Brownells’ New Barrels, Uppers, Bolts for the New 6mm ARC Round

From Brownells Brownells unveiled a line of exclusive barrels and complete uppers chambered in Hornady’s newly-announced 6mm ARC – a cartridge designed to optimize long-range performance potential in standard-sized AR-15 rifles. Using the same bolt and magazine as the 6.5 Grendel, the 6mm ARC capitalizes on the enhanced ballistics of 6mm bullets. The 108 grain […]

Chauvin Charges Upped to 2nd Degree Murder, 3 Other Minneapolis Cops to be Charged

By Amy Forliti and Steve Karnowski, AP Prosecutors are charging a Minneapolis police officer accused of pressing his knee against George Floyd’s neck with second-degree murder, and for the first time will level charges against three other officers at the scene, a newspaper reported Wednesday. Widely seen bystander video showing Floyd’s May 25 death has […]

Neighbors Organizing, Arming Themselves to Stand Guard, Keep Their Neighborhoods Safe

A funny thing happened when rioters walked past ARMED HOMEOWNERS… — Carolina Opinion (@CarolinaOpinion) June 2, 2020 By Kathleen Hennessy and Tim Sullivan, AP The two men stepped from the shadows as the car turned off an upscale shopping street into a residential area located on the far edge of the rioting that swept […]

Correcting a New York Times Writer’s Distorted History of the Second Amendment

This reference to the 2nd Amendment is a head scratcher only if you don’t know that 2nd Amendment was in fact created to ensure Southern slaveowners the right to maintain & arm slave patrols to put down insurrections amongst the enslaved. Now he’s invoking agnst their descendants — Ida Bae Wells (@nhannahjones) June 1, […]

More Biden Self-Defense Advice: A Knife-Wielding Assailant is ‘Unarmed’; Cops Should Shoot For the Leg

Pity poor Joe Biden. Every day he’s out in public makes him a convenient punchline for more jokes about diminished mental capacity and inappropriate touching of women and children. Yesterday he paused in a Delaware church to dispense more of his invaluable personal defense advice for America’s police officers who are currently occupied, trying to […]