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 Funding is our second priority! (courtesy

Bronx secures funding for Operation SNUG, a proven anti-gun inititiative,‘s spelling-challenged headline proclaims. Also fact deficient. As we reported when this coalition of ex-(?) gang bangers and ruthless pols “Community, Government & Corporate Partnership” first started sucking on the taxpayer tit, there’s no evidence that “violence interrupters” have reduced gang-related shootings. In fact, S.N.U.G. (Guns spelled backwards) isn’t even trying to measure their “success.” Why would they? Like “gun buybacks,” the program’s justification is based entirely on “common sense.” In other words, it’s media-friendly feel-good fantasy. “State Sen. Jeff Klein (D-Throgs Neck), who serves as co-leader of the Albany legislative body, has allocated $250,000 to bring the proven anti-gun initiative to the borough.” Here’s the only  other stat in the article: “Shooting incidents in the Bronx through July 28 of this year were down 34% compared to the same period in 2012, according to NYPD statistics.” Without violence interrupters? I wonder how that happened.

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    • “anti-gun inititiative”

      GREAT. Best thing so far today, and this has been one fun-filled day. At least they’re honest about it being an “anti-gun” initiative… because… SSHHH… CRIME IS WAAAAY DOWN. Keep it to yourself.

  1. Shooting incidents in the Bronx through July 28 of this year were down 34%

    Either marksmanship in the land of my birth has declined precipitously, or the cost of gasoline has made the drive-by shooting a lost art.

    Or (and this is the last “or”) The Bronx po-po are cooking the books again.

    • Better phrased:

      “Or (and this is the last “or”) The Bronx po-po are cooking the books again at the direct request of Bloomberg to make his city look safer and make him appear successful.”

    • Ralph, drive bys arent a lost art. Its just that with all these laws, gang bangers cant buy guns at gun shows anymore. Because 90% of America spoke up. What hole have you been hiding in!?

      • If 90% of American’s spoke up, nobody in the South Bronx would understand them without a translator.

  2. Gangs, Guns & Gainful Employment

    One of these things is nothing like the others. It makes it sound like they are against gainful employment.

  3. An ini*tit*iative, eh? That’s the kind of action I’m firmly (even rigidly) in favor of.

    Typos can be a lot of fun. (I’d ask where the NY Daily’s copy editor went, but they probably axed theirs long ago; copy editors ask all sorts of inconvenient questions about facts, truthfulness, and proper attribution, and those things are like sand in the gears of the propaganda machine.)

  4. S.N.U.G. … isn’t even trying to measure their “success.”

    Sure they are. They’ll measure it using the standard government success metrics, and adjust the funding accordingly:
    If gun crimes decline, it’s proof that Snuggles the bear has been successful at fighting crime, so his budget should increase slightly.
    If gun crimes increase, it’s proof that the budget wasn’t big enough (just imagine how much higher crime would have gone up had they not implemented the program), so the budget increases significantly.

  5. if people want to give their guns to the government, more power to them, especially the yankees and communist states.

  6. The Bronx is a small borough of a small state that is not representative of America (and if you pack another billion people within its borders you would not represent another square inch of America, and if you let those people out, they will eventually be converted back to conservatism by osmosis).

    The Bronx’s problems stems from their lack of demand on the people creating the problems to do anything-but, not their failure to throw enough resources at the problem.

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