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California’s “Gunpocolypse” was more enough to send former Golden state residents and gun owners across the state lines. Oregon’s governor says “not so fast.”  Apparently, Kate Brown (no relation to California governor Jerry Brown) doesn’t want gun owners in Oregon either, and she’s going to use her executive privileges to prove it.

Propping herself up using the same propaganda spewed by the media and California politicians (who have exempted themselves from the laws they forced on civilians) Brown surrounded herself with armed guards and said in a statement . . .

We . . . understand that we face more than an epidemic of gun violence. If we want to end violence, we must fight ignorance and desperation. I am taking immediate action and will use my executive authority to strengthen existing Oregon law.

According to . . .

Brown looks to take advantage of current state statutes by directing the Oregon State Police to keep firearm transaction records for a full five-year period, combined with any trace data from the (ATF) as well as any other data collected as evidence to build the most complete database she can under the widest possible interpretation of existing statutes.

The unelected Ms. Brown used her “executive privileges” — an offensive term as the voters of Oregon didn’t elect her to order the Oregon Health Authority to waste tax dollars for “gun violence research.” Any gun owner who pays attention can figure out where that one’s headed. She’s going to use the “research” to “prove” Oregon needs stronger handgun laws.

Anti-gunners are easy to predict. All states that have draconian gun laws follow the same path. Is there any hope in these states getting their rights back? I used to think so, but now I’m not confident.

H/T [Firearms Policy Coalition]

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  1. Isn’t this in direct violation of federal law? I know that laws mean nothing to the government at this point but there has to be something that matters.

    • Like they care? It’s part of the plan, do unconstitutional crap like that and drag it out for years in the courts. If overturned, they will still celebrate that at least for that time frame they got their way.

      Anyone wanna lay odds at the end of the 5 years those records will live forever?

      • The Statist procedure is as follows:

        1. Write a law that you know up front is unconstitutional, but accomplishes your needs/desires.
        2. Wait for someone willing and financially able to challenge that law in court.
        3. Drag out the court proceedings as long as possible with legal maneuverings and the deep pockets of state prosecutors.
        4. If the final appeals rule against you, use the EXACT wording of the final ruling to go back to the legislature and carefully parse the re-written law to address those specific issues in the narrowest possible way that will pass legal muster.
        5. Wash/rinse/repeat.

    • Vhyrus,

      Federal law prohibits states from instituting new programs to register firearms. Programs for registration that have been on the books for 40+ years are still good to go.

      • Hmm… I’m not sure about that. California started registering long gun serial numbers in 2014.

      • Federal law only prohibits federal agencies from building gun owner databases. States are free to do whatever they want. California has been registering handguns purchased (new or used) since the early ’90s, and long guns since 1/1/13. And since all transfers must be conducted through an FFL, that means all firearms sales are recorded by the DOJ. Moreover, under recently passed legislation, owners of unserialized firearms that are not C&R eligible will be required to obtain serial numbers from the State DOJ and inscribe them on the firearm, which apparently includes pistols and long guns. All AR/AK rifles obtained since the 1989 State AW ban will be required to be registered as “assault weapons.” Sadly, there is no violation of federal law.

        • “And since all transfers must be conducted through an FFL, that means all firearms sales are recorded by the DOJ”

          Is that what it means? If you forget to go to an FFL, how would they know a sale had occurred? What if nobody had told you that you had to go to an FFL? What if you went to an FFL, but you don’t remember who it was, and he apparently lost the paperwork? This kinda shit is unenforceable, anybody who complies is volunteering for slavery, does not get to complain when even stupider rules are imposed. I think “that means all firearm sales are SUPPOSED to be recorded by the DOJ”. Except government has always been incompetent, for example, my sale was recorded but the DOJ lost the paperwork/erased the registration in order to advance their frivolous prosecution of me and my innocent friends. Do not buy this crap, folks!

        • Well, of course that is the plan. LAWFUL gun owners are expected to follow the law and REGISTER. Anyone that does is INSANE! The “universal background check” is just the next stepping stone in the gun grabbers agenda. Say by Hitlery’s second term in 2010, the socialists declare that all GUNZ that are not registered are ILLEGAL! Then all they have to do is TAX gunz out of existence (say $5,000 per gun per year TAX) or just CONFISCATE THEM! Otherwise, how will the good nanny state KNOW if I sold citizen b a 5 shot ILLEGAL S&W revolver that is 50 years old? The only course of action is to REFUSE TO FOLLOW AN UNJUST LAW! There aren’t enough cops to bust down doors to confiscate gunz. RESIST! MOLON LABE!

