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  1. I think he wanted to, hell, I think he did make the shot that hit JFK and Connelly, but I think when he looked down that POS scope and watched the back of JFK’s head blow out, he was surprised as the rest of us.

    • Investigators can imply from this photo whatever they like, but it is NOT evidence that Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK. There is no way from this photo to prove anything except that in April of 1963 Oswald owned and was photographed with a rifle and pistol that looked similar to those weapons alleged to have been used in the assassination. I’m not implying that he did or did not commit the crime, only that the evidentiary value of the photograph is zero. Both the pistol and the rifle supposed to have been recovered had serial numbers. Is there any way to compare those numbers to the weapons in the photo? Is there any way to determine that the weapons in the photo in April were still in his possession in November?

      For a whole host of reasons we may never know exactly what happened in Dallas in 1963, but to claim that this photograph is the evidence that proves the case against Oswald is ludicrous.

      • A few years ago, a conference of forensic scientists was given the chance to reevaluate the physical evidence from the Kennedy assassination, using technologies that didn’t exist at the time of the event. By computer-enhancing the photo of Oswald, they could bring out the wood grain of the weapon he held in the photo. This matched the rifle in evidence. They reviewed the ballistic evidence, concluding that the rifle in evidence did fire the bullet that struck Kennedy. They also determined that a significant percentage of shooters were capable of matching the speed and accuracy needed to fire the shots.

        Analysis of the available information did NOT rule out the possibility of a second shooter.

      • How about the fact that he claimed the photo a fake and that his head was superimposed on someone else’s body. He denied owning a rifle. Both of these statements were proven lies and his own wife said she took the photos and she said Lee kept his rifle in Ruth Payne’s garage. Oswald didn’t say that the gun in the photo was not the same one that killed Kennedy but that he didn’t own one. Why lie?

        • He DIDN’T lie. He worked in New Orleans in a photo processing shop that did sensitive government (CIA) work. He knew a fake photo when he saw one. He was framed after he penetrated the plot to kill JFK, and informed Hoover, who was part of the conspiracy.

          He had a 201 file, which meant he was (at the least), an FBI informant. LOOK IT UP.

          He also was an agent of Naval Intelligence, the CIA, and Customs.

    • Precisely, headshots don’t explode back in the direction of the shot, anyone who’s watched CSI knows this! Seriously though, how in the world can people believe it was just Oswald? I personally think he was a CIA patsy through and through and didn’t even pull the trigger.

        • I have been to the book depository and looked out of the window next to the one he used. I had heard all my life no one could make that shot. BS. Ray Charles could have shot him from that distance .

      • Actually you made a mistake. The shot did not explode backwards. The debris from Kennedy’s head went forwards. Only when you look at the Zapruder film shot by shot is it obvious that his head goes forwards when the bullet hits and backwards as the bullet exits. When you begin with a false premise, you get a false conclusion. Also, if you look at the Robert Hughes film, not a blown up version, you can see what looks like a rifle pan across the window as the president’s limo begins the final turn.

      • You didn’t see any such thing, Rich, you fool. The Zapruder Film was in 8mm, and the original was never shown in public, only copies and copies of copies.

        Bet me a grand on it, pal? OH GOD, PLEASE SAY YES!

        • The Limo driver was seen in a re-posted video on my UTube channel to pass the truth forward and clearly without question did shoot Kennedy in the face as he drove- END OF STORY! The CIA Murdered a dam good man, who has not been matched in Morality or good Character to this day- GWT

          • Having achieved my “Master” ranking, I’ve lost interest in any further baiting of the WB troll, thanks.

  2. No, it was aliens who killed Kennedy. They landed in Area 52 (just north of Area 51). They teamed up with the Cosa Nostra “Grassy Knoll Family,” Fidel Castro and the CIA to do anal probing, cattle mutilations and fry our brains with radiation. So far, based on Obama being reelected, it seems like the last one is working.

    • Nah. It’s nothing less than Armageddon. There is a cosmic fight going on between Evil and Free Will. Free Will MUST win, or it will mean the end of all Life and Love forever.

      • Theologically, in the Christian tradition,, free will is what allowed evil to enter the world. Evil is not the opposite of free will; it is the by-product of it.

