Los Angeles Ordinance Mandates Disclosure of NRA Ties by All City Contractors

“Are you now, or have you ever been a member of the National Rifle Association?” No, that’s not a reincarnation of the House Un-American Affairs Committee’s standard inquiry of those appearing before it. (Although give the new Democrat-controlled House of Representatives time…they’ll get there.) That’s the question, thanks to a new law, that the City […]

The Truth About Florida’s Proposed Semi-Automatic ‘Assault Weapon’ Ban

We’ve covered Florida gun control group Ban Assault Weapons NOW! and their proposed ballot initiative that would ban “assault wepons.” But let’s take a closer look at what the proposal would actually do if it becomes law. If approved by voters in 2020, it would outlaw most semi-automatic rifles, transforming Florida from a state with still somewhat […]

UCF Student Found With Full-Auto AR-15, Charged With Illegal Machine Gun AND Bump Stock Possession

Our friends and colleagues in the mainstream media frequently get firearm technology and the laws that regulate them wrong. “Fully semi-automatic,” anyone? Surprisingly, we found an instance where they are actually (for the most part) right on the money regarding a story from the University of Central Florida. Max Chambers, a 19-year-old UCF engineering undergrad, […]

MN Congresswoman ‘Apologizes’ for Anti-Semitism By Attacking the NRA, Second Amendment Rights

Rebukes of members of Congress come very few and far between. So when the House Democrat leadership called out freshman Rep. Ilhan Omar (D, Minnesota) for her anti-Semitic remarks yesterday, it made news.  Omar soon apologized, sort of. Yet in her “apology” she made sure to complain about the NRA’s constitutional right to lobby for its […]