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AR scope

By: Michael in GA

I bought a scope at Walmart the day my CMMG MK4 RCE arrived at my FFL dealer.  It’s a Bushnell AR Optics 223 30mm 1-4x. I have heard that the rule of thumb for mounting a scope on a rifle is whatever you paid for the rifle, spend that much on the scope.  Well I blew my wad on the rifle so I didn’t have $1200 for a scope, especially when I won’t be shooting past 100 yards anyway. One day I’ll get an AimPoint red dot, but for now I just need something that’s affordable and available.  So when my rifle arrived, I just wanted to get something on the top rail so I could take it out and shoot it that day (the Kirsten Joy Weiss video on shooting without optics hadn’t been posted yet) . . .

I have been happy with the Bushnell scope so far. The glass is bright and clear. But this isn’t a scope review. It’s a Walmart customer service review, which is usually decent…for what you get.

Recently, after an outing with the wife at the range, the top turret fell off the scope when I brought the rifle in the house (I don’t have a gun case yet either). Have you figured out that I am poor?  I figured, “no biggie,” I’ll just put the turret on zero and tighten the Allen screws down. I never reset the dial to zero after sighting it in.

One problem…there are no screws in the turret to tighten. The only thing holding the cap on and providing the friction to adjust the elevation was a dab of rubber cement. I admit, I don’t know if that’s the way this scope was designed, but then why are there three screw holes going around the turret? I could Locktite it back on, but what I really wanted to do was return it. I’d lost the receipt and the packaging was the type that you have to cut open rather than a box, so I didn’t save it. Still, I’ve had good luck with returns in the past without proof of purchase so I decided to give it a whirl.

Back to the very same store where I made the purchase. I walked up to the Customer Service counter with the scope in a Walmart bag. The following is what transpired word-for-word.

Associate:  “Can I help you?”
Me: “I hope so. I bought this scope here a couple months ago and it has a defect so I would like to return it, but I don’t have my receipt.”
Associate:  “Lets see it. Do you have the packaging?”
Me:  “No, it was just wrapped in plastic so it was discarded.”
Associate: “Well I need a bar code so I can process the return.”
Me: “I can go get another one from sporting goods and you can scan that one.”
Associate: “That would be great!”

After pulling one from the shelf…

Me:  “Here you go.”
Associate:  “Oh!  It is $189. I don’t think I can process a return for that much without a receipt. I will get my supervisor.”

Supervisor:  (Holding the new in-package scope) “This is an AR. You can’t return a AR. All gun purchases are final.”
Me:  “This is a scope…not a gun.”
Supervisor:  “It is part of a gun and if it is a gun part then all sales are final”
Me:  (pointing to the policy printed on a large sign behind her) “That says sales on guns and ammo are final.  This is not a gun or ammo.”
Supervisor: “Let me get the manager.”

Supervisor: (after a phone call to the manager) “He said that without a receipt and the original packaging, you can’t return it.”
Me:  “So the price of the item has nothing to do with the return policy?”
Supervisor:  “No, you just have to have a receipt.”
Me:  “And the fact that it is a gun part has nothing to do with the return policy?”
Supervisor:  “No, it just has to be in original packaging or you need to have a receipt.”
Me:  “So if I tried to return a toaster instead of a scope without a receipt I still would not get a refund?”
Supervisor:  “Well I just don’t know much about guns.”
Me:  “But you know something about toasters. And you know that I can’t return anything without a receipt, not in the package.”
Supervisor:  “Yes sir.”
Me:  “Then why didn’t you just say that in the beginning and not waste my time?”
Supervisor:  “You’re right. I’m sorry. You’re right.”

My next plan is to buy another one, use the receipt to return the broken scope, then return the unopened scope at another Walmart.  If just half that plan works, it’ll be worth it.

One day not much later, I bought a case of 12 gauge target loads. When the alert signaled the cashier to check ID, she asked if it was alcohol. I said “No, shotgun shells.”  She asked, “You mean like…bullets?”  I said, “Sort of.”  She asked, “So you could kill somebody with these?” I said “I guess so but a hammer would be better and a lot quieter.”

Walmarts are fun!

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    • I don’t consider Walmart to be a place for intelligent conversations about ___________ (fill in the blank with any noun)

      • I don’t consider Walmart a place to go without bringing a security guard to watch my vehicle, nitrile gloves so I don’t have to actually touch anything, a Spanish English dictionary, and a robust sense of humor.

        Once I leave I have an intense urge to go directly home, wipe down everything I bought, and take a shower. Walmart is a special place.

