Open Carry Crusaders to Protest at Presidio

The New York Times’ Bay Area blog notes that the Bay Area Open Carry campaign is set to meet-up at The Presidio. No, they’re not going to gather to watch the Sean Connery / Mark Harmon movie of the same name. They’re going to, wait for it, pick up trash. Wearing unloaded guns, of course. So, you ask, what could possibly go wrong and why would anyone want to wear a gun in plain view—especially one that isn’t loaded? Last things first. The Bay Area Open Carry’s website reminds us that carrying an unloaded weapon in California is legal. Second, the group reckons doing so draws attention to restrictive Golden State gun laws. And third, “Because you can quickly load and be ready to defend against an attacker if needed.” [see: above] Hakuna mutata? “As long as the weapon is unloaded, they can travel to the event,” SFPD spokesfolk Lt. Lyn Tomioka told the Times. “Guns can scare people and if we get calls of that nature, for the public and officer safety reasons, we will treat that weapon as loaded until determined otherwise.” Uh-oh.

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