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Apparently breaking into residences and victimizing innocent people can work up an appetite in a fugitive on the run. Terry Lee Martz was feeling a might peckish on Saturday while carrying out a broad daylight home invasion at a residence in the eastern Oregon town Ontario.

Martz let himself into the home on Saturday around noon where a woman was reading in the living room and a man was outside in a shed. When the man came into the house, he found Martz pointing a gun at him…and demanding a sandwich.

It isn’t clear what else Martz wanted, but it wasn’t anything good. After feeding the felon, the homeowner asked for permission to check on his wife who, it’s safe to assume, was shaken up by the experience. She probably had no idea at the time that the man who was holding the two of them at gunpoint was on Idaho’s most wanted list for a parole violation for kidnapping, rape and sexual abuse of a minor.

Sensing an opportunity, the homeowner then asked for permission to check on their “house guest” in another room. Martz was gullible (or dumb) enough to say yes. That gave the man a chance to grab a shotgun.

According to . . .

The district attorney reports that the men got into a physical struggle while holding their guns and, during that time, the shotgun was discharged.

That struck Martz near the side of his chest, and enabled the residents to restrain and disarm him.

They then called police, who responded with paramedics. According to the district attorney, at last confirmation, Martz was expected to survive the gunshot wound.

shotgun muzzle flash blast

The two homeowners were unhurt.

“The victims are fine in that situation, which is kind of a big deal,” said Undersheriff Travis Johnson in a phone interview on Monday.

Yes. Yes it is.

One of the easiest things you can do to increase your safety is to keep your doors locked. That’s not something that many of us are used to if we live outside of metropolitan areas, but as Malheur County Undersheriff Travis Johnson helpfully notes . . .

“It’s a hard habit to get into locking your door all the time and, really, the bottom line is most of us are very safe in our homes, even with the doors unlocked throughout day. But for safety reasons, obviously, if you lock your door, it makes it harder for people to get in,” the undersheriff said, adding, “These situations are pretty uncommon, but becoming more common.”

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    • TommyGNR,

      Absolutely! Always!
      Whether or not the doors are locked.
      Whether or not the alarm is set.

    • This, to the infinite power. At least 1, possibly more within arms reach, minimum, at all times. Also leave the safe open if viable when at home for faster access. How I roll.

    • Absolutely. I carry the same at home as anywhere else. It’s helped me grow comfortable with my gun on me and I am in complete control of it at all times. No need to leave a loaded gun somewhere unattended and unlocked that my kids may get or have to deal with getting into a safe and loading a gun during an emergency. The little pistol on my hip will do just nicely.

    • Always, if you have on pants them you have on a belt, if you have a belt you have your holster on there. If that is the case then you always carry.

  1. “These situations are pretty uncommon, but becoming more common.”

    Which situation would that be… the thousands of home invasions and violent crimes daily in the nation or that a hungry criminal breaks in and wants a sandwich too?

  2. Don’t be greedy, let them have every round in the shotgun! I was in fear of my life, I just kept pulling the trigger till it wouldn’t fire anymore!

    • Well, unless you’re “into” 4 or 6 gauge “punt guns”, I guess it is!

      Shot a 10 ga. several times at my uncle’s ranch. Kicks MUCH harder than a 12.

      But small caliber is in the eye of the beholder. I personally find .45acp a nice “working” caliber. Some might argue a 50AE is a small caliber (not me). Had a Walther PPK .380 years ago, and always felt that was sub-optimal for self-defense. Be curious how they do now, with modern defensive ammunition.

    • Perp’s just lucky he wasn’t shot with a high powered military 9MM round. Would have blown his lung straight out of the body

      • If the homeowner would have used a .223/5.56 MSR it would have vaporized the body so no mess to clean up.

        • well obviously the AR shoots heat seeking bullets that explode when they hit the body. That’s why you can’t use them as hunting rifles. I know because Michael Moore said so

    • At closer ranges it can make a hole in you the size of a softball! How big a hole do YOU need in a perp?

  3. As always, I love a story with a happy ending. Would have been better if the crook had checked into the morgue, but this is good. Unless some Soros prosecutor releases the bad guy on personal recognizance?

  4. Anyone who DOESNT keep the home locked up and have something close to hand obviously hasn’t been paying any attention! OR they believe it won’t happen to them.

  5. Well, wounding is better than nothing, but he might have done us all a favor, and made the “taxpayer relief shot”.

    Interesting twist on “Woman, make me a sammich!!”, isn’t it??

  6. Around here a sandwich for any univited guest includes numerous rounds of apetizing Hornady Critical Defense.

  7. Eastern Oregon?
    Isn’t that the part of the state that wants to split form western Or and join Idaho?
    Very RED part of the state.

    • Yes, eastern Oragone is conservative. I have several cousins who grew up there. They have nothing good to say about western parts and Portland in particular.

      Eastern is a nice place to visit, Portland not so much.

  8. I’m guessing the homeowner didn’t use OObuck? Too bad…🙄 Where’s our resident trolls with “he was just hungry” tripe?!? I home carry & have several firearms,axes,knives,machete and baseball bat at the ready…

  9. Why a “physical struggle?” Don’t give him the chance! Your life is already in danger. End the threat BEFORE he has the chance to have a “physical struggle.” Where would you and your wife be if the perp had WON that “physical struggle?”

  10. Save the tax payers money and make it the final shot for him. Then you will not have a repeat offender. Case closed for him!!!!!

  11. Best headline I’ve seen in quite a while!

    Perp sounds like a dangerous professional criminal. Can I assume he’s out with no bail?



  13. I was not there but i wonder how the home owner after returning with the shotgun ended up in a physical fight with the perp.

  14. Cameras, dogs and a gun either on me or right next to me ALWAYS. All I can say is try me. See where it gets them.
    I put a guy away for 1° Aggravated Murder which got him LWOP. The Washington Supreme Court recently ruled that you can’t give 18-20 year olds LWOP because….you know, their brains are developed. So now that sociopath killer is getting out. GREAT!! He kidnapped a kid and took him up on Mica Peak and shot him in the head five times.
    Just Google Christopher Blystone.

  15. This homeowner/victim was fortunate that the home invader was so gullible. This incident could easily have ended tragically for the victims.

    Long before EDC became a “thing”, long before I received my CCW (1994), I practiced EDC whenever and wherever legal to do so. Living in an urban, low crime environment taught my family to (mostly) keep our doors locked. 70+ years later, I

    think small, pocket pieces are made for EDC at home as well as at the mall, grocery, restaurants, neighborhood walks, etc. I have several examples, with both pocket and IWB holsters, and use them interchangeably depending on my wardrobe choices.

    It would be much easier to list the places I don’t regularly carry than the places I do. My home is definitely on the latter list. If that makes me paranoid, so be it. It just might also keep me alive.

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