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“(S)uccess will hinge on Stoneman Douglas’s own never-give-up philosophy. It’s what got both the Brady Bill and the Assault Weapons Ban passed, in 1993 and ’94 respectively. When the latter came up for renewal in 2004, we lost that fight–and then gave up. For all its strengths, not even Moms Demand Action pursues a ban on assault weapons today. The Parkland activists are pushing us back in that direction. It is the right direction.” – Donna Dees in I’ve spent 18 years fighting for gun control. Here’s how we win. [via]

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    • This. As determined as some of them are to achieve civilian disarmament, many of us are equally determined to resist their authoritarianism.

      • No government deserves s monopoly on the use of force. Our country purposefully wrote this into it’s charter. This we’ll defend.

    • Is she still around? She wanted scoped hunting rifles classified as “medium range sniper weapons” and banned.

      Didn’t think of my Dad’s Remington 760 as a tactical weapon, but if you say so……

  1. Remind me of what happened to democrats after the 94 ban passed?

    You can be activist all you like, but politicians like to keep their jobs. A few remember the 94 lesson.

    • Why do you think they’re flooding the country with illegal immigrants? If you’re depending on demographics, you’re asleep at the wheel.

      • Don’t forget the white S. African farmers that are being hunted by POS northern invaders, because the world, through the ass-ramp UN, pushed anti-apartheid.

        One settler, one bullet works both ways, and they’ll be heads on pikes, all the way down to Peru, if the MFrs start pushing that here. The (D)NC is pushing reparations this voting cycle for the same reason, and it’ll take overwhelming violence to unseat Fwad satanism in their F’d up minds.

        Come to think of it, why aren’t globalists up-in-arms about Northern, Western, and Central Africans rape and wreck of the environment over there [that forced them to need to invade south]. F em all.

        • A friend of mine moved his family from South Africa to here in Oregon after his white parents were murdered for their farm. It’s getting very bad down there.

          The murder of white farmers down their is very large scale. And under investigated

    • It’s a different political world. There are very very few unsafe seats now. Congress can still switch hands, but it takes place in a relatively few districts. That means that the vast majority of democrats (and republicans) aren’t worried about losing their seat. Sure, they might lose the gavel if they do something stupid, but most of them will still have a job.

  2. “We lost that fight, and then gave up.”

    Don’t flatter yourself. Your craven Dem politicians got their asses handed to them. They gave up.

    • This is human behavior 101. Bunch of bored rich / power hungry folks trying to be Kings in their time. Tyranny never sleeps.

    • “Don’t these busybodies have *anything* better to do with their lives?”

      What do you think they are doing?

      They are doing their part to make everyone else around them as miserable as they are.

      That’s their job, it gives them a reason to wake up in the morning, and they are dedicated to doing it…

  3. Well, look at all the septuagenarians in the democrat party, academia and news media. They’re still trying to relive the hippy generation “enlightenment”.

    • “Well, look at all the septuagenarians in the democrat party, academia and news media.”

      They’re bringing in new blood, like ‘Hogg’…

      • If I were the “new blood” I’d be concerned. These old guys/gals aren’t giving up and they’ll toss their latest wonder under the bus in a heartbeat. Anyone remember Cindy Sheehan? The dems have a long list of useful idiots in their closet of the forgotten.

        The real “new blood” the left is bringing in consists of the wave of illegals needed to replace all the old depression-era democrats who have about all died off by now. The Clinton, Crazy Bernie and his colleagues will also be seeing the roots-side of the grass soon as well. The real problem then becomes exactly who should lead the millions of illegals who have come in but are now leaderless. That’s when the real Africa-type problems here will begin.

    • Yet, they’ve spent the last several decades indoctrinating our youth in collectivist authoritarian ideology.

  4. At least they’re being honest. She’s been fighting for Gun Control for years, not Gun Safety, and she admits it.

  5. ASSault is an action…not a rifle. Even if it shoots boo-lits in “full semiautomatic”😏From YOUR cold dead hands…

  6. Aside from Bloomburg + Soros funding the many gun grab groups , former A.T.F. agents are now working with them as well.

    ( “New Jersey stepped up, said we have this data, we get it from ATF and we’re going do the work to gather, visualize and then publicize this,” David Chipman, a former ATF agent and the senior policy adviser at Giffords, the organization named for gun-attack victim and former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. ) …. Can you say MASSIVE POTENTIAL for insider leaks of personal gun info ?

