Now Mobile Deer Processors Come to You [VIDEO]

By David Schlake While most hunters know how to field dress a deer, many don’t know how or don’t want to fully process their own, prompting them to seek professional assistance. For those who do it on their own, the process is messy and time-consuming. And, for those who pay someone else to do it, it […]

Walmart Really Is Dumping Ammo at Fire-Sale Prices

Yesterday, that evil Travis Pike posted a deal alert.  Walmart, he wrote, is dumping their handgun and evil black rifle ammo nationally at fire-sale prices.  It sounded almost too good to be true.  500 rounds of 9mm for $45?  Defensive ammo for $5 per box? Well folks, it’s true. When was the last time you […]

Scope Review: Nightforce SHV 4-14×56 Riflescope

“Francois says a 3-12 variable scope and 250-300 yard shots.” – Zani The above message was the catalyst for the eventual purchase of the Nightforce SHV 4-14 x 56 Riflescope that is currently mounted on my pet rifle – a plain-Jane, synthetic-stocked, Remington Model 700 chambered to 7mm Remington Magnum. The question was directed to […]

Virginia’s Democrats: Send In The National Guard to Enforce New Gun Laws

Sanctuary resolutions, which originally began in Illinois in early 2018, have swept the nation.  However, no state has outdone Virginia in quickly passing these “don’t tread on me” resolutions.  And now, Virginia Democrats have decided to push back, threatening those sanctuary jurisdictions and law enforcement agencies who refuse to enforce their new gun control laws. […]

Is Support For One Type Of Legal Sanctuary While Opposing Another Inconsistent?

Specifically, conservative-leaning people tend to view illegal immigrant sanctuary cities with disdain, even as they cheer the growing Second Amendment sanctuary movement. Conversely, liberal-leaners tend to reverse the views. Are both sides being inconsistent? Some people think so. If I am going to be consistent, I have to declare that sanctuary locales are sad, and […]

California Denying 18% of Lawful Ammo Purchases, Only 101 Prohibited Persons Stopped

Well, the California ammunition background check system is working pretty much exactly as the hoplophobic hacks in Sacramento intended. For those of you who aren’t aware, ammunition purchases in the Golden State are subjected to pretty much the same background check requirement as firearm purchases are. Now, some preliminary numbers are in as to how […]

Gun Review: Taurus Model 692 Dual Cylinder Revolver

Whether you call the Taurus 692 a multi-caliber revolver, a dual cylinder revolver, or just a neat trick, it’s an interesting innovation. Taurus has overcome the difficulty of producing a double action revolver with dual cylinders. Single action revolvers use a base pin that makes lining up the cylinder fairly simple. Making .22 LR/.22 Magnum […]