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Huh. Dangle some free cash for a gun in front of our readership and they burn up our servers. Imagine that. If you scan down the posts today, you’ll notice that RF’s reminder of our contest awarding $700 toward the gun of your choice for the person who enters TTAG’s comment number 1,000,000 provoked all kinds of activity. Some more imaginative than others. But quality wasn’t a qualifier and with a comment he posted at 10:46 this morning, the balloons and confetti dropped on Bernard as he pressed the publish button. We haven’t heard what gun he has in mind yet, but will share if that’s OK with him when he lets us know. As always, thanks for reading and better luck as we approach the 2,000,000 comment milestone.

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  1. Well crap! Already had the gun picked out. Keep up the good work TTAG. Congratultions Bernard.

  2. So will the staff reveal to us what advertising bracket you guys have now achieved to make this exercise worthwhile for TTAG? No hate, curiosity and respect for the savvy.

      • Just so I don’t leave YOU out nick- what would YOU have spent the $700 towards? Dan can answer too.

    • Additional comments don’t cut any ice with advertisers. It may have snagged a few more page views, but nothing that really moves the needle. Our traffic has been on the low end of average today.

      • To both you and Nick: THANK YOU for the terrific site. The site is a daily read for me. Up to date. Honest (THAT is probably the rarest quality in firearms writing!!!). Funny. Intelligent. Keeps me abreast of issues.

        You guys clearly read comment strings to the last comment (not sure if that will apply to this last bit of craziness).

        Thanks again for the terrific experiment. I was hoping you guys would get a bump because you deserve it. Guess I’ll have to do that manually/word of mouth.

        • Advertisers, No, but it did grab MDA’s attention. I saw this post over there this morning “Truth About Guns new low, free gun giveaway to boost site activity”

  3. I’m happy someone won, sad it wasn’t me. A little bummed that 1/2 of the past weekends comment were “million?” Or “did I win”

  4. Go Bernie……’s your birthday…….or might as well be. Enjoy Dude………. ..

  5. Congratulations Bernard. If decide to pass on the gun I’ll humbly accept it instead. 😀

    • “And TTAG returns to “normal”. . .”

      And TTAG returns to ‘normal’, ‘Abby Normal’ that is…

      Fixed it for ya.


      (A Gene Wilder ‘Young Frankenstein’ reference for the kids…)

  6. Now you should devise a contest aimed at providing someone who lacks a decent carry piece with one. The million post thing is a standard gimmick; it would be of better edification for the POTG to build up that community by enhancing a member’s carry.

    • Artificum Solis did something like that; they had a knife they gave to whoever posted (in their opinion) the worst EDC knife; they insisted it must be one that you actually carry.

  7. Well, this thread certainly isn’t drawing the action that the “reminder” thread did, is it?? LOL!! Felicitations to Bernard.

  8. We now return you to our regularly scheduled TTAG comments (in the 60 comments per thread range).

  9. In honor of those comments perhaps his price can be a gun from one of the ring of fire manufacturers. Perhaps a Jimenez 9mm or a Raven MP-25. Lol!

  10. Bernie’s a little busy right now. He asked me to accept on his behalf. I’ll make sure he gets it in a timely fashion. Honest…

  11. I raise my glass to the champion Bernard! But I drink for all those souls lost in The Battle of 999007. Never forget!

  12. Right on Bernard! I say you take the cash and have a party at your place (I will travel for beer and chicken wings).

    • Finish the night with a knob creek style shoot with everyone mag dumping down range.

    • It would have been sickening if Bernard HADN’T won. They didn’t specify that spam or content free posts would be excluded. If they hadn’t honored their guarantee and specified rules, it would have been ex post facto taking/changing the rules, and would have been seriously uncool.

      I do hope next time they try to specify some amount of content. But they’re men of their word, and I would have been disappointed if Bernard had technically won and they hadn’t honored it.

  13. Bernard, please let us know what you chose…but then again, with this bunch, you’ll probably start on the way to 2m with comments on why that was not the best choice – lol.

  14. Congrats Bernard, and kudos on your method.

    Now I gotta tell momma I’m buying that Mk25 on my own.

  15. Everyone quick! Time to spam the sh** out of TTAG to get to 2 Million!!!!!!!!!

  16. for the record, there were more than 30 comments with the same time Stamp as Bernards. But there can only be one number 1 million.excuse the poor grammar this was speech to text.

    • Time stamp is only to the minute though, eh? The system on the back end still ranks them in order in which they came in, down probably to some fraction of a second for whichever one the server logged first…

    • I knew you were a cyborg! 😀

      I just finished reading through all of the comment notification in email. Oy Vey! Thanks to y’all at TTAG for putting on the contest but I’m also thankful it is over.

  17. Congratulations are in order. I do hope that many of those who decided to comment stay with us and comment in the future. Enjoy your new money burner 😉 .

  18. Oh it’s OK with me. Congrats. Now if RF takes my suggestion and RUNS a contest EVERY MONTH…do it…I’m here anyway. I was 999999LOL..

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