        • That’s the mistake that later became known as “Original Sin.” That’s what’s been told to you by worshipers of the God of Power, who deny the very existence of the God of Love. The essence of Creation is Love. Electric essence is Spirit, and Magnetic essence is Will. It is the nature of spirit to want to control, but it is the nature of Will to be free.

          Bottom Line, the God of Love’s Will is Free Will., the God of Power is Willess, which is why he needs to recruit minions to do his bidding. And He Hates Free Will to Death.

          If hearing this makes you uncomfortable, EXCELLENT! Feel into those uncomfortable feelings and ask them what’s troubling them then feel their message as pure emotion.. Pretend you’re comforting a frightened child, only from your head it looks like a knot in your stomach – that knot needs your Love more than anything else..

        • Rich, what an interesting series of claims that seems to be associated with some form of Zoroastrianism, though I am not really sure where these claims come from. I did not try to share my beliefs, just a standard Christian theology about free will and evil.

          • John 8:32, New International Version (NIV):
            “Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

    • Ralph, you are wrong. The Aliens didn’t kill Kennedy. Kennedy was alien who was summoned home with his consort Norma Jeane Mortenson. I saw that in a documentary called “Men in Black. It’s the true story of secret government agency that control alien movement in and out of Earth.

      • BIG FUNNY HA-HA JOKE. The murder of a president that changed the course of our form of government to the present day.

        You people make me sick to my stomach. Many words, zero intelligence.

        • I agree with Mr Burke- Whole-heartedly- You sheeple make me sick and I will be glad when the NWO gets rid of you stupid sheeple once and for good- It is the week and stupid that has let things get the way it is and you will get what you deserve-

        • @wesley thompson: I have a math problem I need your help with. I have a standard rule that anyone who uses the word ‘sheeple’ automatically has their credibility reduced by half. But you used it twice within a single sentence, so I can’t figure out the math on that. Is it just half-squared?

    • No it was mr. onassas and marilyn monroe mr onassas wanted jackie and got her marilyn was mad that jfk dumped her and wanted revenge and got it…

  3. I was 19 years old when Kennedy was assassinated, I remember that day and the weeks that followed vividly. I predict the Tin Foil Hat brigade will be posting shortly, some of whom may not have even been gleam in their fathers eyes yet. Oswald physically did it end of story. Motives went to his grave courtesy of Jack Ruby, who I saw kill the bastard on our Black and White 19″ TV.

  4. Oswald didn’t do it. Oswald was just tempted by the easy access to guns. His rifle magically grew legs, climbed those stairs, stuck itself out the window and repeatedly fired (bolt cycle and all). Or at least that’s what we’d hear now a days via MSNBC.

    • And thanks largely to the JFK murder we had the end of mail order firearms right to your house. See how much safer America is now?

      • I think you could still mail order a Manlicher Carcano. Possibly old enough now to fall outside the regulations. That crap pistol he had, not so much.

        • If you have your C&R, yes, without the C&R, no.

          Mail-order w/o any license is limited to pre ’99 only. 1899.

        • Yeah, a C&R is nice. Direct delivery of lovely, old firearms to your home. A tiny remnant of the good old days.

        • Before the 68gca we simply ordered guns out of magazines and the sears catalog. No permits or background checks.

        • Yeah, I thought the Ray Cruz one set in Mall of America (and featuring presidential aspirant “Obobo”) was awful. But this one is a return to the old Bob Lee Swagger books.

  5. Did what? Lee Harvey Oswald? You mean him? That guy was a paid informant for the FBI, ONI, US Customs, and almost certainly, the CIA.

    I’ve taken the bait. It’s tasty, man. About 10,000 hours of research has satisfied me that Oswald was reporting on the conspiracy to assassinate JFK to Hoover. Problem was, Hoover was in on the plot, and set up Oswald as the patsy, maybe out of retaliation, but more likely to ensure the success of the conspiracy. Oswald defected to the Soviet Union to… well, it’s not quite clear, but he provided radar information (he had top-secret data on U.S. radar capabilities, which he reported to the Soviets as part of his “bona-fides” to make himself credible) as part of his cover.

    He tried to expose the plot because he had fallen into it as part of his job. History should record him as a true American patriot, and Hoover should be regarded as one of history’s greatest villains.