        ‘Course, maybe that’s just because I live in SoCal.

        • Coming from employees of a corporation who micromanages lights, temperature, etc of every store from their corporate offices: “as you get closer to corporate, the stores are better, it’s the outlying ones that have the problems”

          Yeah, Right… Employees get fed this line, along with they have no need of a union (maybe right about the union, maybe not.) and to report all union reps on sight… they can competition shop, but the competition is unwelcome to do the same to them…

          Ever since Sam passed on, the company forgot about the customer, and thought about its bottom line, right down to strongly encouraging outsourcing to China for the beneficial profit of themselves and selling the other company on the larger profit idea… I don’t go there unless I have to.

          Still, It’s better than the now closed local K-Mart “We can’t take that back as a return without a receipt because you might have stolen it from us.” (It seemed regional could have cared less about that store, the GM couldn’t even get beyond part-time employment.)

      • Yes, the antis and progressive liberal ‘propaganda terrorists’ using widespread brainwashing have certainly made some inroads into transforming popular mind think, haven’t they?

        The perceptual thought reprograming of much of the public by the progressive liberals and their friends in the press is the real challenge we face, and as long as they control the message delivered in education, political institutions and the press, we self-reliant, patriotic, independent, law abiding POTG are at a fatal disadvantage.

        Look at that, I think I coined a new phrase: “propaganda terrorists”.

      • Yes, maybe back when Sam Walton ran the company and drove around Bentonville in his beat-up pickup truck and bluejeans. They’ve gone hardcore corporate since his death back in 1992.

  1. Nooot the best place to be advertising the fact that you’re about to commit some return fraud 😛

      • From the description, the supervisor told him to do exactly that. “You have to have this and do that”. OK, here you go! Does anyone even ASK if the item returned is, in fact, the same one the receipt is for?

        • I think the manager was telling the supervisor that I was SOL. The switcharoo was my idea but should be common sense so why not just swap the item out for me to begin with. Home Depot has done things like that for me in the past as well as Sports Authority. It’s only fraud If I used something longer than the 90 day policy and when I get tired of playing with it, take it back for a cash refund.
          Some people act as if I need to confess my sins to a priest. I’m not Catholic but if I had to do that then this “scam” would be so far down the list that by the time I got to it, the priest would say, “let’s just forget about that Walmart thing”.

    • Improvise, adapt, overcome.

      Fair is fair; it appears the scope without allen screws was defective in the first place, and Walmart’s blanket application of customer distrust and no-service warrants the work around!

    • Oh there is plenty of return fraud going on…even WITH a receipt.

      Update: I bought another scope and before mounting it, I made sure the allen screws were in place. They were and I tightened them down with the included wrench. I don’t believe that the ones in the original scope backed all the way out during firing the rifle, but I guess it is possible. All three though? Not probable but possible. I returned the original scope with the replacement receipt so basically, I got a replacement rather than a refund, which is the policy of most stores when you don’t have a receipt. Walmart did not suggest that option.
      Note: manufacturer’s bar code on packaging is store specific.

      • “Note: manufacturer’s bar code on packaging is store specific.”

        Maybe if you’re comparing Walmart to Target to Cabelas, but there’s no way in hell each individual Walmart gets it own UPC code for a product. A) there aren’t enough #s available to do so and be able to sell more than a handful of items and B) The logistics of it would drive up the costs which is antithetical to Walmart’s behavior.

        /Former Walmart vendor.

          • There has been an upgrade to the system since How Stuff Works described upc codes.
            Maybe it is magnetic and they scan it in when they stock it or when you purchase it. Might work as a security device as well if you try to walk out without paying.

        • The receipt has a code too. Scanning that pulls up the whole purchase history of that transaction. My guess is so you can’t try to fake a receipt or fudge a price for a larger refund than you paid. THAT history will have the store number included.

          I heard a story a while back of a lady who got busted because she bought things on sale at some store, and returned them for a refund for full price after. I think that may be part of it, and the other part… well…

      • Sorry. UPC-A which is used in the U.S. still works that way. You go to several different stores, pick a product, write down the UPC and then go to another store, find the same product and the UPC will be the same.
        Walmart puts a store/register barcode at the bottom of their receipts which will identify the store and the product. When they scan that it tells them what store, what product, what register, what cashier and even what credit or debit card was used.
        UPC is UNIVERSAL PRODUCT CODE, it does not change from store to store for the same product.

