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The all-new Para-Claw is shifting what we thought EDC could be.

One of the biggest challenges in carrying a weapon for personal defense is finding a carry method that works all the time.

The Para-Claw from Outdoor Edge solves this problem in a unique way by allowing safe deployment of a small, but very potent knife from the wrist. Regardless of the situation, the Para-Claw can always be accessed, even if you find yourself grabbed, choked, or in some other disadvantaged position.


The Para-Claw combines a paracord bracelet has a patent-pending buckle design that conceals a compact, extremely sharp stainless steel hawkbill blade.

The buckle locks the blade securely, yet allows it to be drawn quickly and easily. Once drawn, the body of the bracelet forms the knife handle allowing the blade to cut with surprising power for its size.


The Para-Claw was developed by a professional bounty hunter as a handgun retention tool that can be accessed, even in the middle of a violent struggle. While it’s not intended as a primary weapon, the Para-Claw offers advantages that no other knife can, advantages that could very well save your life.

For more info on the Para-Claw, go here.

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  1. Both my wife and daughter have one. They’re well built, blade is sharp, price is right. Also none of their friends have made it as a knife.

  2. I guess it doesn’t hurt to have 1 more backup… but the primary claim that you can draw this in any situation is ridiculous; drawing it requires that you be able to get your hands together (or, rather, hand and wrist); it seems at least as likely that you would be prevented from this as prevented from reaching your waist to draw a waist-mounted knife (or any other point on your body to draw something waiting there). Also, given the small size of the blade, it seems this is going to be most useful for making dissuading cuts (or very deep scratches; flesh wounds); not physically stopping an attack, but using the attacker’s mind against them in the form of pain response.

    • I’m not really a fan of this item right off the bat but I can say that he blade is more than sufficient to cut the tendons in someone’s forearm and disable their hand. It’s also large enough to reach major arteries and veins if you know what you’re doing with it.

      I’m not sure the “handle” is going to be good for usage (never tried it) but I’m certain that the blade design is sufficient to rapidly incapacitate and kill if the person holding it knows their business.

    • We have these at my store. I played with it for a minute… and quietly returned it to the peg. Honestly, the paracord wrap would be more useful in a SHTF scenario – once you unbraid it.
      Just carry a good pocket folder y’all, your 007 secret knife bracelet isn’t impressive or practical.
      Sponsored content and all that…

  3. This is the dumbest fucking thing I have ever seen. Someone will slash their wrist, or cut the crap out of their thumb just putting the thing on.

    • Bob, see the top image. There is a steel T-post molded into the sheath to loop the bracelet onto the wrist while the knife blade is safely locked in the sheath.

    • We never intended the ParaClaw to be a fighting knife or primary weapon. It is purely a defensive backup blade that you can access quickly and easily from the wrist when things go south. We have tested this on PorkMan and although the 1.5″ blade is short, close in it will cut deep and effectively into an attackers face, flexor tendons or bicept.

  4. Anybody here remember “Gun Kid,” the troll that infested gun related forums for a while? He carried his stuff in an “assault” wheel barrow… Gun Kid would love this bracelet. 🙂

  5. Not a bad idea but I already carry up to 3 knives anyway and I don’t wear anything on my wrists besides an analog wristwatch. This paracord bracelet fad has run its course as far as I’m concerned.

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