    Go ahead; I can go on about this for months. I’m not the world’s foremost authority on the subject, but I’m one of the best-researched experts on the subject still living. The top fifty, at least.

    Oswald’s info caused the scrubbing of an assassination attempt on JFK in Chicago, and then in Miami; all in the month or so leading up to the successful attempt.

    • If you really spent 10,000 hours of unpaid research (i.e. obsession) into the Kenendy assassination I’m pretty sure that would place you squarely into a few clinical classifications of some kind of mental disorder.

        • Actually, my mouth has been closed the whole time. I’m typing my comments. I can do that without moving my lips. Can you?

        • I do not have the understanding of the situation in detail to explain my position. It just seems, it feels wrong, my instincts are telling me that there is more to it than the “Official” report.

          Kinda odd that the actions of JFK leading up to his death. Actions that not only pissed off a bunch of people, but if they had taken hold we would not be in this decayed form of America that we find ourselves today. It is just to convenient for the communist infiltrators and “the left” that this president who had so much promise was killed and what he was working on was quietly removed.

    • William, you seriously spent five man-years on this? A 40-hour a week job is 2080 hours a year. You spent five years on this?

  6. Wrong. Oswald did not do it. If you want to read the definitive book on the subject, “Crossfire, The Plot That Killed Kennedy” by Jim Marrs.

  7. Yes.

    The absurd conspiracy theories of the left in the US aside, here’s the brutal truth.

    JFK was killed by a whiny little communist twerp.

    There, I said it. I know, I know, it is a difficult thing for the modern American left to hear, but the mythical hero of the left, JFK, yet another of the dim-bulb Kennedy clan, was killed by a little communist twerp, someone further to JFK’s left. There was no mob plot. No right-wing CIA hit, nothing so sinister.

    There was no “magic bullet.” There is no “impossible shot.” There was no great feat of marksmanship here. The level of accuracy required was well within the rifle used. Go to the site in Dallas, TX, stand in Dealey Plaza and look at the distances and angles. I have. For starters, pay close attention to the street signs, because odds are that you could drive right through it. It is made to look much larger than it is, and the angles much steeper than they really are. It is, in real life, a smaller space than you’re led to believe.

    For those who might think it difficult, here’s the brutal truth: You could pull off the shot with a .30-30 levergun. With iron sights. Easily.

    The JFK episode in American politics is the first one (of many) where the American left cannot bring themselves to believe the simplest, most supported and plausible explanation: JFK was shot by a little communist twerp. These idiots are the people who have wasted more time of more people than any others in American political life… until we get to the 9/11 “truthers,” who think that the US Government brought down the WTC with explosives.

    • + 1 Billion

      The conspiracy theories of the secular leftists are necessary due to their refusal to acknowledge God and the concept of good and evil. If there are evil people, that would mean their pipe-dreams of societal utopias would not be possible…. and they can’t abide that in their “religion” of leftism.

    • This is correct, if a bit harshly worded. Conspiracy theories are created when the victim towers above the criminal. Oswald was a nobody, and people want to find meaning from the assassination of a President, so they create a myth.

      • Agreed, and also since the secular left does not believe in concept of ultimate justice, they do not like the idea of one idiot like Oswald possibly changing the coarse of major events. The left especially didn’t cotton to the idea of admitting that one of their own commie sympathizer types pulled the trigger either.

    • Thanks for that DGS; You’ve pretty much summed it up, it required less means than Oswald had to make the shot(s), he had motive and opportunity and there is virtually no other rational explanation other than Oswald being the lone shooter, with his own motives, and a conspiracy extending certainly no further than the tacit encouragement of a few leftist friends who almost certainly did not take Oswald seriously in his endeavor, if in fact he ever mentioned it to them.

      It certainly doesn’t fit the lefts narrative that one of its ‘heroes’ could have been assassinated by a little nothing of a man for motives radically left of the man he killed, but that is what all the facts support.

      It’s not surprising that many people find this unsatisfying. That someone with such high place and charisma could be brought down by nothing more than an unstable nobody like Oswald for his own obscure reasons and without vast resources is both terrifying and seems somehow too plain to suit the figure of the man assassinated. Of course such sentiments having no bearing on reality and never could, but they certainly do having bearing on peoples credulity and objectivity.

