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Shannon Watts is the head of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America (a wholly-owned subsidiary of billionaire Michael Bloomberg’s Everytown for Gun Safety). Ms. Watts claims she supports the Second Amendment. “We are in no way anti-gun,” she asserts in the video above. So here’s the question: in what way is MDA pro-gun? What gun rights does the “common sense gun laws” group support? In the clip (not magazine) above, the former Monsanto PR maven mentions firearms used for warfare and hunting. What about armed self-defense? To really nail that down, can some jobbing journo please ask Ms. Watts . . .

“Do you think that women should be able to carry a concealed weapon to defend themselves against rapists?” You could add “in states like New Jersey where citizens have to prove a ‘justifiable need’ to secure a concealed weapons permit” (as if). Heres a specific case from gun control heavy Chicago you can cite [via] . . .

A 58-year-old woman jogging along the lakefront in Hyde Park was sexually assaulted Friday morning, police said.

The woman was jogging in the 5700 block of South Lake Shore Drive about 11:10 a.m. Friday when a man approached her from behind, police said.

The man grabbed her and pulled her to the ground in a “semi secluded area before physically restraining and sexually assaulting her,” police said Saturday.

In response to the attack the police “advise people to avoid secluded areas, such as parks, alleys and vacant lots, and to run in groups when possible.” How about carrying a gun? Is that OK with MDA? Or is theMs. Watts hiding her civilian disarmament agenda to avoid being marginalized by Americans who do, actually, support the Second Amendment?

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    • ^^This!

      I really don’t want to look up your nose and, imo, that wonky eye of yours is really accentuated. Please use a little Visine or something because it looks like your eyes are bloodshot to me as if you were doing something under the guise of “medicinal”.

      • With that plaintive Tove Lo “Habits” expression on her face, I assumed she has to stay high all the time just to keep guns off her mind.

  1. She supports our right to own an unloaded musket in a locked case. That is then placed in a steel box with the lid welded shut. After that it is to be encased in 12 inches of concrete and buried 10+ feet underground.

  2. Naww, she isn’t anti-gun, just anti-“assault weapon”–which, in her definition, includes pretty much every firearm produced since the introduction of the self-contained metal cartridge.

    • I don’t even know about that… In NJ, to buy a black powder cap and ball revolver, even after you have your FPID card, you need to apply for a pistol permit, pay money, have 2 people give you references, get background checked twice, and wait several months. Then you have 6 months to buy it.

      • I’m going on her definition of “assault weapon” as any firearm that can fire more than 10 rounds in one minute–I expect that would be hard to do with a cap-and-ball…

        • Didn’t think of that–but now that I do, I recall Clint Eastwood in “Pale Rider” had a gunbelt with several extra cylinders in pouches. So I guess it could fit under Shannon’s definition. Amazing.

  3. I agree, RF, the woman shouldn’t be allowed to say that she supports the 2A without being asked some pointed questions about same. I’d ask her which Anglophone country has gun laws closest to what she’d like to see in the US: England, Australia, or Canada. Let’s get her on-record about this.

    The odds of a mainstream journalist (i.e. propagandist) ever asking her any question even remotely resembling hardball is 0.

    But still, just the fact that our enemies have to pay lip service to the 2A is a clear win for our side. They weren’t doing that 20 years ago.

    • Here is another example of how the legacy mainstream media ceased being ethical and truthful long ago. The reason no reporter from any of these outlets will never ask her a pointed question like this, is simply that the media is not interested in truth or journalism. They are interested in a personal or political agenda, hence, certain people are treated like sacred cows and will never be challenged. Shannon is one of those. The media has to protect her phony image at all costs. These mainstream media types are Bernie Madoff just dealing in information instead of investments, but the goal is the same, to perpetuate a fraud. That is the sad state of legacy media until they finally bleed out.