        • Well there is obviously some technology taking place that you are unnaware of because they refused the one in the package because when they scanned it they siad it was not purchased at that store. I asked what store it came from and they could not tell me.

    • Update: Walmart does have a no receipt return policy.

      Walmart’s No Receipt policy applies to items returned in a store only.

      You have the option of:

      •A cash refund (for purchases under $25)
      •A Gift Card for the amount of the purchase (for purchases over $25)
      •An even exchange for the product

      We also follow any manufacturer’s warranties.


      •You can make up to three No Receipt returns within a 45 day period

      • Upon further review:

        If you bought something at a Walmart store and need to return or exchange it, you can take it back to any Walmart store, not just the one where it was purchased.

        For most items, we accept returns within 90 days after purchase.

        For the following items, we will only accept returns within 15 days of purchase:

        •Camcorders and digital cameras
        •Digital music players
        •E-tablets and e-readers
        •Portable video players
        •GPS units
        •Video game hardware
        •Pre-paid cell phones and post-paid cell phones

        I think I was boonswaggled!

  2. “I guess so but a hammer would be better and a lot quieter.”

    You really should have a camera ready to capture the look on their face for those comments.

    How much of an ignorant goofball must you be to think a scope is the same thing as a gun? Wal-mart doesn’t even sell “gun parts”

    • My WalMarts don’t even sell guns. (Seems that they had a “little problem” with their DROS books some years ago in California, stopped selling firearms “until they could rectify their record keeping”, and then never resumed sales.) Given the quality of most of their clerks, am I surprised their records were not up to snuff?
      [Which reminds me that the last time I bought ammo at Wally World the young clerk behind the counter asked if the 200 rounds of .45 fmj range fodder was for hunting.]

    • The one near me sells bolt-on rails and replacement pistol grips and stocks for AR’s, fiber-optic sights and pistol grips for shotguns, and bolt-on bipods. They probably consider that to be an extensive selection of firearms components…

  3. Walmart is the largest gun retailer in the world and the employees are giving you grief?

    Good lord.

  4. Sorry to say that I blanked a bit after starting the post. Faded at the Customer / Customer Service. Points:

    Look at: SWFA SS 6×42 Tactical Riflescope ~300 for a great low cost scope.

    $40 Scope from Walmart: A Center Point 4x16x40mm, ~$40 came with my Savage 7mm and does the job so far. But there are some dislikes. My point though is that you may want to go to the scope mfg for help. I had one small screw missing from my top turret on the Center Point, no questions asked the company replaced the whole thing brand new packaging and all.

    I get that the story was foremost on the ‘Day at Walmart’. Nice comeback with the hammer comment 🙂

    • neither of those scopes are even close to the same intended purpose of a 1-4x scope. most 1-4x are run as red-dots on 1x, and 4x for anything past 50 yards. a fixed 6x or 4-16x variable just don’t work the same, at all

    • Had I not wrote it as a script, you would have really been lost. It was back and forth banter with four parties involved so I did it for clarity. C’mon man! Overall it is one of the shortest posts on TTAG. My ADD can’t handle too long a read.

  5. I said “No, shotgun shells.” She asked, “You mean like…bullets?” I said, “Sort of.” She asked, “So you could kill somebody with these?” I said “I guess so but a hammer would be better and a lot quieter.”

    Kill someone with just the shotshells? That would take some doing.

    A few pennies. To you that may not be much, but in Sicily a few pennies could make the difference between owning a gun and having to insert bullets into your victim manually.

    -Sophia Petrillo, The Golden Girls

  6. Funny story. I once bought a massive wooden crate of surplus 7.62 from a fleet farm when I lived up north, back when you could still find those. From the shipping is had the “1.4 explosives” sticker on top of the wooden box. I brought it up to the cash register and the woman just looked at me and said, “uh, what is this?” I looked her square in the eye and said with a nod, “Dynamite.”

  7. “So you could kill somebody with these?”
    “I guess so but a hammer would be better and a lot quieter.”

    Brilliant! 🙂

    Reminds me of the time when my wife went to our local Ace Hardware store for some No Soliciting signs and remembered, on the spur of the moment, that we also needed to top off our supply of 9mm practice ammo.

    The clerk looked at the signs and the ammo, paused for a moment, and then said, “You’re really serious about this ‘no soliciting’ thing, aren’t you.”

    And that in a nutshell (aside from the lifetime warranty on everything they put their name on) is why I prefer Ace to Wal-Mart.

    • I miss the days when hardware stores sold ammo. There’s no better evidence that Americans used to think of guns as useful tools.

