Rep. Massie Corrects Witness Who Claimed No One Ever Died Because They Were Deprived of Their 2A Rights [VIDEO]

Watch the latest video at Kentucky Rep. Thomas Massie of Kentucky got into a heated exchange with a witness in a House Oversight Committee hearing on voting rights yesterday. The witness, Timothy Jenkins, is a board member of something called Teaching for Change. [The exchange begins at 5:25 mark in the video above.] Massie, […]

The New Woke: Cincinnati Women Take Concealed Carry Class, Learn Armed Self Defense

From the CCRKBA . . . When nearly 180 women from the Cincinnati, Ohio area attended a concealed carry certification class, learning the fundamentals of personal protection with firearms, they “re-defined the term ‘woke,’” according to the chairman of the Citizens Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms. According to the Cincinnati Enquirer, […]

Michael Bloomberg Has a Lot of Problems With the Constitution and Civil Rights

By Larry Keane Michael Bloomberg’s disdain for gun owners is well documented, but that didn’t stop him from reminding voters how he loathes the idea of Americans exercising freedom. Bloomberg, the billionaire presidential candidate for the Democratic presidential nomination, denounced the notion that free men and women would choose to provide for their own protection. […]

Silencer Review: Gemtech Lunar 9 Suppressor

It’s official; the silencer market has gone modular. Which makes sense given you’re asked to plunk down $200 in Federal tax and wait about as long as it takes to make a new human being before receiving approval to take that new suppressor home. Long can? Short can? Booster? Fixed mount? Yes, yes, yes, and […]

World’s Smallest Violin: Charleston Church Shooter Dylann Roof Was on a Death Row Hunger Strike

By Michael Balsamo and James Martinez, AP White supremacist mass murderer Dylann Roof staged a hunger strike this month while on federal death row, alleging in letters to The Associated Press that he’s been “targeted by staff,” “verbally harassed and abused without cause” and “treated disproportionately harsh.” The 25-year-old Roof, who killed nine black church […]