Springfield Armory Uses Cryptic Imagery for Their New Product Tease

Springfield Armory has a countdown clock at their “Fiercely Defend” web page teasing a yet-to-be-announced new product. In the background is a major urban city. Under the caption appears the text, “It’s a jungle out there.” We don’t know who Springfield Armory is targeting with this promotion, but frankly, I’m interested. What could they have […]

Firearms Policy Foundation et al. Submit Cert. Petition with Supreme Court in Bump Stock Ban Case

You can read the motion for cert here. The appendix is here. (both docs PDF) U.S. Supreme Court Asked to Reign in Federal “Administrative State” and Clarify or Overturn Chevron Precedent WASHINGTON, D.C. (August 29, 2019) — Today, attorneys for Firearms Policy Foundation, Madison Society Foundation, Florida Carry, and individuals Damien Guedes, Missouri State Rep. […]

Gun Review: CZ Swamp Magnum Over/Under Shotgun

The first duck I ever shot was taken with a 12-gauge over-and-under shotgun; a gun that I’ll never forget. As time passed I made the switch to auto-loaders without regrets. But every time I open my safe and see that first-duck O/U staring back at me, the itch to return to a double-barreled bird gun […]