Security Guy’s Cuffs and Taurus Poly-Magnum: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Today we bring you the security guard Joseph D Vilardo III’s “New EDC Small Backpack” ensemble from Everyday Carry. Handcuffs.  Yes, handcuffs.  But not just any old bracelets!  These are Ace Martial Arts Supply Professional Heavy Duty Black Hinged Police Style Handcuffs Double Lock (Black Hinge) ($13.95!) God bless Joseph for wishing to maintain the […]

The 6 Best AR-10 Rifles For The Money

You can find AR-10 rifles that are very expensive, and you can find some that fit more modest budgets. But what are the AR-10 rifles that give the shooter the most bang for the buck? What gets you into a quality rifle for a reasonable amount? There are some real winners out there, to be […]

6 Great Sites For Buying Ammunition Online

Buying ammunition online can save you money and get you far more in terms of choice. Prices are usually lower (watch out for those shipping charges, though) and you aren’t at the mercy of the local gun store’s distributor. No, your LGS doesn’t buy straight from Federal or Winchester. They go through a third, fourth […]