      • Yeah, some of them still do. This happened only a few months ago. I bought half my gun collection from Ace Hardware.

        But it’s really only a few relatively rural, locally connected places that do it these days. We’ll know we’ve won when we can find ammo and miscellaneous accessories on an endcap between tools and fasteners in Home Depot stores across the nation.

      • I miss the days when hardware stores sold guns over the counter.

        (Don’t tell Paul or Blinky Pete)

  8. Michael, did you use a credit card to buy the scope? I have returned items at various stores without a receipt. When you use a credit card the store can look at their records and find the purchase, not saying they will, just saying it can be done without much trouble.
    I never pay cash for much of anything over 20 bucks or so. If you pay cash, and loose the receipt, you are S.O.L.!
    Another tip for consumers, I always open the box and make sure that what is suppose to be in the box, actually is in there. The first color printer I bought cost $550, when I got home and opened the box, there were two rolls of paper towels at the top of the box, I thought that was nice of them, as I had heard that ink jet printers were messy. When I pulled the towels out, there was a big rock in the bottom, to simulate the weight of the printer.
    Always look in the box BEFORE you leave the store!

    • That’s almost as good as the computer hard drive box at Fry’s that when opened, contained a rock with ‘250 gigabytes’ written on it in sharpie.

      • I can beat that!
        I went to a monstrous Radio Shack Sale in a large parking lot. There were close to a hundred R.S. reps there, from all over central Kalifornia.
        I bought a computer. The salesman said I could pick it up the the next day, but I could take the monitor now. He handed me a box out of a stack of about 20. When I got home and opened the box, no monitor. Instead, there were, I think, about 14 items that radio shack sells, and every one of them, top of the line. I figured up the total value from their prices, and it came to over $1500. He gave me a box intended for someone else.
        What happened next is a long story, so wont go into it.

      • Fry’s… I’ve only been there once, and all I can say about that experience is never again.

        • I used to shop there when I lived in the Bay area. It’s kinda like Walmart in a way. Maybe they should get together and start a new chain. They could call it “Frymart”

  9. I bought some .22 at Walmart a year or so ago (y’know, when I could buy .22 at Walmart) and the girl behind the counter asked me if it was for a pistol or rifle. You see, in Florida, you can buy rifle ammo at 18, but you have to be 21 to buy handgun ammo. Since I’m clearly over 21, I just answered “yes.”

    • I have an army buddy that is also a gun collector/enthusiast. He bought one of those Sterling 9mm carbines and kept it at his parent’s house since his duty station is very gun-unfriendly. Upon visiting he had to have his mother buy his 9mm ammo because he is under 21. What a f#Cked up country where we can send him to die while firing M240B machine guns, but he cannot even buy 9mm for his rifle on vacation.

      • That is terrible. It’s a total dick move to die while firing the 240, because then you AG has to carry the gun and all the ammo.

      • Not a new thing, tho. In the late 80’s I was stationed in Okinawa, going onto the base one time I noted the guard was carrying an M-16 instead of the usual sidearm, asked if there was a status of higher alert. He answered no, he was just under 21, so could not possess a handgun (in Japan, no less, on a military base!), thus the simple solution of handing him a loaded machine gun, instead of a 9mm. That’s 25 years ago, not much has changed. How has crime been affected, does anybody know? Does anybody care? Have teen gangs in Chicago begun killing each other with rifles instead of pistols?

        • You can send someone to fight with all kinds of deadly hardware at 18 but cannot give him a beer.

    • Some Walmarts still have a three box limit “per person per day” for ammo. I was with my wife (also a 9mm shooter) and after the guy opened the cabinet and retrieved my three box limit, I asked my wife if she wanted her three boxes. She said “of course”. I love her. Anyway, the guy said “I have to ring them up separately”. We said “fine”. Halfway through the transaction he realized the stupidity in the policy, since we were using the same account to pay, and said he would ring it all up at once. She may be my better half, but for this instance we do qualify as two separate people.

  10. If you paid with a credit card they should be able to swipe the card and bring up the receipt. That is if they are competent and willing to do the job they are paid to do.

      • Yep. Sure is.

        Either I missed your post, or sometime between when I started it, got distracted by phone and redid it, you posted.

        Just consider it reinforcement of your point.

    • They never suggested that. Most places offer store credit which would have been fine with me. It is just ridiculous that I had to do the work around but it is all good now. My conscience is clear.