  2. And this will embolden other states to turn even more statist.

    Herr Bloomie is licking his billionaire chops at the possibilities of this tactic…

    • Yes they will….. You can run from California, but California will find you where ever you go. Stay, fight, keep the fight here.

  3. The people of the state of Oregon should force their legislature to remove the budget for the security detail that protects her.
    If they don’t they deserve the state of slavery that will ensue.

    I could be wrong but the I think does have the ability to recall all legislatures, including the governor.

      • I don’t think she’s after 2A per se. She has even said that while she doesn’t agree with Heller, she would not seek to overturn it. She has made it clear she doesn’t think 2A is an impediment to gun restrictions, and Obama and some of the states have given her proof that she may be right. As I’ve always said, it will be “the death of a thousand cuts” not a direct attack on 2A.

  4. On behalf of California I apologize for letting the cancer spread. I didn’t create it, but I apologize for it.

    • No need to apologize, you had zero input on the matter.

      Besides, that’s the kind of self-loathing the Progressives are known for… 🙂

    • The California cancer started back in the 70’s and became more aggressive in the 90s. Just look at Bend Oregon in the 1980’s compared to now. Good luck affording a home there on the non-existent jobs in Oregon. I have a feeling I won’t return to Oregon when I retire. It will look nothing like the state I left and won’t respect my rights. I’ll probably also be a paper felon with evil black guns and 30 round assault clips.

      • Bend is a mini California. Go north a bit to Prineville. Much cheaper and the people are nice.

        • The west side of bend is. The east side still works for a living for the most part.

        • Prineville isn’t so cheap anymore either. I wish the Californians would either move to Idaho or at least stop trying to make every place they move to like the place they left. I was amused at how happy our neighbors in Bend were when we said we moved from Beaverton.
          I need to donate to OFF before more Bloomberg crap hits our fan.

    • No need, really; a recall would take longer than just waiting until November elections. Perhaps then her term of un-elected tyranny can end.

  5. This was all too predictable once California and Massachusetts went all Marxist on gun control. Until the people in one of these states rise up in opposition to the denial of their rights, other petty tyrants will jump on the domino effect.

    • The problem you have is a chicken or the egg sort of thing. The reason these sorts of things happen in states like California and Massachusetts is because there are not enough people to stand up and oppose it. The pro gun people are vastly outnumbered by the no gun people and the politicians know it.

      Any “revolution” would be done by a single digit percentage of the existing gun owners – say 2% -3% if history is any guide. That small a number of revolutionaries would be easily crushed, killed, or imprisoned by the police forces and said revolution would end quickly.

      The simple fact is that if we want to keep gun rights we need more people who favor them than oppose them. I hate to say it but the courts and even the Constitution are no protection. “Shall not be infringed” means exactly what the local legislatures and gun hating courts want to decide it means and only a voting majority will keep things from getting worse.

      States like MA, CA, NJ, etc. are forever lost. More will be lost too as time goes on. Ultimately, true gun rights will only exist in those few states that the liberals have no interest moving to. Even Florida and Texas will eventually fall with the influx of liberals as will those states in the Northeast where gun rights still exist – VT, NH, and ME.

      • You may note that the demtards are “seeding” most of their lawless “immigrants”/”refugees” into areas that are not now demtard controlled.

    • Few people vote on the basis of gun rights, let alone rise up. It’s the rights that gun rights protect that matter. That’s why the government need to eradicate gun rights first.

      Once gun rights are gone, they can go after all the pesky rights that do affect people day to day. By then, though, the electoral deck will have been stacked with perpetual liberal 3rd world alien voters, so no electoral recourse will be available.

    • I certainly hope that I don’t see a civil war in my lifetime. But right now things aren’t looking good. How do I know this. Well the government seems to be worried that the citizenry has to many rights. And they, the liberal DemoCRAPS, and there EU Globalist masters are definitely running a ramapage over our US Constitutional-Bill of Rights. If things don’t turn around in a positive light for America. I see a tough time up ahead. We the people must wake up , restore freedom, life, liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Something that appears to be lacking for many Americans. Except Hillary ” Benghazi ” Clinton–*who is above the law*, and her fellow collaborators.

  6. “Is there any hope in these states getting their rights back?”

    Elections have consequences..unfortunately, if you live in a state that loves totalitarians, you’re screwed.

