Washington State Man Murdered His Wife and Pets, Then Tweeted to Blame the NRA, Trump, McConnell

From the Bellingham Herald: “The Bellingham man accused of fatally shooting his wife, who was a Bellingham elementary school principal, and their two pets Thursday morning may have admitted to killing his family in Twitter replies to the National Rifle Association, the President of the United States and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell.” Guns don’t kill people, people […]

VCDL and GOA Letter: Virginians Have No Duty to Abide by Unconstitutional Gun Control Laws

By Jeff Hulbert In a comprehensive open letter addressed to the Members of the Virginia General Assembly, Constitutional Officers of the Commonwealth and to the People of Virginia, gun rights groups Gun Owners of America and the Virginia Citizens Defense League have shredded the Virginia Attorney General’s dismissive “advisory opinion” on declarations of Second Amendment […]

My 3 Favorite Smith & Wesson Pistols

Everyone has their favorite Smith & Wesson pistols…or at least, people who have shot many of them do…and these three are mine. Smith makes many, many pistols, including about a thousand iterations of pretty much every gun they make. Entire books have been written about their catalog over the years. With that said, here are […]