Grand Jury Indicts One of Three Officers Involved in the Shooting Death of Breonna Taylor

From the Associated Press: A Kentucky grand jury on Wednesday indicted a single former police officer for shooting into neighboring apartments but did not move forward with charges against any officers for their role in Breonna Taylor’s death. The jury announced that fired Officer Brett Hankison was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment in […]

The Compact, Integrally Suppressed KelTec SUB CQB Gives You Quiet, Concealable Personal Defense Options

Now more than ever, it’s important to have a portable, powerful personal defense weapon you can take with you wherever you go. That’s why the versatile KelTec SUB CQB pistol caliber carbine is the right gun when personal defense is job one. Like its popular older brother, the KelTec Sub2000, the integrally suppressed SUB CQB […]

The Effort Continues to Blame Riots and Civil Unrest on Right Wing Groups and Gun Rights Supporters

There’s been a concerted effort to blame riots and violence on right wing actors since the first George Floyd protests first devolved into burning and looting. That effort is continuing as anti-gun orgs and their media enablers try to deflect the blame for violence from their friends on the left while blaming their political enemies […]

New York City’s Answer to Skyrocketing Violent Crime: More Gun ‘Buybacks’

By Larry Keane New York City has a violent crime problem and accidental Mayor Bill de Blasio is shuffling deck chairs in attempts to address it. After proposing to cut $1 billion from New York City’s law enforcement budget just as crime skyrocketed, he’s throwing taxpayer money at failed policies. That includes gun buyback programs that don’t reduce violent […]

Jeff Gonzales: Concealed Carry For Beginners

Back in the day, there weren’t many resources for questions about concealed carry. Simple trial and error taught me what did and didn’t work. These days there’s no end of information out there. The Internet offers an enormous amount of concealed carry advice; most of it good, some of it not, all of it fragmented. […]

Do You Have Enough Ammunition for the Election?

Ginsburg’s death is merely another “don’t let a crisis go to waste” moment for the ever-ghoulish Democrats. These hypocrites are fond of blaming conservative “rhetoric” for a host of problems but they’re out there throwing around the word “war” a lot since Ginsburg’s passing. They don’t really mean war, of course. Most of them would […]