  7. “If we want to end violence, we must fight ignorance and desperation.”

    She punched herself in the face after saying that right?

  8. Hitler pulled this same crap. It didn’t end so well for him and his followers.

    BTW, I grew up in Oregon. I moved to Arizona several years ago. It is depressing to see Oregon turn fascist. I am happy not to be behind enemy lines anymore, though.

    • It didn’t end so well for for Eurp. Fortunate for them the US bailed their marxist butts out. Who is it that is going to assist us in fixing our stupidity?

    • Ultimately it took an alliance of foreign nations to stop Hitler. And, arguably, if the US didn’t participate, it might well have come out differently. Historically people have fled to the west when totalitarians take over (if they are lucky enough to have been able to do so). But totalitarians already have a strong hold on Europe, and are gaining ground here. I don’t think we can count on anyone coming to save us.

  9. Review the comments above and you’ll see a major weakness amongst gun rights people. “The people of Oregon….” . What did Americans say when the japanese attacked Pearl Harbor? That’s a problem for the Hawiians to handle?

    It’s like the potg don’t even consider themselves Americans anymore.

    An assault against the rights of one American is an assault against the rights of us all.

    As for CA. I’ll keep preaching the truth. If you want to protect freedom in Arizona, Idaho, Florida, etc. you need to defeat tyranny in CA.

    Running from that fact only condemns you and yours to tyranny.

    The only moving in America should be by millions of gun owners to CA.

    • Nope. Why would I move to a State where I instantly become a criminal just for bringing my legal posessions with me? Unfortunately, I am too busy being vigillant in Texas to move behind enemy lines to California. I lived there once, I’ll never go back. I applaud the Cali Resistance, and I give money to CalGuns, but I am busy defending my homefront.

      The only hope for Cali, such as it is, is at the Federal level *shudder*.

    • Explain how the rest of us are supposed to help Oregon? Donate money to organizations that are out gunned and out manned? Complain to the DOJ? The only firewall there is is the SCOTUS and that’s divided right now. If She gets in we are all screwed including oregon.

    • “It’s like the potg don’t even consider themselves Americans anymore.”

      You’re right. They don’t, but it’s only because they aren’t.

      America is over. All that’s left is the next generation or two of inescapable reality to prove it beyond all rational denial. The sooner we all realize that and reposition ourselves respectively into New America and Old America territory, the surer we can be of a peaceful, legal dissolution of the nation.

      • I see you get it too, Jonathan.

        JWM – you are one selfish bastard. I wouldn’t piss on California if it was on fire. Which it probably is..

        • You’re willing to let your nation die so that you can move up a notch or two on the pecking order in your trailer park and I’m the selfish bastard?

          And if America is balkanized how long before China, Russia or even Mexico moves in to pick the carcass? You’ll have real freedom then, you deep thinker, you.

        • Me move to your trailer park? Now that’s deep thinking.

          You’re a grown ass man. One has to take the good with the bad of any place one chooses to live.

          Me. Free state. Weather sucks. You. Slave state. Great weather.

          No thanks. I chose a free state for a reason.

          Quit your infernal whining and make your choices and live with them.

        • Yep, Jwm is selfish by fighting for gun rights in an anti-gun state, while you are morally superior for doing jack sh!t in a pro gun state. Gun owners everywhere could really use more people like you to…do what? Make fun of other gun owners? Tell Oregonians to go pound sand? Can you even be bothered to vote pro gun in this election or will that be too much work for you?

          You guys are great friends. To anti-gunners. They love your disdain. United gun owners might actually accomplish something, while people like you can be enemies to everyone except maybe your drinking buddies in your neck of the woods. God forbid gun owners across the nation stand together when there’s mocking to be done.

    • jwm,

      I’m with you. There are frankly a bunch of idiots on TTAG who think solidarity is foolish. How do I fight gun control in another state?!

      Join the FPC. Write letters. Call confess critters. Support recalls. Support pro gun candidates in other states. Support Trump.

      Do I put my money where my mouth is? Yes. Thousands of dollars worth. To Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, Scott Walker, the NRA, FPC, Calguns, the Colorado recall campaign, etc.

      If Hillary wins, gun rights everywhere are no longer safe. She’ll pack the courts and yammer on like Obama after every mass shooting. How do you think she plans on “standing up to the NRA?”

      So I’ll stand with Oregon. Again. Because I’m a gun rights advocate, not someone who bashes people from other states.

