothing wrong, the DOJ and FBI and Biden decide to go after them to infringe their rights with a vengeance blaming it all on them – but you get one guy who is going to act illegally and the FBI is made aware of it and they do nothing.

  8. Luckily, no members of the FBI were harmed in this incident. No one was fired, disciplined, demoted or even suspended with pay for a short time. They have promised to learn from this example however. Procedures were written to be followed. But all pay, benefits, pensions, etc. are intact, so please rest assured that our valuable members of the benevolent protector class will continue to soldier on. I know I sleep better at night knowing none of their vacations were screwed up by this unfortunate circumstance.

    • And this surprises you WHY, exactly????

      And even the absurdly Leftist/fascist NYT has admitted that Hunter Biden’s laptop is “real” and . . . crickets. A notorious anti-gun legislator in California gets tagged for a LOADED gun in his carry-on “murse” in KKKalifornia (he was a Dimocrat, OF COURSE), and . . . he gets arrested? No. OK, he gets fined? No. The local cops offer to hold his gat for him until he returns from his flight, and then they will return it to him.

      Innit nice to be a politician? Particularly a Dim politician.

      Rules for thee, not for me.

  9. There is another potential related Lawsuit, Criminal Investigation, Accountiblility firings, Deprivation of Rights indictments, and etc. with this case based because of the G’s Willful, intentional, and forceful efforts to investigate non-criminal purchases of non-illegal (at the time of purchase) firearms related accessories and parts, and its aggregious expenditure of tax-payer’s money, manpower, and resources on this highly useless deleterious political gun-control agenda, INSTEAD OF paying more appropriate attention to the actual criminal investigations of potentially highly violent people and known gang related violence above and beyond all politically motivated gun control, thereby misusing and misallocating funds and resources and therefore exposing the citizens to danger, instead of protecting them as we pay them to do.

    IOW this case clearly shows that there can be absolutely no Fucking justification for alphabet agencies being so obsessed as a major so called ‘Crime Prevention’, in even the least way, with so called GUN Control, and wasting the time writing letters and home invading confiscations and harrassment for law-abiding purchases of triggers, frames, parts kits, etc. etc. and threatening Them with prosecution when they can’t even keep highly dangereous subjects from murdering people with substantive prior knowledge of criminal activity for probable cause???!!!

    Let the Deprivation of Rights lawsuits and criminal prosecutions against this out of control incompetant, criminal ‘Brandon Administration’ and it’s agencies and anti-Constitutional polticians, BEGIN!

  10. I got nothing to add, except to condemn the FBI for it’s ineptitude. Unless, as other suspect, they actually wanted yet another mass shooting to advance the progressive narrative. In which case, the FBI wouldn’t be guilty of ineptitude, but treason instead.

      • Yes Paul you and I get moderated while the presumed Fake Darcian had free run on a previous topic. That’s after site warnings about not using monikers and imitating others.
        Real Darcian idiocy is protected Free Speech just as yours, mine and everyone who are not here to play games with Gun Control. Free Speech Protection begins at site HQ by an overhaul of what sets off moderation over nothing.

      • Paul,

        If you ever figure out WTF the TTAG “moderation” policy/algorithm is, I will pay you to share that knowledge. As far as I can tell, it boils down to “There are a few ‘bad’ words that mostly (but not always) trigger moderation. Other than that, we pull it out of our @$$es, based on our mood, and our whimsy.” I would be happy to be proven wrong, but I ain’t seen any evidence to the contrary.

    • From years of LEO and related experience from within the darkest shithole depths of the Corrupted Criminal Justice system, I can tell you first hand that the Eye is seriously competent to a point of amazement and shocking astonishment with their actual job description. When they do it for the right reasons. Which these days is quite the subjective decision.

      The problem is that ever since the days of JEH wearing ladies’ underwear under his 3piece corporate executive business suits took over the agency, or rather actually built it, I should say, it was thoroughly politically corrupted and replicated a Sicilian organization more than the nationwide notorious criminal mob organization it eventually took down.

      So the legacy inheritance that was easily seen during the Trump days proves they are still in that category and totally subservient to the current administration so their focus Now, is more on obedience to a political power agenda than a priority of protection of the country.

