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The fact that two out of every 100 Texans has a concealed carry permit strikes me as a low percentage for a state supposedly known for its pistol-packing populace. According to, the absolute number of TX concealed carry license holders is 402,914. Roughly 35 percent of those license holders (138,768) got their permits last year. Sensibly enough, rejects the idea—generated by them—that President Obama’s election has anything to do with it . . .

Although the number of Texas handgun licenses issued last year spiked to nearly 139,000 from about 86,000 in 2008, [McKinney gun store owner Randy] Bateman said he didn’t attribute that to Obama’s election or national Democrats’ policies but to gut fears for personal safety.

“They’re not scared the government is going to take their guns away,” he said. “That’s part of the hype that goes around. They’re more scared of their houses being broken into, carjackings, things like that.”

Heads up guys: the Obama election stimulated sales of modern sporting home defense sporting rifles. Not pistols. Anyway, for whatever reason, blacks are under-represented in the permitting process. Although they make up 12 percent of Texas’ population, they accounted for six percent of last year’s successful concealed carry applicants.

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  1. Robert,

    Maybe the answer to the low number lies in the high price of the license.
    I'm not sure what state you are in but the Texas Concealed Handgun license costs

    $10 for fingerprint cards
    $8 for two passport photos
    $5 for proficiency test fee
    between $50 (very rare) and $200 for the required Class – average is about $150
    $140 for the license

    Not to mention that the required class is 10 to 12 hours — by law.

    Is it any wonder why the poorer folks are under represented?

    • I've applied for my Providence concealed carry license (which allows me to purchase/pick up guns without the seven-day waiting period). $250 and a ninety-day waiting period. Or more.

  2. Wow, Oklahoma caps the class at $ 60.00 max by law…it's 8 hours tops. Another $ 25 for the local prints & background check, then $ 100.00 for the state BI to finish everything and mail the license to the county sheriff. After gas, lunch (day of the class) I guess Oklahoma comes to $200.00 or so for a four year license.

  3. Yes, government’s ALL about money. Licensing, a scam, literally started this Nation:
    A minister beaten to death, Culpepper, VA, March 1775. Refusing King’s license.
    Patrick Henry’s reason for “Give me Liberty or give me death!” speech (Battle
    Cry of American Republic!
    Now, most Citizens ignore Ben Franklin’s wisdom, “They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”
    Truth is, the 2nd Amendment Right is a God-given Right to concealed carry. Open carry simply invites TRUE crime (no one can surveil 360 degrees constantly).
    Will true Americans realize this and save our REPUBLIC? Democracies always die!

  4. I compute it to be 1.84% using FBI population numbers for 2010. That’s about average for a state with high hurdles, ie training, no unlicensed OC, etc. and severely limited freedom to carry (no OC, signage, lots of off limit locations). OH is at 2.08% and has similar handicaps.

    My unofficial number (which is being double checked ) for GA is 4.1%. A Georgia license doesn’t require training, is less than $100, allows OC and CC, and signage doesn’t apply.

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  6. Is anyone taking into consideration the Castle Doctrine that says your car is an extension of your home? How about Non-resident permits from other states, I have one. I paid half of what a Texas permit cost without attending a course for 10 hours. I am a former police officer and have all the training in firearms I will ever need!


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