Gun Review: SIG SAUER MCX Rattler SBR

By Arthur Parker SIG Sauer can trace its history back to Switzerland in 1853, where it began its life as Swiss wagon factory. However, the name we all know and love did not come about until the 1970s. SIG (Schweizerische Industrie Gesellschaft) acquired J.P. Sauer & Sohn, which gave birth to SIG Sauer, and a […]

Walmart CEO Supports ‘Common Sense’ Gun Control

Dick’s Sporting Goods should serve as a giant warning sign of the perils of practicing corporate gun control advocacy. To the tune of $150 million. And Levi’s. And Delta Airlines ($40 million annually). Now Walmart’s CEO is making noises that sound like he wants to sail those same perilous seas, too, signaling his company’s support […]

Should I Buy A .300 Blackout Upper For My AR?

One of the reasons that the AR-15 platform is America’s most popular rifle is its versatility and ease of customization. For most people, changing calibers is usually as simple as buying another upper and swapping it out. And that’s what makes adding 300 Blackout blackout capability to your AR-15 so attractive. The cartridge has become […]

The Same People Who Call Police Racists Want to Disarm Civilians…And Leave the Guns to the Police

Why does the anti-gun left…the people who denounce police as violent racists, and slave-catchers… seem perfectly happy to ensure those same men and women in blue are the only ones with firearms? The ‘government is needed to make us feel safe’ proposals are not limited to white nationalism, of course. Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney used […]