ZEISS Adds Six New Precision Ring Sets for 30mm and 34mm Rifle Scopes

From ZEISS . . . ZEISS announces the addition of six new sets of rings to the trusted and field-proven series of ZEISS Precision Rings that were introduced early in 2019. ZEISS raises the bar by offering features like an integral anti-cant bubble level, integral recoil lug, and unique designs that incorporate specialized machining and finishing processes to prevent […]

The Guns of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre [VIDEO]

Ninety-one years ago today, a group of police officers entered a Chicago garage to confront a group of gangster-bootleggers as they unloaded a shipment of illegal hooch. Except the officers weren’t real…they were from a rival gang. I recently had the opportunity to get some “hands-on history” time with the guns from that infamous murder. […]

Illinois State Police Director Wants FOID Fee Increase While Legislature Siphons Off Millions in Gun Owners’ Money

As we’ve reported, the state of Illinois has siphoned off tens of millions of dollars of revenue from the Illinois State Police that was designated to fund the processing of firearms owners ID cards and concealed carry licenses. That money was diverted from its authorized use to into other parts of the Land of Lincoln’s […]

Trump’s Budget Proposal Includes Funds to Support Hunting, Recreational Shooting

By Larry Keane In a welcomed sign for hunting and shooting sports enthusiasts across the country, the Trump Administration this week submitted its 2020 budget proposal to Congress, and it’s chock full of good news for outdoorsmen and women. President Donald Trump – an ardent supporter of law-abiding Americans’ Second Amendment rights – included in […]