100 Days of Congressional Gun Control Nonsense

By Larry Keane Last week a group of Democrats in Congress held a press conference to discuss gun control. It’s not entirely clear why their remarks were newsworthy. It was simply another instance of gun control advocates advocating for gun control in front of the media. Their hook was that it had been 100 days since the […]

LA Times: Selling Bigger Magazines Means Mass Shootings Will Get More Deadly

This is what happens when you get your “gun safety” information from The Trace. Gun enthusiasts say they need the firepower (of new, higher capacity magazines) for entertainment on the firing range. Paranoid anti-government folks argue they need it to protect against tyranny. Home-protection buffs believe they need to be armed like Rambo to defend […]

The Untold History of the NRA – Part 1

By The Gun Psychiatrist Like most gun owners, I grew up being taught that the NRA is the oldest gun rights organization in the country. Not only did I believe this, I was a member of the NRA for some time before realizing that the organization was never really tough on gun control. In 2010 […]

The Best Handguns For Home Defense

Ultimately, the best handguns for home defense are the ones that you can run best. That’s the primary consideration. Can you shoot it worth a darn? That’s what matters most. So, what are the best handguns for home protection? That’s more than a little debatable. There are many different attributes that can make a pistol […]

Court Denies Deerfield, IL Assault Weapon, ‘High Capacity’ Magazine Ban Appeal

More good news from Illinois. Here’s a press release from the Second Amendment Foundation . . . SAF, ISRA WIN AS ILLINOIS APPEALS COURT DISMISSES DEERFIELD APPEAL The Second Amendment Foundation has posted yet another victory in Illinois, as the Second District Appellate Court has dismissed an attempt by the Village of Deerfield to challenge […]

After Stifling ‘Smart Gun’ Development for More Than a Decade, NJ Considers Requiring Retailers Sell Only One Of Them

New Jersey has done more to stifle the development and potential sales of “smart guns” in this country than any other state. And no one in New Jersey has done more to keep things that way than state Senator Loretta Weinberg. She’s one of the legislative geniuses behind the Garden State’s law that requires all […]

Schiff and Blumenthal Sponsor Bill to Destroy the Firearms Industry Through Vexatious Litigation

Notorious conspiracy theorist Rep. Adam Schiff joined forces with Senator “Da Nang Dick” Blumenthal this week to introduced bills in the House and Senate that would gut the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. Allowing victims of “gun violence” to sue gun makers who sold their products lawfully would cripple the firearms industry, if not […]