    From a Yahoo article on NJ use of A.T.F. data to blame other states for its crime problems , just like Chiraq.

  7. Reminds me of the Equal Rights Amendment. Radical feminists—using the exact same tactics we’re seeing here—fought for a constitutional amendment aimed at fundamentally changing male and female relations. They were actually within a couple of state’s votes needed to call a constitutional convention when their carefully planned campaign suddenly fell apart. Why it happened is interesting. Compared to the meda savvy, well funded ERA campaign, the “counter movement” led by a conservative activist names Phyllis Schlafly. Decidedly (and intentionally) middle-class and mid-western Schlafly was the antithesis of radical feminist media darlings like Gloria Steinem. She had, however, a telling message: By passing a law making men and women “equal” in all things, women would loose more than they gained. (In particular Schlafly argued that women and men would be required to share the same bathrooms.)

    Schlafly’s counter-movement turned the ERA amendment’s momentum around at the 11th hour and the expensively financed, well organized movement failed. The gun-rights counter-movement may not be the interesting shiny trinket that the cool-kids like, but it has the potential for deconstructing the entire gun-control movement.

    • Yes, the ERA initiative failed when common sense (old school, original definition common sense) set in. However, common sense ain’t what it used to be. Consequences for stupid legislation aren’t even on the Left’s radar.

    • The ERA would have meant women in selective service, no more discounts on car insurance, child custody equality, etc. Once people realized the enormity of what they were about to enshrine they thought more about saying no.
      Phyllis died not too long ago, NRO had a nice write up on her.

  8. And it will only take a fraction of that time in defeating you and your ilk as we kinetically DEFEND ourselves, and our nation, against the “War of Leftist Aggression”.

    • If it comes down to this we all need to stand up and do our part, BUT I am not a advocate for civil war. It is not possible to accurately predict the outcome of a civil war and it will be devastating to everyone….and the nation.

      We would all like to think we could go out and eliminate all the lefties and snowflakes and live happily ever after but the odds are against that outcome.

      • Civil war is a grave thing, and as much as we tend to say come get them, don’t tread on me, etc, the first civil war was largely fought at the State level, state leadership, supplies, logistics. I don’t know that South Carolina will fire on Ft Sumter if a new Federal AWB is passed. Based on Florida’s recent betrayals I imagine they wouldn’t fight. Any civil war would likely look more like Syria or Libya than North and South, or be a protracted guerilla skirmish situation. Logistics are everything, so even if everyone has ten ARs and 10,000 rounds of ammo, that isn’t easily employed on a field if battle.

        • Technically, We are already in a “Cold Civil War …” With some groups holding out for the common PEOPLE…And The “So-called Liberal/Socialist Types–rich movie stars, media corps., some private companies, and orgainizations…Who represent this left-wing disorganized crew…We’ll just call them “The illuminati” for SH!ts and Giggles…These are the architects of a lot of this nonsense…So far, were not in a shooting/Beating/murdering,etc Civil war yet….We might just be able to keep some proper checks and balances in place….

        • ” Any civil war would likely look more like Syria or Libya than North and South, or be a protracted guerilla skirmish situation.”

          Someone speculated the next revolution will be like the French Revolution, instead of the American Civil War.

          Broadcast far and wide a few guillotine-ings, and the videos of heads dropping into wicker baskets with a spray of blood will cool the ardor of the Leftists for gun confiscation…

  9. The original ban was a easier for them to get due to different circumstances. In 1994 very people actually owned AR15’s or AK47’s. Thats the reason the GC’s went after them because it was the easiest sell they had at the time. Its a different story now. There are probably 10 million people who own AR’s or AK’s. The AR is the most popular and biggest selling rifle platform in the US and the GC’s are the ones to thank for it. They turned the guns into forbidden fruit and when the first ban ended people bought them in big numbers, discovered they were a fantastic multi-use platform and have been buying them in big numbers ever since.
    The Genie is out of the Bottle.