      • Going on 40 years ago, I wrote a letter to the college newspaper about something or other, and employed the term “sacred cow.” Soon to follow in response was a rant from some English Lit grad student calling me among other things a Nazi and fascist pig because I had used the term and was therefore offending Hindus. (This guy wasn’t Hindu, just a young, non-fat white guy American). I went to his office and walked in. He asked me who I was and I told him I was a Nazi, etc. The look on his face told me he wasn’t expecting the visit.

        Anyway, that’s the only time I’ve ever seen any objection to the term “sacred cow,” before or since, including from any actual Hindus. It’s a heck of a good term, exactly understood by the hearer. Death to the infidel politically correct police!

  4. That would be because she supports the Second Amendment via the convoluted hard-left interpretation where only members of the military should have guns – with those guns being their government-issued, government-owned equipment. The version where, unlike every other Amendment in the Bill of Rights, somehow the Second Amendment restricts a right of the people rather than restricting the government from infringing on our rights.

    You’ll notice they spout off constantly about “gun sense” and “gun safety”, and yet they support precisely zero training programs designed to foster safe handling and use of firearms. Because they view “gun safety” as the complete and total absence of civilian firearms ownership.

    • Yep, and my favorite anti gunner argument is based on that misinterpretation: I’m sure you’ve been asked before by some anti why you “don’t support the second amendment,” because they believe “well regulated” means “heavily restricted,” therefore implying that the second amendment was intended to be the original basis for gun control. Odd then that the founding fathers did not include any form of gun control in their efforts.

      • I’m not quite sure when that little expedient re-interpretation of the term “well regulated” came about, as the contemporaneous records clearly indicate the Framers understood it to mean more like operating effectively or well functioning. That is, to minimize training and deployment time of the militia, individuals needed to have their own guns, ammo, and powder, and be adept in their use.

        The idea of regulations, as in government regulations mandating or proscribing certain conduct, is relatively new. I’d guess it’s born of the same 19th century movement advocating “social engineering.” Statist types love to invoke some accepted authority and provide its imprimatur as a basis for their efforts. That’s how we got the so-called divine right of kings, the dictatorship of the proletariat, and other propaganda shams justifying authoritarianism.

        In democracies, they try to invoke the precision and wonder of modern engineering as their mantle of legitimacy of choice. Hence we hear moronic, but official sounding, pronouncements like “fine tuning” the economy with regulations. With the 2A, they found a convenient word within it to redefine it as as a limitation on rights. Arguing that, as the only such to be found in an entire Bill whose whole purpose was to list major rights and leave open ended the existence of innumerable, unenumerated other rights, takes chutzpah, I must admit.

  5. I have a feeling she would refuse to answer the question.

    Their whole “we support the second amendment, but…” scene is a complete falsification to make the NRA seem radical and them seem moderate, when in reality that could not be further from the truth.

  6. I love the “I started a facebook page” comment. As if that makes her some kind of expert on the matter. Slacktivism at its finest.

    KONY 2012

    • Nice Kony reference – that dropped off the radar in a hurry.

      Funny, but it seems that guys that lead child armies don’t much care about what is said about them on FaceBook and don’t alter their behavior as a result of it.

      That sounds like a lesson for folks in general; you don’t have to be a bad guy, just not care.

      • How about #ReturnOurGirls? This was much more recent. Whatever happened to these fervent supporters? Oh yeah, nothing. Despite all of the talk, media attention, and high profile celebrities. War on women indeed. I guess it’s easier to forget a fad once the trendiness passes. “This could happen to one of my daughters, er, I mean, only if the Secret Service was busy with prostitutes. Better yet, the Gentle Giant could have been my son.” Unbelieveable.

  7. MDA is an anti civil rights hate group funded by a New York city billionaire. Their sole purpose is the dissemination of distortions and fabrications in order to generate hysteria that is used to promote anti civil rights legislation. MDA was founded and is headed by a former Monsanto public relations executive masquerading as a “stay at home mom”. They lie about everything, including their agenda.

    Most of the “news media” coverage/exposure MDA receives is in the financial media sector because that is where their billionaire patron has influence. They do not seek the attention of journalists who would expose their lies, if such creatures still exist. Why would they?

