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“A Western Pennsylvania sheriff has banned his department from conducting county sheriff business with any of the corporations that have cut ties with members of the National Rifle Association.” That means Sheriff Michael Slupe’s deputies won’t be renting cars from Enterprise, flying Delta, staying at a Wyndham Hotel, protecting their computers with Norton Antivirus or moving anything with Allied Van Lines.

“Though I cannot dictate which companies you utilize in your personal life, I can and am going to dictate which companies the Butler County Sheriff’s Office will not use,” Slupe wrote. He said the companies won’t be used “when making arrangements for any extradition or stay over that you are scheduling.”

Boycotts, which rarely seem to be effective in changing corporate behavior, can work both ways.

“These companies made the choice to boycott the NRA for whatever their reason(s) are, so, I am making the choice not to support them,” Slupe wrote. “I believe it is important to send a message as a department that we support the members of our community that are members of the NRA that have had nothing to do with any of the shootings, yet they are the face of the blame in the eyes of corporate America,” Slupe said of the corporate response following the high school shooting in Parkland, Fla., in February.

There’s no question that far more sheriffs, who are usually elected, rather than appointed like most chiefs of police, are supportive of their constituents’ gun rights.

Slupe was first elected into office in 2009. The first Republican to hold the seat in nearly three decades, Slupe won the first election by 69 percent of the vote over his Democratic opponent. He won again in 2013 and last November, both times receiving over 98 percent of the vote.

To date, Slupe has received no complaints from his constituents or his deputies.

Somehow we don’t think he’ll be terribly worried if he does.

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  1. Good job, Sheriff! It is good to see that someone has the balls to turn the tables on ignorant, illogical, emotional snowflakes whose only response can be of the “knee-jerk” variety.

    • Outstanding ….. a good start , but will the Sheriff and his men enforce the CRAZY BAD gun laws being proposed if they are Rammed through the Pennsylvania legislature ?

      The very one sided Judiciary hearings on — ” Doing Something about Icky Guns ” , overseen by Retiring Chair , Ron Marsico , concluded today after a lopsided panel of ” select ” speakers gave testimony. — ( More hearings were promised for May , but are not scheduled , so be WARY of Pa. legislators trying to ” Fast Track ” bills without input from PRO Second Amendment advocates ! )

      The Prince Law firm sent official notice to the Judiciary, basically calling them a SHAM.
      And asking that EVERYONE be allowed to speak.
      They also List the laws being considered. ( Can you say ….. NO Due Process ? )

      Replays Video of the hearings are at … Pa House GOP , com

      • I’ve been watching the Pa house floor and I don’t see anything being “rammed” through.

        In fact, they are so backed up I doubt very much that they even cover ANY gun related topics.
        Some say that’s on purpose…..

        While there are bills out here, that doesn’t mean they will skate through unopposed.

        Keep your finger on the pulse though, just in case.

      • Our Sheriff in the county, directly north of this one, has already sent letters out to residents informing them of the oath to uphold the Constitution he took when elected and that none of his department would take any actions toward the residents of our county that goes against the Constitution.

      • Why should they enforce gun control laws, let them pick and choose which laws to enforce like the lefties do.

        • Unlike most laws, measured in the thousands or tens of thousands of pages, 2A is 27 words long. Could not be simpler. Anybody with an adequate 10th grade education can read and understand what it actually says very easily. Only exception is “well regulated”, and that can be explained in 10 seconds. Asking LE to parse all the legalese involved in any modern law is unreasonable, most times they have to accept the word/direction of political superiors. With 2A, that is not the case. ALL LE should be aware that citizens are watching, and that they are armed.

  2. ” supportive of their constituents’ gun rights”
    Then why is he supporting the NRA, the US’s most successful anti-gun organization?

      • Either you believe governments are created by consent of the governed and the powers the governed have consented to are enshrined within the Constitution, or you do not and believe in arbitrary government power gained through force and force alone. To “compromise” as Wayne LaPierre, Chris Cox and all the other heads of the NRA have time and time again is throw out basic human rights and submit to the tyranny of arbitrary government.

  3. Hey! MeToo. Just like the sheriff, I’ve stopped doing business with those companies. Can I use the hashtag for that?

  4. Well, merde. now i can’t use norton, which is the best for anti virus (it found a virus bugging my system that 3 other systems couldn’t find). its also odd that they would do this as they advertise with rush limbaugh and sean hannity.

  5. Norton AV sucks way too much system resources. There are a lot better AVs out there.

  6. Let’s not mince words.

    Any and all organizations and law abiding citizens that claim to follow the law and the US Constitution as written should not render aid or do business with any companies, entities, or people that prove themselves to be treasonous by direct action or complicity to the American values and way of life as outlined in the Constitution and Bill of Rights.

  7. Sibley County, MN Sheriff Bruce Ponath is one of the good ones also. We need more Patriots like these fine Officers.

  8. Add Citibank and Bank of America they want to force company’s to stop making firearms by not making business loans to them

  9. Why do they blame guns, or the NRA? Why don’t they blame the real culprit, the ones who created these gun free slaughter houses that our children are forced to attend school in? Do our politicians live or work in gun free zones?

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