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Oregon Sheriff Mike Winters somehow got it into his head that someone with a medical marijuana license holder shouldn’t have a concealed carry handgun license. When Winters denied Cynthia Willis the license, she appealed his decision and won. The state then appealed to the Court of Appeals (as one does)—and lost. So Ms. Willis is [still] free to pack heat. “Portland attorney Leland Berger, who represents Willis and three others in the state who also have been denied concealed handgun permits, said the decision is a victory for marijuana cardholders throughout the state. ‘It means the sheriffs in Oregon will no longer be able to discriminate against patients,’ Berger said . . . He said the handgun permit denial by Winters and other sheriffs is a result of their opposition to the medical marijuana law, rather than over any real issue with the weapons permit.” Huh?

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  1. What Lee means is that the sheriffs are frustrated that the law allows medical use and take it out on patients by trying to deny their 2d Amendment rights. They don't deny permits to people with 'scripts for Valium, Oxycodone, Vicodin etc. Why medical marijuana?

  2. I wish media would QUIT using POT in the head lines. Call it what is IS.

    Medical Marijuana. I think it's discriminatory.

    words like "pot" and "stoned" are okay for fun, illegal use, back alleys, etc.

    But for thousands of Medical Marijuana Patients, it IS their medicine.

    It is used for medical reasons. Patients don't get "stoned", any more than

    taking an allergy pill. People on caffeine don't get "high", either.

  3. Why do we in the medical community not call cannabis by it's given name instead of the Mexican slang word for this wonderful herb?Marijuana is not what it really is. Do we really need to push every thing in such a way that it give people a way to reject us?WHY NOT USE ITS GIVEN NAME? Instead of a name that drags up bad connotations against it?


  4. Thank you to Kay and all of the other wonderful activists here in Oregon who have supported my actions during this trying time.

    It is time to move medical marijuana, or cannabis if you prefer, issues and benefits forward.

    Anyone choosing to have an adult conversation regarding OMMP and/or this fine ruling by the Oregon Court of Appeals is welcome to call me at 541-301-8706.

  5. I've just returned from my appointment to have my CHL renewed by the Douglas County Sheriff's Department in Roseburg, Oregon. My application for renewal of my CHL was denied because "during your background check it was determined that you are a patient and grower for your self and that you have a prescription for the medical use of marijuana pursuant to the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act." The letter which was issued upon request, upon payment of the renewal fee, states correctly that on the application I stated that I do not use marijuana, which is a correct statement up and to this point since I have been waiting to receive my card from the State of Oregon.

    Apparently the concept of "innocent until proven guilty" is beyond the grasp of the Douglas County Sheriff's Department; I've been deemed a "criminal" for merely applying for my Oregon Medical Marijuana Card! The letter also states that I am now federally prohibited from even owning a firearm, so much for the 2nd Amendment.

    So much for doing things legally, I suppose that if I wanted to medicate myself with cannabis and maintain my CHL for the State of Oregon, perhaps I should have done so without obtaining a license from the state to do so; then I wouldn't find myself in a database which is (apparently) going to be used by government agencies to deem citizens as criminals without cause nor legal process.

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