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And I’m annoyed when I have to carry my wallet, iPhone and sunglasses. For me, concealed carry is a .45 caliber Kimber Ultra-Carry II in a Bianchi 5 Black Widow¬†holster. Or nothing. Or something smaller in a smaller caliber. But definitely not a hammerless Smith & Wesson Airlight .38. Or a flashlight or knife. (The Airlight’s in someone else’s possession and the blade and illumination live in the car and house.) And no spare clips. I don’t have the pocket space, and I reckon if I don’t get “it” done in seven shots (with the Kimber), I’m dead. That said . . .

If I know I’m headed for danger—when I’m walking through a high crime urban area alone at 2am in a suit and tie with a one-hundred dollar bill taped to my lapel—I’ll cowboy up with a bigger gun and/or an extra clip. Or two. Oh what the hell. You can buy a sling for an AR, right? ANd then you have SO much more pocket space.

In terms of home defense and early morning Schnauzerless strolls, I’ve been thinking about an ArmaLite AR24. Full size. Full weight. Full price ($631 apiece; I tend to buy two of everything). Accurate. Feels as good in the hand as, uh, things that feel good in the hand. If you know what I mean.

Fired it last night with my man Fusco. Video mini-review and full multi-media misegos to follow. And an explanation of that two gun deal. Eventually. Meanwhile, what’s in your pockets?

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  1. As I’m in a no-issue CCW state, I pack an Emerson Mini-Com. Essentially the compact 45 of folding knives.

    My brother, out west where CCW is commonplace: Kimber Commander 1911 45ACP. My mom, Ruger Security-Six 357. My mom’s partner, SIG P229 40S&W.

    If I were to pack concealed, I’d like to give the Para (now USA) Warthog or Slimhog a spin (45ACP of course).


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