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William Kiger brings us “Orange Life” as our everyday carry of the day, courtesy of Everyday Carry.

Yes, Mr. Kiger loves orange.  Maybe because he works as a public safety professional.

He describes his gear thusly:

Daily Off Duty carry. Not inclusive list as I try to carry a few dollars of change/cash. A small thumb drive is normally with me. My backpack is always in the vehicle with additional items. My light wasn’t pictured and is a Surefire Tactician with shockcord lanyard. Keys, still trying to reach a happy median with bulk of keys.

A couple of things: I see it looks as though he’s done some hand stipling on his GLOCK’s grip. If done well, this really anchors the gun in one’s hand. Blood, water, sweat all won’t get in the way of a solid grip. On the other hand, it’s not something you want to take on a 1000- or 1500-round course over a few days.

Then again, if you’re doing a mod like this on your carry G19, you’ve probably got a couple more in the closet back home.

Some of our readers can help me…  Everyday Carry doesn’t specify what sort of red-dot optic he has mounted. Is it a Trijicon RMR? Anyone have any real experience shooting with those?

Obviously he has a light on the gun – or at least his JM Custom AIWB holster is configured for an integral light.

It’s just all that orange! No doubt everyone knows whose stuff is his if he leaves something on a table somewhere.


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  1. Lefty appendix carry, a truly rare bird. (Is AIWB why he carries the TQ? LOL.)

    Color coordination freaks me out. Now, I’m going to go change my shoes.

  2. my only complaint about a red dot site on a daily carry gun, is that if you dont keep the cover on it, it tends to get pretty dirty, pretty fast.

    • Also, for this gun, if the red dot fails, for whatever reason, the standard height irons wont help. One of my buddies shoots left handed. BTW, I like the orange theme.

  3. Maybe the safety orange is to distract his antagonists attention from his draw and presentation.

    • Tongue in cheek. Guessing EMS. Love you guys. Unarmed and in the thick of it. Always knew you had my back.

  4. Paaleeease,,,, It’s Blood Sweat and Tears. …. So orange is the new color for black ,,,gunz.

  5. An affinity for orange is often a symptom of membership on … just sayin’ 😀

    As for the RMR failing or getting dirty – there are effective ways to handle that. I carried an RMR-equipped gun (yes, appendix, with an X300) for almost 3 years before deciding I preferred irons for carry.

    The RMR was a major catalyst for improving my shooting, though – both with the optic and with irons. I still practice regularly with an optic-equipped gun to continue the progress.

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