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April 29, 2019

An open letter to the NRA MEMBERSHIP and their elected SERVANTS, the NRA Board of Directors.

I hope these words don’t fall on deaf ears, as I am just another Bojo on the bus, a small fish in a big – and curently fetid pond: a mere NRA Member. I have, however, an insight on the current situation at the NRA that has developed from both my time as a PROUD NRA staff member, shunned heretic after my departure, and current disgusted yet DEVOTED Member.

I was blessed to have served as the Training Department’s Senior Training Program Coordinator, a position that I was incredibly humbled to be created to bring me on board. I served as part of a Team that was passionate, relentless, vigilant, and tireless in our continuing improvement and protection of the training programs, which are the HEART of the NRA’s mission statement. We had a Director who had our backs, a Manager who bled the NRA, and a Team that wasn’t afraid – even supported in – telling the Emperor when he was naked. I was naive at the time about Ackerman-McQueen. I heard “Ack-Mac” mentioned occasionally with a shrug, but that was it.

What I did notice and was uncomfortable with was the cult of personality that some of the Executive Staff had. The Director of General Operations, a stuffed shirt, self-interested bully in my eyes (whose, I must admit, basically being told to shut up and sit down at the 2019 Meeting of Members seemed like karma at its best), and the Executive Director both always seemed to be placed FAR above their roles and NOT at the helm of a not for profit Association. In fact, the ONLY member of the Executive Staff at the time, Secretary Major James Lamb, was the MOST deserving of admiration: he worked FOR the Association, not the Association working for him.

I began to sense something was rotten in Denmark shortly after I was tasked with creating the Instructor Sales Program, a program through which Trainers would have access to reduced pricing on items which they could use in their training courses: a “win-win-win” for students and trainers, manufacturers, and the Training Programs. The “win” for the programs was that all of the revenue generated to the NRA had to go into the Education and Training Endowment to help the Traing Programs be remain self-perpetuating.

My guidelines were pretty clear: quality products, ZERO exclusivity, and no “buy in” on the part of manufacturers. The “contracts” were basically handshake agreements, reviewed by General Counsel, which were welcomed by manufacturers as a pleasant change from the Office of Advancement’s hard-sell licensing agreements, which I have NO doubt were blueprinted by Ack-Mac. The program was a moderate success.

However, shortly after, I approached a major optics manufacturer who was more than happy to become involved. Details were worked out, General Counsel approved of the details, but just before launching, I was pulled into the office of the GO Director and told to stand down temporarily because another optics manufacturer who had NOT responded to my offer to be included, “may not be comfortable with their competition being in the program”. This was my first hint that “perks” to senior staff could be driving decisions, later substantiated when a senior staff member went on to a position for the protected manufacturer.

Closer to home for me was the idea of web based training. The Training Department staff had been tasked with vigilantly ensuring that NRA credentials were in no way associated with online training. This determination was made based on three of the keystones could not exist in a web-based course: TPI (Total Participant Involvement); evaluation of the Knowledge, Skills, and ATTITUDE of the student by the trainer; and – most importantly- safety, as the students’ safe gun handling could NOT be observed and unsafe acts not be identified, remediated, and corrected, or – failing that course of action – the student being identified as not passing because of Attitude.

Just prior to my leaving staff, there began to be inklings of the development of web-based NRA Basic Firearms Courses, specifically, the Basics of Pistol Marksmanship Course. My peers were adamantly against this, and we were amazed that it was even being considered.

After I left, the whole debacle of “blended learning” went ahead full steam, without the consideration of the input from trainers in the trenches being asked for input. This was, in NO doubt, a result of the ever growing Ackerman-McQueen power within the NRA.

We all know the farce that the launching of Blended Learning was, and the offshoot of this rape of the integrity of the Programs was the introduction of Carry Guard, an Ack-Mac-inspired program that, it must be noted, is the HEART of the New York lawsuit that the “Old Guard” on the Board who voiced the need for secrecy at the Meeting of Members referenced.

