8 Outstanding Gifts For Concealed Carry

Want to stuff somebody’s stocking who concealed carries? Put something they’ll love under the tree? There’s plenty of absolutely great gear out there, and some that lots that will fit almost any budget. While the obvious seem to be guns or ammo, not every state is friendly towards that. So we’ll mostly stick to awesome […]

Happy Thanksgiving From TTAG

Whether you got your bird with a well-placed load of No. 5 shot from 15 yards or from the freezer case at your local store, have a happy and a healthy Thanksgiving. TTAG will be on a reduced posting schedule this long holiday weekend as we spend more time than usual out in meatspace with […]

The New York Times on What To Do If A Guest Wants to Bring a Gun to Thanksgiving Dinner

[ED: This post originally ran in November, 2016, but is wonderfully evergreen. Enjoy.] New York Times scribe Philip Galanes writes a regular column called “Social Q’s” in the Grey Lady’s Fashion & Style section. It’s a “Dear Abby” style column addressing readers’ question about social etiquette. Last week, an aghast correspondent asked how to handle a Thanksgiving guest […]

Gun Review: MG Arms Ultra-Light Rifle in 7mm-08

“I settled on the 7mm-08 Remington as the best combination of power with modest recoil, but I was and continue to be shocked at the incredible performance of this little cartridge.” – Craig Boddington — in Safari Rifles II — on the performance of the 7mm-08 for hunting applications. It seems that every time I write […]

Red Flag Law Abuse: Lawsuit Plaintiff Files Dubious Red Flag Action Against New Jersey Man

Red Flag laws, or so-called “extreme risk protection orders” strip gun owners of their gun rights without any due process to confront their accusers. And just like traditional “orders of protection,” abuse runs rampant as people use them as bargaining chips in personal disputes and legal battles. That’s exactly what appears to have happened in […]