    • Buy as many as we can , as fast as we can , and load up on ammo. Build a bunker in the back yard and wait for the shit to hit the fan. Hopefully it won’t but : hope in one hand , shit in the other , see which fills up faster !! They are called Leftards for a reason. That is they believe something they hear and follow it. Like the guy thinking he’s going to get a thousand virgins & become a God by mass bombing the U.S. how many follow that line of thought ? Ignorant , misinformed, uneducated about weapons. They still do not fire themselves. The right to bear arms is ours . even the murderers at San Quentin know the truth. Unlawful gun killing’s in the U.S are committed by unlawfully gotten guns. Period. Law abiding citizens go through the proper process to obtain any gun. It is not complicated. Leftard, Hog’s and their kind are just too dumb to understand this concept.

  10. Am I the only one who remembers when Fast Company was a free-range techno-utopian journal of the new frontier?

    I’m so old, I remember when Fast Company had required reading blogs behind their ongoing journalism on bureaucracy n regulation run amok, and cyber security. I’m also so old, I remember when Are Technica was essentially the premiere homebrew tech wrangling, under-the-hod, silicon hot-rodding for the masses journal of record for the unafiliated, world-class engineers.

    They’ve completely morphed from “Hey, here’s something cool we can do.” to “Here’s what you *should* do.” Sad.

  11. I’m confused? My State Constitution proclaims I can be armed, my Federal Constitution says I can be armed. Gunz have nothing to do with the guys whom do these shootem ups. Yes they used a gun, had they not had access to that, they would have probably made a bomb, real problems there. And to me it’s really not about a gun ban, to me it’s chipping away at the U.S. Constitution. Do we really have freedom of speech? Not to rile feathers, but when the “powers that be” change a racial slur to hate speach, and can add time on a conviction over a word, I think “they” pretty much nullified free speech.i hope readers do not take that out of context, it was an example of the chipping away that is getting pulled incrementalaly. ” They’ve” used the War against drugs to circumvent the Constitution with no knock warrants and got away with it.So many of our rights are being sly taken away from us. It is absolutely unconstitutional for any one to lose their right to be armed for life, no exceptions, because of a misdeamnor domestic violence charge. That is not right and POTG should have and should be throwing a fit over that.Some people are criminals because of unjust law.and some criminals get a free pass, illegal immagrants, the card said five years, your here 6 your breaking the law, but but but mi Niños, It’s a mess and until this country gets back to the fundamentals of country over career it’s not going to get any better. My gunz are my property, bought and paid for with U.S. currency, that was unfairly taxed( another chipped infringement) the minute the company wrote the check to pay me for my labor. “They” may think they can take my property, I think they can’t. We will see what we shall see.


  12. That’s funny. The way I remember it it was non stop “black man with a gun” imagery and anecdotes pushed by racist politicians out to a racist media to stoke racist fears held by white suburbia and racist stateists like Gore and Lieberman that got the AWB through. The whole episode played out like Reefer Madness with stories of black men high on the crack rock run amok with Tec-9s and Mac-10s chasing after Tipper Gores lilly white daughter and all the Fudds and soccer moms agreed.

  13. Shire-man is right. I think the uneducated soccer moms , and snowflakes are much more dangerous than my scary black gun. They think & act on their own. My AR-15 needs me to think for it and use it accordingly. And these tyrannical controll freaks can’t pay me enough for my 2nd Amendment rights. They aren’t for sale.

  14. She is relying on Parkland victims to push her agenda. It’s not enough for her to do it herself apparently, and it’s not like she gives two shits about the poor souls from Vegas or Sutherland Springs. No, she just wants a win, she irrationally wants the win, regardless of the consequences.

    Then again, if she ever gets her way it just won’t have been “enough” because for people like her it’s never enough. Her method would inevitably fail, but it’s only because it wasn’t fully realized so the solution will be more restrictive legislation. That process will just repeat itself until there isn’t any more to take then there will be another scapegoat for her failed idea of policy.

  15. Collusion between Bloomberg and Soros, and pre-positioned scam teams waiting on the next “gun-violence” episode so that they can take advantage of children as tools, are a key to going after all gun-grabbers and disbanding the (D)NC as a political party. AFTER ALL, THEY’RE BANKRUPT AND THE NEXT ELECTION IS GOING TO LEAVE THEM IN AN IMPOSSIBLE DEBT-HOLE.


  16. Practice your CQC (CQB) skills. They may be needed one day.
    And also long range. Make a ghillie suit.
    Buy more guns and ammo.


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