EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights Will Get You and Your Gun Up to Speed

See the difference in speed-to-target technology with the wide collection of EOTECH Holographic Weapon Sights. It’s the 21st Century, are you shooting your gun accordingly? What we’re getting at is the blatant fact that the capabilities of technology-driven firearms are only going to speed up. It will probably happen exponentially, too, especially in the optic […]

Latest Social Media Gun Industry Victim: The Well Armed Woman

By now, the arbitrary and capricious use of opaque site policies, terms and “standards” by various internet platforms to de-fund, suspend and ban firearms-related publications and businesses is old news. But sometimes the pasty-faced techno-wizards who run the dominant social media sites manage to surprise even us. The latest victim of the ban hammer is…The […]

California’s New Police Use-of-Force Law Twists Language to ‘Do Something’ About Police Shootings

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a bill into law that allegedly establishes a new standard for when police can use deadly force. In reality, it’s likely to do little more than endanger police officers and enrich the state’s litigation lawyers. And the blame for this one goes to Golden State politicians’ desire to pander […]

An SP-101 & a Trio of Reloads from Crown Point, IN: Everyday Carry Pocket Dump of the Day

Interesting people from interesting places.   With interesting stuff that they carry.  That’s what I’ve grown to love about these EDC posts. Today, we’ve got Jose from Crown Point, Indiana.  He sends his “Black and Silver.” I’ve been to Crown Point plenty of times.  A nice Cabela’s store there, along with a couple of friends and […]

Verney-Carron’s Speedline Rifle is a ‘Semi-Semi-Automatic’ and Australians are FREAKING OUT!

The UK’s Daily Mail is sounding the alarm about a dangerous new weapon: A rifle promoted as having an ‘unequalled rate of fire’ of military-style ammunition is now freely available to hundreds of thousands of Australian gun owners. The Verney-Carron Speedline can fire six shots in about three seconds and is being sold with little restriction […]

NRA Board of Directors Exodus Accelerates

Earlier today we reported that National Rifle Association board member Richard Childress, a former NRA first vice president, had resigned. Now CNN is reporting the departure of two more board members. Country music singer and NRA board member Craig Morgan has resigned, sources with knowledge of the matter tell CNN, and NASCAR team owner Richard […]