Virginia Indoor Range Ban Bill is Aimed Directly at the NRA

Virginia Delegate Dan Helmer pre-filed House Bill 567 recently. If enacted, the bill would ban any indoor shooting range not owned by the commonwealth or the federal government…with an exception and some onerous reporting requirements. You can read the bill here. First, smaller indoor ranges would be exempt. As the bill states, Virginia would allow […]

Doctors for Responsible Gun Ownership’s Open Letter to Virginia’s Physicians

Dear Doctor, Our profession is being hijacked in the service of gun confiscation. In September, Virginia gun ban activists held a so-called “gun violence” symposium medical education event. It was sponsored by St. Mary’s Hospital, the City of Richmond, Virginia Commonwealth University and, ostensibly, the Virginia Department of Health, but featured branded slides and speakers […]

GEMTECH’s New Modular Lunar 9 Suppressor

Jeremy has already gotten his hands on GEMTECH’s new Lunar 9 modular suppressor. You can run it in a 4.7-inch or 7-inch configuration with either 9mm or 300 BLK subsonic firearms. Look for a full review soon. In the mean time, here’s their press release . . . GEMTECH Suppressors announced today that it has introduced a new, modular 9mm suppressor – […]

Angstadt Arms Reveals the New MDP-9 AR-9 Pistol

After teasing their new MDP-9, Angstadt Arms has now officially released the new roller-delayed blowback AR-9 sub gun. As Angstadt says of their new pistol, the MDP-9 is a true roller-delayed blowback design with very low recoil that’s ideal for attaching a suppressor. And yes, it runs GLOCK magazines and has last round bolt hold […]

City of Virginia Beach, Site of May Shooting, Joins the State’s Sanctuary Movement

By Jeff Hulbert Virginia Beach, the state’s largest city, has formally added its voice to the chorus of Old Dominion gun rights supporting jurisdictions that are demanding a halt to sweeping new infringement proposals that are widely regarded statewide as unconstitutional. The Virginia Beach City Council—with one member absent—voted 6-to-4 to send a resolution to […]