  8. They support the idea that you can own a gun just below the level that they are wanting to ban.

    Once they get the ban they want, they wait a year, and move the bar further down. Until all guns are effectively banned.

  9. I have asked MDA supporters this very question many times at the #Gunsense HT on Twitter.

    Answer is always the same: “If you have a gun & someone tries to rape you, there is xxx% chance your gun will be used against you than you yourself using for successful defense.”

    To which my pat answer is “So, you’d rather have no defense & 0% chance of fending off a rapist than give yourself the yyy% chance that you will?
    IOW: Rape only lasts a few moments best to just lie back & enjoy it?”

    A great follow up question is someone is attempting to rape you, what is your response:
    1. Give up: lie back, enjoy it hope they don’t kill you.
    2. Fight using nice things that won’t hurt the rapist too much
    3. Fight using the most lethal force you have available to you.

    The MDA drones NEVER, EVER give a straight answer to any of this. Once in a great while you’ll get one who will admit to #3 and had she a gun, she’d use it.

    They are so unbelievably dumb & ignorant about criminality and violence. It’s really very sad.

    • Their line of reasoning can be applied to things like seat belts.

      There is a (statistically small) chance, that a seat belt will trap you in a car after an accident and increase your odds of death.

      Does this mean we should prohibit the wearing of seat belts in cars?

      That line of reasoning completely ignores the benefits of seat belts (or guns in our case). Alas, if logic worked with antis we would not have antis.

      • The “Commonsense” solution is to require carry of a seatbelt cutter. As “Commonsense” gun control would be to require carry of a handgun in order to protect yourself. After all, the Fire Dept/Cops are minutes away when you need extricated/protected.

      • I do work the seat belt analogy all the time, they really hate that.

        One time I actually had a #Gunsense woman claim she never wore her seat belt, just to avoid what she could see was the tiny canyon I was herding her into.

    • “They are so unbelievably dumb & ignorant about criminality and violence. It’s really very sad.”

      Way too many women, and men – particularly amongst the liberal utopian unthinking sheeple crowd, are dumb and ignorant, having lived in a sheltered bubble for too long with few challenging life experiences in the ‘trenches’.

      • My daughter dated (for a short time) a guy who totally believed that if there were no/fewer guns there would be less violence. Although she felt he was a pretty bright guy, no amount of logic or fact could dissuade him from his fundamental beliefs. That’s when she decided to dump him.

  10. Just because you spread your legs and spawn children, doesn’t make you qualified to spew your opinion as fact. You were a very highly paid PR person at Monsanto. FLAME DELETED

  11. I love how their response is to always not do this or not do that..Run in groups if possible…walk in groups if possible.. Go swimming in groups if possible. Have sleep overs if possible..avoid this..avoid that..don’t drink big soda’s.. You can only smoke in your house under a blanket with the lights off…Where has land of the free gone? Makes me sick. Perfect example. There has been a streak of robberies near Rutgers university in the” oh so gun friendly” state of N.J or as I call it “The armpit of America”. Local media coverage you ask? …” Students stay inside at night. Or if you have to go out, go out in groups or avoid poorly lit areas” Seriously?!! How about draw concealed weapon and shoot said attacker? Poorly lit areas are soothing to me and if I want to walk them I will without fear. Pathetic

    • “Armpit of America”, that’s funny. I’ve always thought that if the country needed an enema, NJ is where they would insert the tube.

      • Actually, it is New Orleans, and no it doesn’t need a tube for flushing–it has one already that is wide and muddy, conveying all the crap generated between the Continental Divide and the Appalachian crests.

  12. “I founded this organization as a facebook page the day after the sandy hook massacre. As a mother of five, I was unbelievably devastated and wanted to start something like mothers against drunk driving but for gun reform… We are no way anti-gun but we are about the responsibilities that go along with right of the second amendment and that includes thinks like background checks.”

