Why Doesn’t Senator Kelly Loeffler Approve Of Black People Legally Carrying Firearms?

Joined @edhenry on @AmericaNewsroom to discuss my efforts to end the defund the police movement & pass the #JusticeAct. Enough with the political games from Democrats in Washington. Americans deserve better. #gapol #gasen pic.twitter.com/uopR5jiJHU — Kelly Loeffler (@KLoeffler) June 24, 2020 What Senator Loeffler calls “totally unacceptable” happens to be perfectly legal in her state. […]

Liberal Minneapolis Enclave Lives in Fear Without Guns, Police As Those Displaced by Rioting Set Up Camp

“This life’s hard, but it’s harder if you’re stupid.”  So said John Wayne once in a movie. Truer words have never been spoken. Meanwhile, residents of an ultra-liberal, gun-eschewing enclave of Minneapolis known as Powderhorn Park have treated themselves to living that quote first-hand after a horde of homeless people displaced by the rioting set […]

Computer Crash Shuts Down All Maryland Handgun Sales

“A right delayed is a right denied,” someone very famous once said. Maryland residents already face some of the harshest gun control laws in America. Now, thanks to a “catastrophic” computer hardware failure, handgun purchases have stopped in that state as background checks cannot take place. This leaves Old Line State residents waiting indefinitely for […]