      • Go piss up a rope Accur. You are just another command-bellowing badge wearing statist that would collect my gun to keep your big pension. You live among Progressives, you live by their rules. California and NYC are soon to be joined by Oregon as the most self-centered locations on the planet. These places don’t give a shit about flyover country, where the rest of us live. Expect the same back. Just because we both have an interest in firearms don’t mean we live by your rules.

        • 8 years, pond avenue, rabbit ears, gray man etc. Your trolly has jumped the rails. It would seem you’er having a full blown physchotic episode. Been a while in coming, but pretty predictable. What with you jumping from thread to thread and name to name in your intense hatred of me and formerwaterwalker. You won’t say what name it was you were using a couple of years ago when i supposedly clashed with you.

          But you write very much in the style of crazy matt the proud rascist from Illinois. You’ve claimed to have moved. Did you give up your section 8 housing?

        • Next 8,

          Hey genius, I’m fighting so that you don’t have to live by CA rules. Even if you’re an ungrateful jerk, I’ll still keep fighting. I don’t come here to bark commands, I come here to be pro gun. And I leave here pro gun.

          Maybe that’s not good enough for you, but guess what? I don’t answer to you. I’ve broken bread with other TTAG members and will continue to do so. Perhaps I’ll get fired for my political beliefs, because I actually have the stones to oppose the statism in my surroundings.

          If you don’t want to support people like me, that’s fine. Just don’t consider yourself a gun rights advocate when you contribute nothing and risk nothing.

  10. They had and still have the same problem in Colorado. There was an article somewhere I read years ago about the Californication of either Colorado or Montana. Celebrities and others moving there.

    The good part about them moving to Montana is that they last about one winter, then run away.

      • Jesus, they’re like locusts. And the state is doing everything it can to get more of them to come here.

        Pretty much every camping spot in the Front Range or even out as far as the Central mountains is completely overrun by those assholes. They camp in illegal spots, start illegal fires and generally trash the place. Then they go back to Boulder or Denver and talk about how “green” they were over the weekend. The rich ones even bring giant RV’s so that they can get all natural in comfort while blasting shitty music and smoking weed by the oz. Of course if they see a gun they wet themselves right before they jump in a vehicle and drive to find cell signal so they can call the cops.

        What does the state do? They grade and pave the roads out to what used to be fairly remote spots just so these jackasses can get their Prius out into nature. Ugh.

  11. Government doesn’t do anything for the benefit of anyone or anything other than government. It’s that simple.

    Lefties can decry the “savage and selfish nature of the free market” but what that really comes down to is people looking out for #1 and by extension their family. That’s a trait of people. Government has the same “savage and selfish nature” as the market the Lefties claim to hate because government is made up of people. The difference is that while the market tends to be fair and free government has the added advantage of accumulating power for itself, especially a monopoly on “legal” violence, which gives it a decided advantage.

  12. Guess what Oregon’s murder rate is? 2 per 100k. Thats European socialist utopia gun ban levels for a state that has had very few gun restrictions until recently.

  13. My hippie, pot-smoking, tree spiking brother lives in OR. I have always thought of it as “North California.” They might as well make it official.

  14. The Liberal Progressive cancer is spreading because those leaving the States already ruined by the LPStatists do not recognize or understand that the politics they carry with them are the cause of the very problems that drive them out of their original State. Kind of a “Typhoid Mary” syndrome. Further, the far left Democrats are committed to taking political office and imposing their anti traditional America agenda on the new States they seek to control (and ruin). Oregon, Washington, Colorado and Nevada are already infected. The metaphor of disease infection might seem extreme, but the disease is in the minds and beliefs of the infected, and by the time you recognize the “symptoms” it may already be too late.

    As jwm so rightly says above, “An assault against the rights of one American is an assault against the rights of us all.”

    I don’t think there has been a time in U. S. history when this was more true because nowadays it is being done with deliberate, intentional calculation. It has come to this because too many Americans bought the corollary propaganda meme “It cannot happen here!” Hard facts prove that is Bovine Scatology.

    • We are about to find out if the American male has any real bragging rights over the european male. And judging by some of the comments above we may be as doomed as them.

      • Such a whiny narcissist. Evidenced by the childish name-calling whenever your wants, needs and desires aren’t reinforced by every commentor. You can shove California up your rear end for all I care.

        • I don’t know what your fucking problem is, bubboy, but take your own advice and then STFU!

        • DerryM. The way he’s trying to split the POTG into camps, divide and conquer is a tactic, you’d think he was working for bloomberg or soros.