    She was upset about the sandy hook incident and wants background checks – and background checks would have helped the Sandy hook incident how?

    mothers against drunk driving is not comparable to moms demand action for gun sense in america. It is one thing for an irresponsible person to irresponsibly drink alcohol and then drive around on the road and accidentally and unintentionally kill someone. It is completely another for an insane person to criminally shoot another person, steal their guns, go to a school and criminally kill a bunch of random kids. It is not an irresponsible matter – it is a criminal one. It was intentional, and background checks and absolutely nothing Mom’s demand action has proposed would have stopped that incident. It was intentional murder not like educating the public about drunk driving. It is criminal matter not a public safety issue.

    • Agreed. MADD went after drivers who drove drunk. They pressured the government/courts to punish those who break the law. They did not advocate for laws that would punish those that use cars and/or alcohol responsibly.
      MDA is not asking the government/courts to enforce the laws already on the books. They’re pushing for laws that punish those who own and use firearms responsibly.
      The only similarity between the two groups is their acronyms use the same letters.

  13. “Do you think that women should be able to carry a concealed weapon to defend themselves against rapists?”

    How about carrying a gun? Is that OK with MDA?

    To Bloomberg and the MDA group, it is better for women to be raped than to take a life. It appears to them, rape is not a justifiable reason to take a life with a gun. And they call us “misogynists.” Ridiculous.

    • It has very little to do with taking a life. It has everything to do with restricting the ability of the average citizen to protect themselves as they see fit.

      Look at England for your example – gun ownership by law abiding citizens is almost unheard of now, but violent crime has increased drastically because the criminals no longer fear their victims. Now that guns are out of civilian hands, the government is going after knives, even going on and on about the UK’s “knife culture”. Eventually they’ll ban knives (wonder what they’ll cut their food with…) and they’ll have to ban bricks, moderately-sized rocks and sharp sticks…and all it will do is make the average citizen more and more helpless against those that would victimize them.

  14. She is a total Left Wing whore bag. She whored for Monsanto and will for anyone with the cash who is NOT a conservative.

    Ray From Bloombergia

  15. “I support the 2nd amendment because my grandparents had guns…”

    Give me a f*cking break… I would hate to see what her not supporting the 2nd amendment looks like.

  16. I would like an “objective journalist” [/sarc off/] to ask any anti-gun twit to name JUST ONE of our many thousands of anti-gun laws that they consider UNreasonable. Just one, that’s all.

    • That’s a great question also. Are there any provisions of the NFA or GCA ’68 that they’d do away with? Or any of the thousands and thousands of ridiculous state and local laws?

  17. MADD doesn’t try to regulate car ownership. MADD’s strategy isn’t to limit car velocities to 35 mph, and ban cars with certain features like air spoilers, racing stripes, and turbo chargers. MADD only seeks to punish people who are drunk driving, not just people who have access to cars, alcohol, and therefore the potential to.

  18. Without guns, she is out of a cushy, well paying job. She is as pro gun as she is pro uninformed voters and pro activist billionares. She isn’t pro Kroeger though, they are making her look impotent.

  19. I would ask her which restrictions on guns she would support repealing. It’s a far more specific question, and there are some truly stupid ones out there that any reasonable person should agree are ripe for pruning.

  20. Even if Shannon is asked the pointed question, she will likely answer in platitudes about armies, state regulated militias (national guard) and such blather. She will not directly answer the question about private gun ownership and use. When she does, she will be cornered and possibly held accountable. That is the last thing leftists want to be done to them. They want to dance around in left field and play, ignoring the evidence that at home plate rapes and murders that could be prevented are happening and will happen more when law abiding citizens do not have arms to defend themselves and the criminals, mentally unsound, and jihadists will remain with their guns and run amok over the rest of us.

  21. That closing scene with the guy shooting at the camera is a very poor choice for this video. I don’t know if that’s just what always uses or what, but it could easily be interpreted as threatening on this one.

  22. Watts is the one who stated “rape only lasts minutes, death is forever”. She believes that rape is ok and tgat women/children should get over it. So if you think she cares that one in 4 women will get assaulted in their lifetime, forget it. She has ARMED gusrds, bloomy has armed guards. She believes that SHE should be protected by armed guards carry guns, but no one else deserves the same. I got two words for you watts and they aren’t Merry Christmas. MY LIFE is precious and I will do whatever I can to ensure that I stay safe. Go bake something you fake bimbo.

