Gear Review: Kali Key Gen2A-1 Drop In Compliance Bundle

The ingenuity of free Americans will always triumph over small-minded fearmongers seeking to stifle liberty. There’s no greater example of this in the gun industry than the myriad solutions companies have developed in order to allow shooters to comply with California’s ludicrous, inhumane, and unconstitutional assault on Americans’ right to keep and bear arms. For […]

FN Announces the New 509 Compact Tactical 9mm Pistol

Jeremy reviewed FN’s full-size 509 Tactical pistol almost two years ago. He was a big fan (his 4½ star review here). Now FN America has revealed the new compact tactical model in the 509 platform. It has the same threaded barrel, suppressor-height tritium night sights and an optics-ready slide but in a smaller, more EDC-friendly […]

Magpul Teases A Friday New Product Release

Magpul is a company big enough that they never seem to be the type to dump a press release in my inbox. Instead, they just rely on their massive, and well-deserved fanbase to spread the word. Well that and the occasional short, cryptic, Youtube video. Released only a few minutes ago (at least as I […]

The Puck Remote Monitoring System From LOCKDOWN

If you’re reading TTAG, it’s a pretty safe bet that you have an interest in securing firearms (hopefully more so than Eric Holder). If so, it might be worth your time to take a look at the Lockdown “Smart Puck”. The Smart Puck (just Puck going forward) is a small sensor box that can be […]

Optic Review: EOTech Vudu 1-8x24mm SFP Riflescope

EOTech has been a leader in zero magnification holographic optics since the 1990s, and for almost two decades has been one of the premier go-to optics for the US Special Operations close quarters optics. More recently, they’ve spun up the Vudu Optics that’s focused on precision magnified riflescopes. With the 1-8X24mm, Vudu has entered the […]