LA County Sheriff Closes Gun Sellers, Then Backs Down Under Blowback, Cities Reopening Stores

Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva saw an opportunity yesterday and took it. Governor Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order shutting down most businesses in the state didn’t mention gun stores. Villanueva said he didn’t like the panic gun buying and the idea of a lot of first-time buyers with firearms. Los Angeles County residents rushed to […]

Anti-Gun Politicians’ Emergency Strategy: Release Inmates and Stop Firearm, Ammo Sales to Good Guys

Under orders from government officials, many local jails and state prisons across America are sending bad guys  — allegedly non-violent offenders — out into the community and not arresting some criminals. And all too often, so-called “progressive” politicians are working to simultaneously stop firearm and ammo sales to good guys amid the Chinese coronavirus emergency. […]

Now is the Time for Hunters to Share the Harvest

By Mark Oliva Hunters hunkering down through the COVID-19 quarantine might be tempted to look at their freezers full of butcher paper and shrink-wrapped wild game from last season and think this is exactly what we’ve prepared for. It is. Except, it is not just for you. That frozen wild game is the perfect opportunity […]

Remington Offers Its Ilion, New York Plant for the Fight Against COVID19 [VIDEO]

  Last week, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo issued an executive order shutting down all non-essential businesses in the state. The order closed the nation’s oldest firearms manufacturing facility, Remington’s plant in Ilion, New York. Remington Outdoor’s CEO Ken D’Arcy has just released this video offering use of the factory’s 1 million square feet of […]

Don’t Panic-Buy Your First Gun, Make a Prepared Purchase. Here’s What You Need to Know

Here is some critical information to make sure you get the right gun and gear during this unprecedented event. Gun shops nationwide are seeing a huge demand and record sales, particularly from first-time gun buyers as Americans prepare for the worst amid the coronavirus pandemic. The NSSF confirmed that on Monday, NICS staff experienced an […]

Florida Stops Processing CCW Permit Applications During COVID19 Shutdown

Democrat Nikki Fried, Florida’s Commissioner of Agriculture & Consumer Services, is in charge of processing the state’s concealed carry permit applications. She has announced through a press release that her office is halting the processing of all conceal carry permit applications through at least April 19 due to the Chinese coronavirus pandemic. Acceptance of New […]