  23. Shannon has been pretty quiet lately. That worries me, frankly.

    Lets not get cocky here, and take our eye off the ball, just because we exposed a sockpuppet in Ms Watts.

    BIG elections coming up tomorrow. If you havent knocked on your neighbors door or offered to take the old folks down to the polling booth, to be sure we get out the votes, we stand to lose.

    Remember the margin of victory for POTUS was the number of conservative voters who stayed home in 2012, who did vote in 2008. I dont believe the suddenly dejected articles in the libtard MSM about republican wins.

    My guess is we are going to see record vote fraud by Dems, and that can be overcome by turnout by Republicans when the margin is only 1%. Vote fraud is identified as winning 4 times as much at that margin…

    So, get out and VOTE! And if you dont live in a state where a key vote is underway- call your friends and relatives there who do, and remind them to get out and vote.

    Here are the key states-

    And here is what the gun-grabbers are watching:

    • “Shannon has been pretty quiet lately. That worries me, frankly. ”

      And they will be quiet. Their asses will be handed to them on a platter, Tuesday.

      Bloomie et all won’t waste his money on something futile. He didn’t get to be a billionaire by wasting his own money.

      When political winds of change are in his favor then we will we hear from Bloomie and Shannon.

  24. I e-mailed MDA two weeks ago to ask what “gun control” measures they supported. I never got a response. Go figure!

  25. Funny thing, the way this page is set up, I see a picture of KJW right next to Shannon’s ovine mug. A strong, witty, fit woman who can take care of herself next to a quasi-hysterical panty-wetter who won’t step out in public without several “big strong men” around her to protect her. So guess which one the feminists consider one of their own?

  26. Ms. Watts claims she supports the Second Amendment. “We are in no way anti-gun,” She is telling the truth in that she is very pro-gun for the state. 2A is a collective right for the military and police to have gobs of guns to police the serfs.

  27. MDA is a PR campaign designed to do what Bloomberg can’t buy any other way: Reprogram people’s association between firearms and American tradition. It’s an attempt to make being anti-gun the American thing to do. Look at the colors and graphics in MDA’s slickly produced ads: Flag motifs, red/white/blue. They feature wholesome kids, cuddly dads in BBQ aprons on the 4th of July (remember the “neighborhood BBQs for Gun Sense” stunt?), Little League games, etc.

    They also are trying to co-opt the image of the American Mom — just like the cliche about being as American as baseball, apple pie and Mom. This explains their obsession with grocery stores, where they are trying to drum up fear among their target demographic by demonizing (male) gun owners.

    In the short video posted here, Shannon references warm-n-cuddly references to good ol’ American gun ownership of the past, as in WWII and a grandfather who hunted. This is a utter ruse, and it’s the same mechanism by which she attempts to marginalize mainstream gun owners (and the NRA) as “nuts” or “extremists” — showcasing people who say ‘I’m a gun owner and I’m for universal background checks” or “I’m an NRA member and I’m in favor of sensible gun laws.”

    All in all, it’s an awful lot of money and strident calls for something that they never, ever get specific about. And that scares me most of all.

  28. These folks CLAIM to want to reduce “crime and violence” and increase public safety. How can you POSSIBLY do this by disarming the public, thereby putting ALL GUNS, I say again, ALL GUNS into the hands of the CRIMINAL and the government?

  29. She supports our right to take our guns and shove them up our rear ends. Thinking that’s what “gun sense” means. Lol.

  30. She’s been married and ditched a bunch of times. She’s used the names Shannon Marmion Watts, Shannon Watts, Shannon Renee Troughton, Shannon Renee Weaver and Shannon Renee Marmion.

    She lives in a gated community that is 95%+ white. It’s so lily white that a pastor was once reported to the cops for going door-to-door by neighbors, not because he was soliciting, but because he is BLACK.

    This is who those deluded “Moms” follow.”


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