  11. Supervisor:  (Holding the new in-package scope) “This is an AR. You can’t return a AR. All gun purchases are final.”
    Me:  “This is a scope…not a gun.”
    Supervisor:  “It is part of a gun and if it is a gun part then all sales are final”

    Huh…my mistake then. Can you show me how to put in the clippy thingy in and how to make the thing that goes up…go up?

    • I don’t think she knew enough about guns to even know about clips and things that go up. She just read the label on the package that had A R in large print and she knew that A Rs are guns because the media told her so.

    • Then I have to ship it and wait for the replacement yada yada yada. I really expected Walmart to just swap it out or give me store credit. This was based on my experiences at other retail chains that have a no questions return policy. Home Depot has been great. One time while putting in 700 sq ft of floor tile, I used a diamond blade on a Rotozip to make all the compound cuts. The motor burned out and the blade was locked on and would not come off. I took it back and the CS agent told me to go grab another one. After I explained that the blade was stuck, he said “follow me”. We went and got a new Rotozip and he asked me to get a new blade. What a deal because I wore that other blade out.

  12. I’d come up with an ad hominem attack for the Wal-Mart employees, but I’m not sure they are hominem.

  13. I actually purchased a shotgun from my local Walmart, after they found someone who could enter all my info they had to carry it outside the store. I wasn’t “allowed” to, ofcourse they could see my .45 on my hip as well. smh

  14. I must live in the Walmart Intellectual Promised Land, the person at the sporting goods counter where I by ammo (begrudgingly – not a WM fan but they’re handy and have stock) actually talks about handguns and ammo.

    “Yeah, I like 9 a lot but just bought my wife a Kahr in 40”

    Whouda thunk it.

    • Bought my first gun right in the middle of the ammo shortage. Walmart has kept me shooting for over a year and I shoot 200 rounds a week. You have to deal with idiots no matter where you go. Just look at TTAG.

  15. I’m not calling the OP a liar, but in every Walmart I’ve been to in the last five years, all of the scopes are placed on locked display rods. Unless you cut through the hoop at the top of the packaging, an employee has to unlock the rod end and remove the product for you.

    I’ve never really figured this out, either, because I doubt rifle scopes are commonly stolen items. I would be more worried about a lot of small yet pricey bling accessories in the auto department, but none of these are secured.

    • Must depend on the locality. Around here the scopes are out in the open, though I have seen places with the more costly ones locked up with the ammo.
      If you bought with a credit/debit card, they can track the sale that way, no receipt needed.

    • It really depends on the store’s location. Some of the stores in the south Florida area have them locked up as you describe, while others in a different county have them out in the open.

    • I actually had to have another employee in sporting goods get the scope for me but I had to take it back to the front where the customer service center is.
      Believe me now? Good.

  16. Jeebus dude.

    Is this dude’s part time job coming up with ways to skirt the “system” and stick it to the man at Wal-Mart?

    1. Buys scope at Wal-Mart.
    2. Breaks scope.
    3. Lost receipt.
    4. Attempts to return busted scope without packaging and receipt.
    5. Comes up with ingenious plan to buy another scope and use the receipt to return busted scope, then, and this is the stroke of genuis, return unopened scope at another Wal-Mart.

    Yo chief, here are instructions to return to Bushell:

    • Well, can’t be any worse than an Army buddy of mine who returned old, used underwear to Walmart, by repacking it in the new underwear package.

          • They accepted the faulty item that I PAID FOR so how is that criminal? I believe that abortion is immoral so I think Karma has it’s hands full before getting around to me for swapping a defectve item for another. Oh! Wait! Is that you Jesus?

    • Yo. Dude.
      When Sam was alive, he didn’t give a rip even if the box was tagged it came from K-Mart, Sears, or Target, he’d accept it as a return. His family should feel ashamed they let his legacy be destroyed into a corporate monster.

  17. That’s what you get for putting a piece of Bushnell trash on top of your $1200.00 AR. LMAO

  18. I think the prudent thing to do would be to return it to bushnell for replacement since you didn’t save your receipt. I’m no advocate for Walmart, but shame on you for advocating return fraud.

  19. Next time you buy a scope or other parts from Wal-Mart use a credit card so that you can do a charge-back.

  20. Kirsten was shooting without sights, not just without optics.

    Real men don’t return things.

  21. A pretty good description why I buy my optics from not Walmart. I have bought some pretty good hunting gear from Walmart over the years and a few bricks of gun fodder but I have not ever purchased a firearm or optics because of the blank stare that exists on the guy behind the counter (if there is one) before I approach with my prospective purchase.