      The more interesting story here is the psychology of people who are unable to accept not only the most elegant explanation for the events, but the only one for which there is a body of consistent evidence.

      The very thought that such a large conspiracy as many suggest could have been successfully brought to fruition and for no one to speak out or more evidence come to light in the intervening 50 years is simply absurd and speaks more to their lack of critical thinking skills and skepticism than to anything the facts of the case bear out.

      • Socialists are routinely murdered by Communists, as are Conservatives. It’s the whole “Collective counts for more than the Individual (because we have no souls)” meme.

    • When my father heard someone say that no one could get off 3 shots in 6 seconds with bolt gun he laughed at them. He said anybody in his company could have made those shots. He wasn’t a Marine, just a just a pre-war regular but for pure entertainment I leave with this video:

      • Oh, boo. How do I downvote something like that? I was expecting to see somebody pop off three rounds in six seconds with a bolt.

        BOO! HISS!!!

        • You’re a moron and a dipshit, Rich. How much study have you put into it?

          Some here have suggested I’m “mentally ill” because of all the hours, months, of dedicated scholarship. I hope their next surgeon is some wino off the effing STREET.

          See, study and scholarship is “tinfoil hat” crap. Unless you’re the one who needs it. It’s like a plumber with a 4th-grade education telling his doctor that he’s “mentally ill” for spending thousands of hours studying medicine.

          You asses wear your ignorance as a badge of honor. I could destroy any one of you in a fact-based debate.

          Instead, I will let you stew in your own rank ignorance. My time here just ran out.

        • Rich:

          Don’t tell me that you have never seen Full Metal Jacket?

          The reason that three shots in six seconds is no big deal is that there is already a round in the chamber for the first shot. You only cycle the bolt twice and if you remember the recent post on how to keep your eye on target while you work the bolt you can see how easy it is. Every soldier who started out on the ’03 Springfield knew how do that.

          • No, and really don’t care to. And I saw that rant, and was doubly disappointed.

            I guess I’ll just have to pout or go over to youtube and look for shooting videos. 😉

        • WB, I want a surgeon that has spent 10,000 hours studying and practicing to be a better surgeon. Not some gonzo that spent 10,000 hours obsessing on a conspiracy theory.

          Apparently dedicated scholarship means something completely different to you than it does to me.

        • Tough question……..which has more cultural significance?….

          10,000 hours of conspiracy obsession OR 30 seconds of Miley twerking?

  8. What amazes me is the reluctance of many here to entertain other theories regarding this, especially in the light of our government’s recently revealed “activities…”

    • in the light of our government’s recently revealed “activities…”

      Yet another reason against a conspiracy……nothing can be held a secret forever….especially if there is a buck to made on telling the story.

      reluctance of many here to entertain
      I doubt there is a single person over 40YO that hasn’t reading 100+ articles and seen dozens of TV shows and exposes over their lifetime. Kennedy assassination rehashing is an “industry”. Yawn.

  9. The brutal truth is we were duped into believing that a lone gunman could make that shot at that angle in that timeframe given all the evidence AGAINST the lone gunman.

    Just conviently that a mobbed-up strip club owner silences the gunman acting on his patriotic duty….. RRRRIIIGGGGHHHHTTTT.

    • Good grief, the distance was under 100 yards and while the target was moving it was moving slowly at a shallow angle, requiring no deflection and the first round was already chambered and my grandmother could work the action twice, reacquire the target and get 2 more aimed shots off in under 6 seconds and Oswald had qualified sharpshooter in the Marine Corps.

    • … that he was simultaneously at the sixth-floor window, and also encountered mere seconds later, in the second floor lunchroom, buying a Coke from a vending machine. Warren Committee testimony. Who was he encountered by? A motorcycle cop, who had been in the motorcade, and ran into the Book Depository, and up to the lunchroom, with the building manager.

      • So Oswald has as much time to run down 4 flights of stairs as it took a motorcycle cop to figure out that JFK had been shot, stop and bike stand his bike, run to the book depository and up to the 2nd floor?

        Yeah, sounds about right.