    • Let me clue you in on something, there is no money. It’s just debt that we sold to raise funds and that your great-grandchildren will still be on the hook for. Once again, there is no money. The United States is the brokest most indebted Nation that’s ever existed. The amount of actual debt and unfunded liabilities exceed the value of every single thing in the United States including the land itself. Apple at one point was given accolades because they had a market capitalization of a trillion dollars and were considered the most valuable company that’s ever existed. The government spends that much money in 10 weeks.

      • The current National Federal Debt is 27 Trillion Dollars…..divided by 330 Million Citizens = $ 82,000 per person.
        Every American, Man/Woman/Child, should be given a Debit Card Account in the amount of -$82,000 (Yes, Negative $ 82K) to be paid off at their leisure.
        Citizen’s votes in Federal Elections are should be counted as 1/2 a vote until they pay off their debt. Return the Nation to being a Pay-Go Republic instead of being a Failed Democracy. And — Terminate ALL Federal Elected Official Pensions and perks.

        • Tickman,

          “The current National Federal Debt is 27 Trillion Dollars . . .”.

          Yeah, . . . nah. Not even freakin’ close. IF our benevolent gummint was required to abide by the accounting rules that EVERY major company is required to abide my, our actual debt (unfunded liabilities for future obligatons) is well in excess of $70 trillion (some knowledgeable sources estimate it to be over $100 trillion). Unfunded Medicare liabilities. Unfunded Social Security liabilities. Unfunded federal mandates.

          Personally, I believe the $100 trillion number doesn’t come close. Financially, the US has been actually bankrupt for decades. But that’s OK!!! They use “government accounting”, so they can ignore the rules.

        • The National debt is about 27 trillion but that is just the outstanding bonds. The total outstanding unfunded obligations mostly through Medicaid and Social Security total about 6 times that which is more then the total of every single asset in the entire US.

        • Our debt is a national security threat. But they don’t want you to know that, so they say climate change is the biggest threat which they can use as an excuse to continue siphoning money from this country as well as dismantling our traditional energy sector (and creating a greater national security risk). It’s a sick joke.

        • Officer Bill,

          Personally, I tend to agree with your estimates, but those are largely based on actuarial calculations, and THOSE are based on assumptions (read: “scientific wild-ass guesses”) about life expectancy, future inflation, cost and treatement trends in medicine, etc., etc., etc. Not saying you are wrong (I think you may be underestimating), just saying that it isn’t easily susceptible to a “right” answer, at least not one that can be proven. In any event, it’s WAY more freakin’ money than we should be committing ourselves to fund. When those bills state coming due, and they WILL, we are screwed. We need fiscal responsibility in US government at least 50 years ago. My biggest concern is that it is now too late to fix this, short of a collapse and revaluation of the increasingly imaginary US dollar.

  11. Broward county is a trasheap of Democrats that were beholden to Obama at the time. The Sheriff and school administrator were obedient to Obama by following his orders to suppress the criminal records of juveniles and treat them with affection. Had Cruz, the asassin been charged for his endless crimes he would have been locked up before he could have killed. Liberalism killed those kids not guns. Yes the entire system failed, multiple layers in multiple agencies failed. Give me one government employee name that has been held criminally negligent for this event and put away. Taxpayers pay for crimes of government. The families of the dead paid for these crimes of government. If Obama hanged for this I would be happy. He hatched the conspiracy to coddle youthful felons.

    • Broward county is a trasheap of Democrats that were beholden to Obama at the time.”

      This is indisputable.

  12. Okay, so the taxpayers (all of us) have to pay money to the victims. Now what?

    Who has been fired? Demoted? Given a light spanking in the director’s office?

    because if the answer is “no one” then this is all pointless and it will happen again and again

  13. IMHO, we need to eliminate “qualified immunity” and sovereign immunity for cops, legislators, and bureaucrats, as well as cities, counties, states, and the federal government. There should be an option for punitive damages for anyone proven to be corrupt (taking bribes, etc.). EVERY SINGLE law that applies to a citizen should apply AND BE ENFORCED, in equal measure, against every cop, legislator, or bureaucrat. Retirement? F*** their government pension; they get SS on the same basis everyone else does. Health care? What’s available to me, is available to you. Insider trading?? Hey, if I would get prosecuted, YOU should get prosecuted.

    I am sick of these pampered, incompetent, taxpayer-supported idiots making themselves a “privileged class” (and YES, MinorIQ, that most DEFINITELY means all your corrupt-ass Dimocrats, like Nancy Pelousy, or Bernie Sanders, who literally became RICH off of their political careers).

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