This blatant ramrodding of a non-NRA developed course also resulted in the appointment of a new Education and Training Director who was, unbelievably, a major player in the Carry Guard program and who, for all intents and purposes, was given the equivalent of a “no show union job” that organized crime would be proud of.

I have left many names out. A little research can fill in blanks.

Again, I am PROUD to be a MEMBER of the National Rifle Association of America. I am PROUD to have worked with Bill Poole, the late Charles Mitchell, Andy Lander, Mark Richardson, Sean Thornton, Samantha Olsen, and the many other, under-payed, overworked, and dedicated staff members in the trenches during my time there.

I am saddened and – at times – angered by the few who have apparently turned to “the dark side” and sold out in the name of job security or – often worse, personal gain or power, after preaching “you gotta be here for the passion not the paycheck”.

In closing, MY Association is at a crossroads. It has become the swamp that many have lashed out against in our federal government. The “not for profit” status of the Association, if kept to its charter, bylaws, and mission statement is NOT in jeopardy. The FOR PERSONAL PROFIT actions of the “Old Guard” Board Members, certain of the Executive Staff and Directors and Deputy Directors, and Ackerman-McQueen influence have not only endangered the not for profit status but the INTEGRITY of the Association.

In addition, the heedless, unbridled hero worship of many Members and their antipathy toward holding the Old Guard accountable has helped to create the monster that is destroying the Association from within. This PROUD member of the “unwashed masses” that the Old Guard looks down on and feels deserve secrecy from the inner workings has had enough and will no longer tolerate the foxes keeping watch over the hen house.

Steve Hoback
NRA Life Member
NRA Training Counselor
Former NRA Training Department Staff Member

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  1. And you waited to write this ’til now?…sound of barn door closing… whoever thought that horse was such a runner…

    • Unfortunately, only now has it even become possible to effect change. If enough people keep pushing it is possible to save NRA, it just doesn’t seem all that likely. Too many Fudds, too much inertia, and too few Board Members who are willing to fight for the necessary changes!

  2. This letter reads like a seasons worth of episodes of “Suits”.

    Posted this AFTER the unanimous re-election of all the characters, er, I mean players, er, I mean BoD and WLP.
    They all suffer from cranial-rectal immersion.

  3. This is a bureaucracy worst than(almost) the US GOOBERMENT!

    Can we fire them all?


    The National Rifle Association is in serious trouble, and the NRA Board of Directors has only two options to save America’s biggest civil rights organization.

    Option 1. A majority of the Board circles the wagons in defense of Wayne LaPierre and his pals and tries to weather the storm. (They’ll fail, and the whole ship will sink.)


    Option 2. A majority of the Board fires LaPierre and other executives (or accepts their resignations) and nullifies their contracts, suspends all vendor contracts pending thorough review and renegotiation, and purges culpable members of their own body – demonstrating a commitment to safeguarding NRA assets on behalf of the membership. (Plugging the holes and possibly saving the ship.)

    Wayne LaPierre must go!

    By Jeff Knox the son of the great Neal Knox who changed the NRA! Look up Revolt at Cincinnati.

    How NRA’s true believers converted a marksmanship group into a mighty gun lobby.

  5. Eh, the NRA has supported every gun control law to pass in the US since 1934. On top of that they do nothing at the state level and then try to come in and take credit when state groups get something accomplished.

    All of the major court cases won by pro gun forces have been started by others and the NRA jumped on the bandwagon later, if at all, and again tried to take credit.

    Scuttle this leaky barnacle ridden barge and join GOA, JPFO, SAF, SAS, and/or one of the others. Find out what your state level groups are and get involved with them. They are the ones making a difference.

  6. Well, the anti-people have enjoyed demonizing the NRA for for a few decades, now. Having a Lurch-looking figurehead doesn’t help in the age of cool-kid politics.

    So, when the membership replaces bad advocates with half a dozen focused national orgs, plus one or two state orgs per state, who are they going to freeze n smear?

  7. I don’t want to hear this guy’s pontificating after he stole $8000 from me and has been hiding ever since.

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