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 Paris Hilton's stalker arrested outside her Malibu beach home (courtesy

According to an anonymous tip telling of a home invasion in progress sent cops scrambling to Paris Hilton’s Hollywood home. “The prank call trend, which is known as ‘swatting’ because swat teams descend on the celebrity home in question has been taking hold in Los Angeles over recent months.” If I may interject. Asking a drug store if they have Prince Albert in a can is a prank call. (Well it was back in my day.) Sending the po-po to an unsuspecting homeowner’s digs to confront armed invaders is not a prank. Just ask Ashton Kutcher, Justin Bieber, Chris Brown, Tom Cruise, Clint Eastwood and a Kardashian to be named later. Apparently. Also note: back in August 2010, Ms. Hilton’s boyfriend-at-the-time pulled a gun on an intruder. Ms. Hilton was in Miami during last night’s “prank.” Even so, stalking (as above) just got scarier.

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  1. Geez! Both of those deputies are fatter than I am. Its a good thing those cops have guns – they sure couldn’t catch a bad guy on the run.

  2. Swatting is fine in Hollywood – nobody out there can/does own a gun to defend themselves against the police coming through the door.

    Try that at any armed homeowner’s house in the flyover part of the United States and there will be tragic loss of life on both ends.

  3. I was never one to hide the fact that I am a firearm enthusiast, however this has changed in the time since Sandy Hook. After seeing what has been done since then to children of the gun for a foto, a drawing or what a teacher claims to see in a bitten pop-tart, I have made it VERY clear to my kids they are not to speak of our gun use in school or for that matter in any setting where an adult may ask. My neighbors are kept in the dark as well why? Last summer we had PO-PO rushing to our backyard with AR-15s because my kid was playing with a paintball gun. cops yelling at him to drop a tube with a hopper on top and an air tank below-which does not resemble a gun in any sense and the paint stains were all around him. The snitch neighbor could have spoken to me but nah-just call the police. Fortunately that swatting did not end in my kid losing the paintball gear, or getting shot, needless to say he sold it after that wonderful experience. Swatting is becoming a standard, and militarized cops are exacting a terrible toll on our communities. I lived outside of the states for 2 years in the 90’s in a country where the military and police worked hand in hand-I thought it was nuts and was thankful at the time that we could not possibly see that here in the U.S. Sadly after 9-11 this has changed. Seems like swatting is here to stay……….

    • when i was growing up, my neighbors and I, which totaled nearly a section of kids, used to go out in the woods in camo and wood carved M16s painted black (the real hot shit kids camo painted their rifles and wore OD green); the enemy? soviet paratroopers. We also used to leave our shotguns and Mini 14s locked up in our vehicles while going to high school, go shooting at lunchbreak, and go shooting once 3 o clock rolled around.

      If I was in high school now, I would probably be in juvie for being a firearms enthusiast and being outspoken in questioning everything the teachers said. Sad times in our country.

      I remember the local police. The neighborhood drunk would be pulled over, his beer spilled out, and himself taken home by the sheriff or deputy. What did they do when they spotted kids in the woods wearing camo and carrying pseudo-M16s? absolutely nothing. A grin and a head shake. Murders (which were non existent), sexual abuse, theft, and drug use were taken very seriously and squashed…by a uniformed police officer, not a combat uniform clad storm trooper.

    • that neighbor would get a piece of my mind, then some untraceable “gifts.” When i was in college we signed someone up for 400 magazines (all free introductory offers, a lot of porn). you get the idea.

    • If my child was threatened, that neighbor would get a piece of my mind, and then some untraceable gifts. Paintballing the house would be sweet but obvious. When I was in college we sent someone about 400 free subscriptions (including some embarrassing material). you get the idea.

      • DWB- going after the neighbor to give her a piece of my mind was considered, yet my wife concerned that the woman would call police and falsely accuse me of-who knows what-talked me out of it. I followed her advice much to my chagrin.

  4. What ever happened to everyone who screamed, ITS A LIBERAL CONSPIRACY when Eric Erickson got swatted?

  5. I dont mind the idea of cops raiding Chris Browns place. Im certainly not a fan of Rhiana but the idea of removing a woman beating POS from the gene pool makes me all warm and fuzzy inside

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