Forget About Those ‘Commonsense Discussions’ Gun-Grabbers Always Claim They Want

Can you have a commonsense discussion with a gun grabber who smears his feces on the wall and calls it “commonsense gun legislation?” Can you have a commonsense discussion with legislators who abuse the powers of their offices to shut down legitimate businesses merely because they sell a (perfectly legal) product that they do not like? Can […]

Virginia House Approves Seven Gun Control Measures

Virginia’s House of Delegates approved a ban on private firearm sales, a red flag law and gun rationing among others on Thursday.  This despite the massive rally on January 20th that drew tens of thousands of angry gun owners to Richmond. The disgraced governor there, Ralph Northam, has followed through on his pledge to impose […]

Gun Review: Henry Lever Action Axe .410

If you are the type who doesn’t take every gun purchase seriously, then the Henry Axe .410 might just be for you. This isn’t a terribly practical or necessarily useful gun for most people, but man is it fun. The Henry Lever Action Axe .410 isn’t really a shotgun. It’s a firearm — technically a […]

Gun Control Law Compliance: Timing Is Everything

This post was been corrected on 1/30/20. I was unaware of Article IV, Section 13 of the Virginia state constitution. That provision specifies that laws passed “shall take effect on the first day of July following the adjournment of the session.” This was brought to my attention by Richard Hutchison, whom I thank for correcting […]

Is the San Francisco Chronicle Trying To Dox Gun Owners Again?

The San Francisco Chronicle has hit California county sheriffs with public records requests demanding lists of concealed carry permit holders. Sheriff Barnes of Sutter County not only declined to release the complete information, but issued a notice to licensees that Chronicle is attempting to obtain their data. San Francisco Chronicle editor in chief Audrey Cooper […]

SHOT Show: Kinetic Energy Tools KET Brass Deflector

From TTAG’s simple, affordable solutions desk comes the KET Brass-Deflector. It deflects your gun’s flying brass in a consistent, controlled fashion, generally straight down. It’s lightweight, made in the U.S., and near universal in its use. Each Brass-Deflector ships folded in a plastic clamshell. Included are three clips: two for mounting the Brass-Deflector to a […]