Gun Review: SIG SAUER P320 XFive Legion 9mm Pistol

The SIG SAUER P320 XFive Legion is everything that made the P320 XFive great, only prettier. The original 2018 verison of the P320 XFive has disappeared from SIG’s website as well as dealer offerings. It appears that SIG has refined the brand by incorporating the excellent P320 XFive version into their Legion line. The Legion […]

LA County Sheriff Closes Gun Stores, San Diego County Sheriff Leaves Them Open

“The city of L.A., for example, they have banned all gun shops, they closed them throughout the duration of this pandemic, and the city of Pasadena is going to follow our standard,” the sheriff said. [Sheriff Alex] Villanueva expressed concern about first-time gun owners in isolation with others during the shelter-in-place order. “What we’re trying […]

Guns Are For Everyone: Hungarians Hungry for Guns During COVID19 Emergency

“It’s a precautionary measure,” [gun buyer Peter] Rostas, 33, said as he queued outside a small Budapest shop selling non-military grade weapons that require no licence. “I’d rather be laughing later than find myself in a conflict with nothing but a broomstick.” Rostas fears violence could arise from shortages of essential goods, something the Hungarian […]