      • Agreed! We Americans are doing such a fine job of bickering and fighting among ourselves over silly-ass stuff that it’s hard to believe we have the same future our ancestors had. We have lost sight of what it means to be an American and will pay a terrible price.

      • @jwm, I agree. We Americans are doing such fine job of bickering and fighting over silly-ass stuff because we have lost sight of what it means to be an American. I do not think we can hope to have the same future as our ancestors did.

        • Great, another narcissist who feels all Americans should live their lives according only to his version of the American Dream. If Americans want to move to another state, they can. If they want to live as Progressives, they can. If they want to run for office, they can. As long as it’s all legal, who am I to stand in the way. I will freely choose to live in an area I am happy in, including the politics. I’ve moved twice now in order to escape a way of life around me that I didn’t care for. You Left Coast morons can fight the Kardashians of this country. But nobody is moving out there to help you. Talk about a lost cause.

  15. De-ratify the Constitution first idiots, then secede, and we will get our Country’s real estate back.

  16. Native Oregonian here, this enacted July…15th or 18th? I don’t remember but somewhere in that time. So she did this because now it makes sb941 enforceable. Ok, well my biggest concern for 2017 is her agenda to ban high capacity magazines and types of guns. Being this is my home state it hurts…what’s more troublesome is Oregon is getting overwhelmed with shithead progressives. No matter how proactive I am, a lot of Democrats are fine turning the other cheek and a lot of gun owners aren’t aware. Some don’t care. If any other Oregonians are reading this, go join off. Oregon firearms federation. I can’t speak on behalf for them, but I feel they have the passion to help people get the courage to not comply. If a ban happens I want to know people will band together and not comply. I will not comply. I complied with and will keep complying with sb941. (This is my decision). However, once any bill or order is signed that attempts to take away any of my guns and tells me what magazines I can’t have, I will not comply.

    I feel as if we don’t have, nationally speaking, anyone like Charlton Heston anymore. I miss him and we need a man like him again.

    From my cold dead hands, Kate brown!

    • SB914 is already unenforceable. If they somehow figure out that you don’t have a gun you should just tell them that you sold it over a year ago, the statute of limitations is only a year for a first time offender. Then you can hire the cheapest attorney you know and default back to them. Or if you can’t claim it’s been a year then you hire the most expensive attorney you know and claim that you sold it over state lines making it a federal issue that you should be able to worm your way out of if they actually care to prosecute something. All of this is of course assuming that you don’t own a boat, in which case they were clearly lost in the middle of the deepest lake you know of. The law sucks, plain and simple, it’s not designed to work it’s designed to be a step towards more. If it actually worked they couldn’t ask for more.

  17. Hahaha…we didn’t elect her we she inherited her gig from a corrupt Democrat who was surprisingly okay. The best part about this is that we already maintain all records for five years, this is just political theater. Looking back just one year you could count us as one of the most least restricted states as far as guns go now we have universal bcs and whatever they shove through the next couple years thanks to just one or two politicians.

  18. Get her to watch those vids from two articles up on ‘why carry cocked and locked’ and maybe she’ll open her eyes on how bad it can get and how fast it can happen

  19. “We . . . understand that we face more than an epidemic of gun violence.”

    So an epidemic is not enough, we have “more” than that? What is “more than an epidemic”? A pandemic? And if it is a pandemic, why should the governor of Oregon care what happens in the other 49 states? [This is of course to say nothing of the fact that the crime rate in Oregon is very low, and the fact that “gun violence” is also at or near all time lows. But facts don’t matter.]

  20. I live in WA. Am I worried? HELL YES. Our governor is an anti gun pussy just like the rest. He’ll surely jump on board with the rest of the scum. That’s why I’ve been on a rifle buying binge the likes of which is delighting my local gun shop. If things get really really bad, I’m outta here. Will move to Montana or Wyoming. Of course no guarantees things wont go bad there either. At some point we must shed some blood. The tree of liberty must be refreshed….

  21. I’m seeing a theme here. Every time a state loses some gun rights, many TTAG commenters say “Just move to a free state!” Then another state loses gun rights, same thing.

    At this rate, we’ll run out of free states within a decade.

    That’s good advice, telling people to run away…

  22. She’s the one that had the OSP murder Lavoy Finnicum for Clinton and the Russian Uranium Cartel

  23. Oregon is not so nordkorea / hardcore communistics as commifornia is and thats good

    best regard

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