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LA police take down P. Diddy's driver (courtesy

Racism much? Or should that be harassment much? It’s hard to tell. The mainstream media hasn’t reported on the raid on P. Diddy’s Maybach. tells us “Diddy had just been dropped off at the Soho House … an ultra-exclusive, private club in West Hollywood. Diddy’s bodyguard and another person drove Diddy’s $500,000 Maybach away from Soho, but they didn’t get far. We’re told someone called 911 and said someone inside the Maybach had a gun. At least 9 squad cars roared to the scene. Cops pulled their guns and ordered the occupants of the Maybach out of the car and made them lie prone on the ground, until they discovered there weren’t any guns. The street was closed down temporarily until deputies gave the all-clear.” calls it a “vicious prank.” I call it a lawsuit waiting to happen (at best) or a police state take down (at worst).

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  1. I’m slightly surprised that Combs’s bodyguard wasn’t armed. Maybe just being large and menacing is considered enough when working personal protection these days.

  2. A gun is reported to be inside a half a million dollar car. What probable cause was there to believe that a crime had been committed? Did the police think that the car would be used in a drive-by in a ritzy Hollywood neighborhood? It is this idiotic level of over-response that lead to the open carry ban. Yet you can’t get the cops to respond to a DV call in Dallas…Does any thought at all go into the distribution of resources?

    • Makes me wonder what other information was in the call that didn’t get relayed to the media. ‘A gun is somewhere in the car’ is way different and gets a different response than ‘Someone in the car pointed a gun at me,’ or ‘I think someone is stealing a car, and they also have a gun.’

      Of course, media being what it is, we may never know. And I can’t rule out the possibility that it was an honest overreaction, either. I just wonder because I have gone to dozens of calls that sounded like some kind of violent felony crime in progress, that turned out to be people either making foolish assumptions or flat out lying, with no crime actually having occurred.

    • Not defending the cops here, but just to play devil’s advocate…

      If the report was that a white celeb’s $500k car had just been stolen at gunpoint by two black men, isn’t this about the response one might expect?

  3. More proof FREEDOM does not exist in this country. Look at the manpower & resources…says only on thing…FEAR. I wear a badge and I’m afraid. Well Mr. Jack Boots if your afraid then quit your local GOV TIT SUCK and get a real J-O-B.

    • ABSOLUTELY. This shit has GOT TO CEASE AND DESIST. Pronto.
      It’s impossible to “support your local police” when this crap is SOP.


  4. When cops can roust you, cuff you and toss your car without any reasonable suspicion, much less probable cause, the use of the phrase “slave state” is probably an understatement.

  5. Fortunately, not being Asian women saved these dudes and the nearby structures hundreds of bullets.

  6. I think it’s great myself….

    It’s been a while since some rich and powerful people in Los Angeles have been thrown around the 5-0 without special treatment…..

  7. And this is why my black ass doesn’t open carry. Large swaths of the American population are still not ready to embrace the concept of LAW-ABIDING black males (such a thing does exist) openly and enthusiastically exercising their 2A rights. I would guess virtually 100% percent of police DEFINITELY aren’t. I don’t want to be SWATed or killed for simply being a BMWAG. So I conceal carry only.

    • I was in VA a few years ago. A black man walked into Subway. I saw the guy and remembered I was in a free state. Nobody reacted to it either. It was as it should be.

  8. Racism much? Or should that be harassment much? It’s hard to tell.

    Any evidence it was racism, or is it just a jewish cultural thing to randomly accuse completely unknown people of racism based on absolutely zero evidence?

    • Hmmm… So Cal police over-react to a half-million dollar car full of black men… I’ve known WAY too many black men who experience shit like this in the course of a normal day. Racism as a contributing factor would be based upon historical precedent, at least as a working theory…

      • So if a black person violently attacks a white person, can we assume that it was a hate crime based solely upon the historical precedent of the past 50 years worth of black race riots? How about a German person attacking anyone else of Eastern European decent? What about the English and Irish? Tutsi and Hutus?

        And guess what, plenty of white people experience this shit too. I had the same thing happen when I was helping my friend push his ’84 Buick LaSabre, cause they cops said they thought it might be stolen. Funny part of that story is that a black guy driving a Porsche saw us and offered to help, as soon as he showed the cops the keys to his Porsche he was let go. I spent the next 15 minutes face down on the hot hood of a Crown Vic because I was operating the wheel.

        • Every time you open your mouth — so to speak — you make a cogent argument for abortion.

      • He’s so completely clueless and lost in his own fantasy world,Ralph. It would be funny if it wasn’t so pathetic.

  9. I listen to Adam Carolla’s show a lot and he lives in that same area. He told a story not long ago about one night, when he was out doing a show , and a drunk driver crashed into the gate outside his house at about 2am. His wife called 911 to report the accident and that the driver was clearly drunk throwing empty bottles over the fence. they asked her if she could just go check it out herself because they did not have enough officers available. There must have been another half million dollar car that needed their attention that night.

  10. What are the police supposed to do when someone calls claiming they saw a illegal gun inside a vehicle?

    • How could someone possibly call the police, even in California, and report that there is an illegal gun in a car? How could any “witness” have been able to determine it is illegally in the possession of some person? I could imagine is someone brandished a firearm or was behaving in a threatening manner, one could assume illegality, or at least illegal usage of the gun.

      I read that the cops got a report of a gun in a car. They acted to investigate. I would NOT expect them to PRESUME illegality, but rather to determine that based upon a determination of the facts. Is the report of a witness sufficent for a complete search of that car, even? California does permit, albeit on a very limited basis, legal carry of a concealed weapon, which is probably more likely to be in the hands of someone who can afford a half million dollar car.

      It smacks of over-reaction and hysteria. Or the news story is factually flawed, which may also be true, and is probably the more likely explanation. Or possibly that the cops figured they’d lucked out with a carload of drug dealers to win the pot on the best felony bust of the week.

  11. Bodyguard not armed my arse. Even though this is a new trend, the calling cops on people for fun thing, of course the bodyguard had a gun. D Jerky or whatever he wants to call himself is a huge target to many, no way in hell there wasn’t a firearm in that car at some time after he was dropped off to the time they were stopped. Not getting the full story here, another trend although not a new one.

  12. I have no use for rappers but if they’re not breaking any laws they have rights like any other citizen. I know, I know, this is the Peoples’ Republic of Taxifornia, but do the math, folks: P Diddy or his homies got SWATed by some jerk with a cellphone.

    Nowadays it can happen to anyone. SWATing is the perfect weapon for your liberal neighbor who doesn’t like your display of the Flag or your pro-2A views.

    “Officer, I felt afraid. This man owns guns and he’s a war veteran and who knows what he might have done since I know he hates liberals.”


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