Margolis: You Can Tell Gun Control Orgs Don’t Want to Take Your Guns Because It’s Not on Their Websites

Thus [Second Amendment sanctuary supporters] are convinced that the rather mild bill before the House Judiciary Committee (it would marginally strengthen the existing state “red flag” law allowing temporary confiscation of firearms from a person accused of domestic violence) is merely a prelude to taking [their guns] away. “Most of the gun control groups have […]

Gun Review: Brace Built Modern Carbine – MC6

[ED: Since this review was published, Brace Built confirmed that the review gun had between 3000 and 8000 rounds through it. In addition, their current rifles no longer include the bright orange accents seen in the review gun.] The lower’s manufacturer stamp is “Modern Outfitters, Meridian, Mississippi”. The lower is also clearly marked “Brace Built” […]

Car Plows Into Carnival Crowd in German City of Volkmarsen

Last week, Germany saw a shooter attack two locations in Hanau, killing eight and wounding five before being shot and killed by police. As night follows day, that resulted in calls for more gun control in a country with already strict laws governing civilian firearm ownership. Today, an unidentified man used a different weapon, a […]

Guns for Beginners: What Is An ‘Assault Weapon’?

Reader Corey Roberts writes: The calls to ban ‘assault weapons’ never seem to subside. Images of AR-15s, the media’s favorite rifle to demonize, flash across countless headlines, and Moms Demand an end to “weapons of war on our streets.” Countless celebrities tweet and make pleas to ban these evil rifles designed to do “just one […]

When Bloomberg’s Media Arm Uses the Bloomberg School Director for a Quote on Gun Research

The author quoted below, writing at Bloomberg Opinion, doesn’t mention that Daniel Webster is the Bloomberg professor of American health at the Bloomberg School of Public Health. Instead, Francis Wilkinson only IDs Webster in his piece as as director of the Center for Gun Policy and Research at Johns Hopkins University. Surely that’s just an […]

California’s Doctors Should Start Writing Prescriptions for Firearms

Earlier this week, California Governor Gavin Newsom shared some deep thoughts on the state’s exploding homelessness problem. The Golden State, which already has something of a spending problem, is laying out about a billion dollars to do something about its burgeoning homeless population of almost 160,000 people. Newsom’s solution: enable doctors to prescribe housing. Doctors […]