      That’s how the no-information dips here work their “magic”.

  10. Folks let’s face it JFK was shitty president, who’s corrupt father bought him the office. He was a notorious womanizer and dirty MA politician.
    We have JFK to thank for Vietnam.
    The most famous thing he ever did was get shot!
    Eternal flame my ass, his grave’s only deserving of getting danced upon and pissed on. Hope he’s in hell.

    Thank God neither if his brothers or son became president.


  11. Kennedy was assasinated because he was about to sign Executive Order 11110 Which would have taken currency powers away from the Federal reserve.

    • Among many other reasons. Could not the fact that he had decided to “break up the CIA and scatter it into a thousand pieces in the wind” (quote) have something to do with it?

  12. I listen to all the theories. In my own life what I have found to be true, is that the first explanation is usually the right one. The only time it has been incorrect there was an overwhelming amount of clear and defined PROOF that it was wrong. So far in my life I have seen no conclusive evidence that Oswald didn’t make that shot.

  13. I have fired with a rifle at a moving target. The POS rifle Oswald used could not have made the shot (ok, possibly a outstanding, god awful lucky shot). Kennedy was about to be exposed and Camelot was coming apart, too embarrassing, Bay of Pigs, the mob etc, take your pick. Got my tinfoil hat on, 911, Boston Marathon, Benghazi, Syria, etc all plots allowed to happen by one of CIA NSA DISA DOD HOMELAND DEFENSE. Do you really think if we did not have these problems they would have bought off on budget cuts because the threat has been so reduced? If so, I have some Wisconsin lakefront property where the temp never drops below 70 degrees and the beaches are all fine white sand.
    Look up the Tonkin Gulf attack where the navy destroyer captain said it was fake to justify our involvement in Nam.
    It wouldn’t surprise me if the CIA did Benghazi and the Syrian chem attack.
    Yup, putting on a second layer of tinfoil.

  14. In all honesty? I don’t care, it does not concern me.

    Maybe there was a grand conspiracy, maybe not. Not one of us will ever truly know. I have better things to spend time on.

  15. Dyspeptic Gunsmith is right- Dealey Plaza is small, the distance to the target short and the shots are easily doable, even with iron sights. The commie twerp Oswald probably pulled it off.

    • Not a “communist”; provably a double agent.

      Now you’re going to tell me double agents are “tinfoil hat” stuff, you ignoramus.

  16. I suppose. Too much of a lot ‘o sh*t I’m depleted of I suppose. It requires too much trust in the investigators, too much faith in this three named clown’s shooting and too much time to revisit.

  17. Here’s my theory. There was a conspiricy but Oswald himself, while I believe he was the actual shooter, wasn’t in on the conspiracy. I believe that a small number of FBI agents knew of his intentions but were either told to stand down or ordered elsewhere by Hoover himself. The intense dislike between Hoover and the Kennedys was well known and I’m sure Hoover had enough loyal followers in his agency that he could get away with giving such orders without anyone questioning why. From everything I’ve ever read, Hoover seems to have had the power to easily destroy someones life if he chose to do so. I don’t think it’s so far fetched to imagine agents just keeping quiet to save their carreers and personal lives. Just my guess though.

  18. None of us will ever know the truth. It may be out there, but it is so far removed by time, and it is so easy to fake stuff, that even if concrete, hardcopy evidence existed, still some would not believe. At this point, it is more of a “who cares” thing, that I am completely above.

    At this time in my life I choose to engage my mental faculties in more fruitful pursuits, such as the comparative efficacy of 9mm vs. .45, pistol vs. revolver, and machined billet vs. forged.

  19. I’m not a conspiracy nut. However I do not trust the police or government and damn sue know the drive by media out right lies to us constantly. With that all said, How do they know for sure it is the same riffle? Can they see serial numbers? Is there something so unique about said riffle that only 1 existed at that time? Just some food for thought.

    • The DPD said they found a single fingerprint they said was Oswald’s. Under the stock. There were none on the exposed metal of the rifle. It seems likely that the DPD took the rifle to the morgue and got their fingerprint there.

      The three empty cartridge cases (which the DPD called “hulls”) were found under the window, lined up in the same direction, equidistant from from one another. If that’s not fake to you, I don’t know what possibly can be. FRAME-UP.

