Was That a Negligent Discharge During Ralph Northam’s Gun Control Bill Signing Ceremony? [VIDEO]

  So this happened today. Virginia Governor Ralph “Blackface” Northam held a celebratory bill signing ceremony for all of the gun control measures the Virginia legislature passed in the previous session. Listen for the very loud boom and watch the reaction of the assembled “dignitaries.” Here’s another view from Northam’s tweet of the ceremony (the […]

Viridian’s New Grip Lasers for All North American Arms .22 Magnum Revolvers

From Viridian: Viridian Weapon Technologies is proud to announce a partnership with North American Arms that kicks off with a Grip Laser for the NAA-PUG-D and all other NAA .22 Mag revolvers. Viridian continues to be the leader in weapon-mounted technology by offering the most gun-specific lights, lasers, cameras and accessories for the most popular firearm brands. […]

Shannon Watts Claims Another Non-Victory Over Guns Carried in Public With Subway Open Carry ‘Ban’

Michael Bloomberg’s star employee, Shannon Watts, has remarkably low standards when it comes to “progress” in her mission to disarm law-abiding citizens. America’s anti-gun Karen crowed like a rooster when she mau-maue’d Starbucks into requesting that their customers not carry firearms in their stores. Watts proclaimed the alleged “victory” to every media outlet that would […]

Study: Americans’ ‘Excess Purchases’ of Guns Mean They Clearly Have Excess Freedom

By Elizabeth McGuigan Amazingly, a new “study” is making headlines, despite the fact that it relies on obviously faulty assumptions, irrational methodology and has not been peer-reviewed. The authors cite themselves as support for spurious statements like “Surges in firearm purchasing…have been well documented in association with mass shootings and significant political events and are […]

Everest Giving Away 9mm Ammo With New Memberships

Is your local gun store fresh out of 9mm ammunition? It’s probably easier to list the retailers who have 9mm in stock right now than those that don’t. Which is why the people at Everest are giving away a box of 50 rounds of parabellum with each new membership purchase. Everest launched earlier this year […]