    • I can rattle off a few occasions where I would get loud in front of other customers about how I am being mistreated. The manager will make an exception just to shut you up. Just don’t be aggressive or indignant.

      • I’ve raised hell at wal-mart about their electronics return policy. I had a laptop for 18 days and it took a dump. 15 days my ass. The return window is much longer if you’re willing to complain long enough.

      • I was calm and very matter-of-fact during the entire exchange. I did not expect to get a refund, just store credit or an even exchange. As I was debating the supervisor I truly believe she accepted my logic. I was not at all upset for not getting the refund or swap. What ticked me off and inspired me to share this story is the fact that they denied me after having me go get another scope, saying that the price determined need for a receipt, and claiming that scopes are treated as firearms. In other words if I walked in and tried to get a refund and they said no way right off the bat, I would have walked out and maybe gone to Bushnell or repaired the damn thing myself.

    • Worked in the past and the first person did not know either and she works there. The supervisor said it was either-or. Receipt no package or no receipt in package so no you don’t need a receipt.

  22. I live in rural middle Tennessee. The close Walmarts all stock ammo and long guns – even in the AR form factor. Guy usually in the closest one is a gun guy.

  23. I would NEVER return anything anywhere without proof I bought it there. What a waste of a post. People DO steal for a living. And if you want good service or intelligent conversation I sure as h##l don’t go to Wal-Mart.

    • There is a bid difference in returning for cash, and returning to replace something that is not working correctly.

    • Dude, I buy gas at Walmart twice a week. I buy ammo at Walmart every time my supply goes below 300 rounds. I am not hording it, I am shooting 200 or more rounds a week. Half of my groceries come from Walmart. Not to mention the odd spur of the moment purchase made. If I saved every receipt from Walmart beyond getting it recorded in my check registry, I would need H&R Block to keep up with it all. So no…I don’t save receipts.

  24. If you get your money back, I suggest you hit up Primary Arms. Their low end scopes beat the snot out of most others in terms of quality.

    • They also got good red dot sights.

      I am primarily interested in their 4-14 FFP scope though there is some red tape to export it.

    • It really is a good scope if you don’t have $800 for a Nikon or $500 for a red dot. But ammo is the reason to go there. I picked up a bunch of Dirty bird targets on clearance there too. And cleaning supplies are nice. Actually the outdoor sports supplies are better quality than their team sports gear.

  25. I only buy beer at Walmart.
    I reload my ammo since Walmart didn’t have any for over a year.
    Now they have it but costs twice what I can reload for the same amount.
    Oh, I lied. Bought a box of 25 12ga. 00 Buckshot for $12 today. Tula Suprema, Made in Spain.
    Wife buys some groceries at Walmart, but mostly only what IGA doesn’t stock.
    IGA- 5 miles. Walmart – 20 miles.

    • My wife buys a lot, I mean a LOT of groceries from Walmart. She checks out in the “Three cart Minimum” line

  26. More and more mom and pop gun shops are closing because of Walmart. Everyone wants to save $15 – $20, and still expect personalized and experienced customer service.

    • This is happening all over. People are looking for value over service mostly. I have never bought a gun a Walmart, even though I shop there for common household goods.
      I purchase my shootin hardware at Cabela’s, or usually at the LGS. It’s a small mom and pop place, and they only charge 10% commission to sell your gun. Beat that!

      • Bought my DPMS Sportical 5.56 AR-15 at Walmart. It truly is an Evil Black Rifle, it cost $666 with tax!

  27. I don’t have a receipt OR original package. Take my return or I’ll be upset!

    Wal-Mart is usually pretty cool about this kind of thing. Package or receipt, either or. Hell, one time I printed off some bank records and they took my return.

    • I actually believe I would have gotten the refund for a toaster without a receipt but once we did the whole “part of a gun” song and dance and the manager got in on it. I was not going to win this one.

  28. Walmart has its place. My local Walmart carries ARs in 5.56 and 7.62. Mini 14s and combat shotguns.
    The only time I was asked for ID was when buying coleman camping scissors, Which was amusing as I am nearly 50 and had 200 rounds of 9mm in the cart that I had just bought showing ID.

  29. I went to Wally World the other day picking up some supplies for a camping trip. I went back to the ammo, and was waiting for a gentleman to pick up a BB gun, anywho someone asked me what I was looking for I said I would like 5 boxes of the Tulammo .223(yeah I know, hey it works in mine), they said they could only sell me three boxes, I was like ummm ok, but the sign says that it only counts towar