Memorializing Our Freedom

Back in the ’80s, as a young airman, I received a letter written on the back of an old anti-nuke flyer. Another airman saw that and found it offensive. I responded with words to the effect, “I disagree with the position, but aren’t we in the Air Force to defend the right to express it?” […]

Jurisdictions That Aren’t Issuing Permits Shouldn’t Arrest People for Carrying Without a License

From the Second Amendment Foundation: The Second Amendment Foundation today said that if state agencies and officials around the country that are responsible for issuing concealed carry licenses or permits are not taking new applications because of the COVID-19 outbreak, they should not arrest people for carrying without a license/permit. “We’ve received reports that some […]

On Memorial Day, the Firearms Industry Pauses

By Mark Oliva Factories have been humming for the firearm and ammunition industry. Business has been brisk over the past couple months. Even ranges that were forced closed by the coronavirus pandemic are starting to reopen their doors. For two months, America has been cooped up, but life still seems to move at a dizzying […]