Gear Review: Swampfox Blade 1×25 Prism Sight

What is the point of a 1X prism sight? Some will most certainly point out that a 1X prism is a red dot replacement for those with astigmatism. The dot in a prism sight won’t streak, blur and go crazy like a standard red dot for those who suffer from astigmatism. That’s true, but a […]

With a 95% Drop in Airline Passengers, the Rate of Guns Found by TSA Soars

By David Koenig, AP With far fewer people flying because of travel restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic, airport security screeners are naturally finding fewer guns in carry-on baggage. But the ratio of guns to passengers seeking to board airplanes has jumped sharply. The Transportation Security Administration said Monday that it found 58 guns at checkpoints […]

Did Roberts and Kavanaugh Give In To Senate Intimidation in NYSRPA Ruling?

The dissenting justices say that if there are any remaining issues, like the coffee break question, then the case isn’t moot. Alito’s opinion also references the political brouhaha surrounding this case, explaining: Five United States Senators, four of whom are members of the bar of this Court, filed a brief insisting that the case be dismissed. If the […]