      • You seem to think fingerprints are common on firearms. They’re not.
        “Sergeant Torpey testified that during his 18 years at the Police Crime Laboratory he had examined more than 500 firearms for fingerprints and had found only one identifiable print.

        Even when the fingerprints are found on firearms, sergeant Torpey said, they are almost always too smudged to be useful. One reason, he said, is that these weapons are likely to be slightly oily, especially if well kept. Another is that the person using the weapon holds it so tightly that the prints are smeared.

        And if the weapon is fired, he added, the jolt smears any prints that might otherwise have been useful. (“Brown Trial is Told Weapons Don’t Give Usable Fingerprints,” New York Times, March 13, 1973)”

        1 out of 500? Pretty lousy odds.

        • You missed my point, so here it is again: THE ONLY fingerprint was found on metal underneath the stock. Not on the furniture, not on the trigger.

          Why would Oswald disassemble a rifle that was woefully bad at hitting anything? There’s no evidence he had even basic tool skills.

          And the pathetic scope was not even remotely zeroed.

          Even in the USMC, he was by far the worst marksman in his unit.

          Misaligned scope. Worst rifle in modern history. Top- Secret military clearance.

          My GOD; it’s worse than trying to explain Forensics 101 to a toothpick.

  20. I remember seeing in a B&W and have been interested in it from time to time. I have no dog in the hunt as I am ambivalent on Kennedy and his clan. The best one blew up in an airplane. They even agreed on that.

    Whether Oswald did it or not will never be know as all of the people that would have been pulling it off if he didn’t are in there 90’s by now or dead.

    This shooting did stop the direct delivery of guns through the mail and the death of his brother helped bring about the machine gun ban. That and Viet Nam running full tilt at the time.

    The only one left now is the girl and I doubt she has the force with her.

  21. So much nonsense, so little time… Look, the only possible way Oswald did not shoot and kill President Kennedy is if President Kennedy was not actually shot and killed. All of the evidence points in one direction only. But of course the buffs will say “It’s a frame job. They’re all in on it!” Really? All of them? Even Ruth Paine?

  22. Oswald was not a very good marksman while in the military, but improved afterward. Customers at a local firing range complained about his inconsiderate behavior prior to the assassination, when he was practicing speed drills, improving his rate of accurate fire. When police marksmen attempted to replicate the needed rate of fire, many (not all) were able to match his speed. Interestingly, left-handed shooters proved more able to produce that rate of fire. They then checked and found that Oswald was indeed a left-handed shooter.

    • This attention-grabbing behavior occurred while Oswald was in Mexico City.


    • There’s a trick to shooting a bolt gun that’s built for righties if you’re a leftie. My brother and one of my best buds were lefties and none of us could find or afford left handed models in the day.

      They could shoot my 03 springfield quite rapidly and accurately with the peep sights. And they could make a bolt action .22 sound like an auto.

  23. And here I go arguing with someone who picks a screen name memorializing a greedy coward who sat on drunks to suffocate them…

    Why oh why would Oswald ever disassemble his rifle? Cleaning? Storage? Transportation? No, couldn’t be any of those, why he didn’t even have basic tool skills. Never mind the only tool he’d need to dis- and reassemble it would be one thin dime.

    Worst in his unit? So what? He scored a 212 (sharpshooter) in ’56 and a 191 (marksman) in ’59 when he was dissatisfied with the service and looking to get out.
    Obviously there was no time at all for him to practice in the next 4 years to make what is a bafflingly easy shot.
    Seriously the final shot is only 88 yards. He probably didn’t even use the scope.
    But if you really need to believe Oswald the worst shooter in the world, fine. Out of 3 shots he only hit his moving target twice. He really sucks.
    Worst rifle in modern history? Maybe, too bad all those fellows buried in North and East Africa didn’t have you there to tell them they had nothing to fear.

    And it was you my elderly-smothering friend that missed the point.

      • Then your parents failed you in more than merely neglecting the teaching of critical thinking skills.

        And I hope everyone else sees how when confronted with reasoning (snarky though it is) the Conspiracy Theorist lashes out with invective. It never seeks to really prove it’s point, instead it seeks to bully any opposition into silence.

  24. I’m not into the conspiracy thing, but to make the claim that the photo of him holding that gun proves he shot JFK is akin to saying a picture of a guy with his junk hanging out is proof that he raped a woman.

    • I confined myself to facts. The forensics experts didn’t cite the picture as proof that Oswald fired the shot, they cited it as proof that Oswald possessed that particular gun long before the assassination.

      Mr. Burke, thank you for clarifying the location in which Oswald’s rifle practice occurred. Not having given it much thought lately, I assumed that the complainants were more local.

  25. Anyone or ones who still think that Oswald did anything is as stupid as they come- On YouTube I have re-posted a 40 minute video clearly showing the Limo driver turning and shooting Kennedy in the face as Mrs Kennedy tries to comfort him in her shock at his first wounding- The CIA driver finished Kennedy off and there is no further question and any one saying different or suggesting anything different is a NWO lying scum Nazi- westhmpsn on YouTube go see for yourself FOOLS! The Media whores are lying like a rug and will say anything for their masters with the check book-

    • The only problem with your statement is the fact that you think the Zapruder film shows anything clearly. I watched scrambled porn on Cinemax when I was a kid that had a clearer picture.

      • Matt didn’t anyone clue you in on how to unscramble the cable signal ? See you have to get a piece of tin foil and hold it a certain way to shield the cable box channel changer.

    • Just to be fair I watched the film on youtube that supposedly shows the driver killing Kennedy. The one thing that stands out is the shield between the drivers compartment and the kennedy compartment. A shield that looks intact and unbroken.

      Unless the driver used a star trek type ray gun, he didn’t kill kennedy.

  26. Did what? Report the conspiracy (that he infiltrated as a PROVED FBI informant) to his handler, who reported it to Hoover.

    Why yes, he did.

  27. You really think if this was a setup to incriminate Oswald, that they’d let him even get out of the building?
    Let alone shoot a cop?

    • He didn’t shoot Ofc. Tippitt. There was not nearly enough time for him to get from his rooming house to where Tippitt was shot. The timeline includes his landlady seeing him in the room he rented from her at a specific time.

      Plus, some of the shell casings did not match Oswald’s gun. A couple did, but the others did not.

      And yet people who were not born at the time, and have never done one iota of research still think they know more about it than I do.

      You do not.

      And a witness described a shooter that fit the description of Jack Ruby much more than Oswald. This was part of the frame-up of Oswald. I’ve done the research. You should do the same.

  28. I strongly believe that the vast majority of conspiracy theorists are people who have first, never owned a Carcano model 91/38 rifle; second, generally have little experience with rifles; third, have never visited 6th floor of the TSBD and looked out the window where Oswald’s gun was found; and fourth, generally distrust government.

    The shots that hit JFK were at distances of only 58 and 88 yards. The consensus opinion of experts is that Oswald had approximately 8.3 seconds to fire his 3 shots, and he missed on the first shot. His marksmanship has been duplicated many, many times in less than 8 seconds. They are all over youtube. Using Oswald’s rifle, one specialist who worked with Warren Commission firearms expert Ronald Simmons in 1963, hit targets at 58 and 80 yards, while missing the 88 yard target high, in only 4.45 seconds—using only the rifle’s open, or iron, sights. And this specialist accomplished this having never even fired the rifle before.

    All WWII Carcano 91/38 rifles, when issued, had iron sights that were sighted at 200 yards by the Italians who produced them. They all shoot high at 100 yards, usually about 8 inches high, more or less. With the limo moving slowly away, this worked to Oswald’s favor. Many experienced shooters could make these shots with open sights in 8.3 seconds and a little practice beforehand. And remember, Oswald scored 48 and 49 out of 50–at 200 yards–while shooting rapid fire as a motivated new USMC recruit in 1956. Only his scores at 300 and 500 yards kept him from being qualified as “expert” in 1956. He still scored marksman in 1959 when he was disillusioned with the USMC, was a few months shy of defecting to the USSR, and did not care how he shot according to his Marine friend Sgt. Delgado. When motivated, Oswald could shoot, and he could shoot very well.

    Ultimately, all evidence points to Oswald, and the simplest explanation is most often the correct one.

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