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By Brandon via

An Uber passenger felt unsafe after getting a glimpse of her Chicago driver’s concealed carry firearm, which apparently wasn’t very well concealed. “I don’t want Uber drivers to be carrying guns, I want to feel safe when I’m in the car with somebody,” says Kit Graham. She went on to say that, while she felt uncomfortable after seeing the gun, the driver could have simply had the gun in his glove box. “If he feels the need to have a gun on him, for whatever reason, it could be in the glove box and not visible to the passengers, it just made me really uncomfortable.” . . .

Graham is obviously not too fond of firearms, and that’s fine. And if the story is true, the driver isn’t very good at proper concealment, a big no-no.

They did explain to me that it’s clearly against the rules for an Uber driver to be carrying a weapon in the car with them and they said they were going to follow up with the driver, but I never heard back and I do think they refunded me for the cost of that trip but they weren’t very specific at all.

Carrying a firearm as an Uber driver while on the clock, is against company policy. This Uber driver, in fact, was removed from their platform and is now unable to give rides to people using the Uber service.

While I don’t agree with Uber’s no-firearms policy, I believe in the old saying: concealed means concealed. Just as Graham had alluded to earlier when saying that it wouldn’t have been an issue if the firearm were in the glove box out of sight, it also wouldn’t have been an issue if the driver had concealed his piece properly.

And it also wouldn’t have been an issue if legally armed citizens weren’t the boogy man, but that’s a separate topic entirely.

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      • dave – You may be young and naive – Being emotive sensitive metrosexual (pretend or real) isn’t going to get you any (other than from crazy). Stay AWAY from crazy, it’s not worth it. Ever

        • But less numerous. Hence, in unrestrained lynchmobocracies, overall a lesser operational problem.

      • “I want to feel safe when I’m in the car with somebody,” is what she said.

        Right there, is the classic utterance of a special snowflake female.

        “I want to feel…”

        Memorize those words. They’re your clue to a woman you want to shun.

        • I should expand upon this for those who think I’m being harsher than I usually am.

          Lots of people have “feelings.” Men even have feelings. We don’t obsess about them or let them rule our lives, because that’s our requirement as men – get stuff done, even when we’d like to feel bad about it. I feel bad when I’m pounding on some poor old guy’s chest and I can see on the ECG box that we’re not getting anywhere: he’s dying and I’m working up a sweat breaking the guy’s sternum and ribs. I feel embarrassed that his about-to-be widow heard his rib cage crack with my first CPR down-stroke. But feelings ain’t got nothing to do with the job at hand, so a breakin’-a-rib-cage we go, at 100+ beats per minute, with occasional interludes as we light the poor guy up like a Christmas tree. Most people around here have seen cattle prods and electric fences – AED’s and 12-lead boxes make the shock a prod or fence gives you look like a love tingle.

          Afterwards, when I hear from the ER that he didn’t make it, it feels futile. However, that feeling doesn’t make me put any less effort into the next call.

          So, see women? Men have feelings too.

          The issue with the above female is the “I want to feel safe…”

          Well, sister, I want to feel the hands of a couple shapely 25-year-old women massaging coconut oil all over me the next time I get a work-out breaking someone’s rib cage; sadly, I don’t think that’s about to happen.

          Wanting to feel places a burden upon other people to give the above type of woman her feelings, and as everyone from Freud to today knows, “who knows what women want?” She has no right to place a burden upon other people for what she wants to feel. It isn’t the rest of society’s job to blow sufficient sunshine and unicorn kisses up her backside to make her day sparkle.

          And that’s the trenchant point here: women like this think that the world revolves around them. Their idea of how to change a light bulb is to a) demand someone invent and supply them with a light bulb, b) thrust said light bulb straight up into the air, while c) expecting the universe to revolve around them.

        • there is a lot you could learn me ’bout guns. maybe you could go into great depth on the benefits and drawbacks of the original cz trigger as compared to the more recent omega version.
          dingbats, not so much.

    • To this blond hair dipsy broad. Hope some day you are not being raped mugged assaulted and need someone with a firearm for protection. You are the type we will let defend yourself

  1. someday there will be a ride option called nelson, which will require all of their drivers to carry…

    • The people who drive around key Democrat Party operatives tend to be armed, and that service tends to be paid by their campaigns or the government. Too bad we cannot have that same kind of service.

    • I’ve never had occasion to take an Uber, Lyft or whomever else is out there. If they ever got cool about it, though, and let people ride shotgun, literally, I’d consider it.

      • Uber policy (officially) is “no guns for drivers or passengers.” So far as I’m aware this is totally on the honor system since no one inspects the drivers (independent contractors) and even the Uber operatives that take undercover rides to monitor driver quality do not search the driver or the car for weapons.

        No Uber driver I am aware of has ever searched a passenger for a concealed weapon and I doubt very many have ever asked the question of a potential rider.

        Uber “partners” are not allowed to carry any riders in the car other than paying Uber customers and most will allow you to ride “shotgun” if that’s your preference. I know I always offered the front seat whenever I picked up a dingle rider. So, if you are concealed and stay concealed and want to ride shotgun in an Uber I think that you would be unlikely to have any issues unless or until a need arose to reveal your weapon.

        I can’t speak for Lyft.

  2. “I want to feel safe when I’m in the car”.
    So it boils down to her feelings. Wow.

    • The Highland Park AWB case was basically a case of feels over reals. They ruled something can be banned because someone else feels it is dangerous. No proof needed, no facts, just feelings. Some North Shore Liberal pansy ass gets to decide what can and can’t be banned over their sensibilities or lack there of.

      • Reminds me of one of my liberal friends when we argued about gun control…he first told me that the US has the highest gun homicide rates in the world…when I offered to wager it wasn’t, he back pedaled and said he “felt” that we had the highest gun homicide rate in the world. I offered to show him the stats and he refused. This guy tells me all the time nothing is more important than the truth to him but he refused to look at the facts, instead going by his feelings to determine how version of the facts.

    • Probably the only place I know on this earth where a person can realistically feel safe is solitary confinement at a US prison. If the Progressives really want a “safe space”, by all means, let us build them some. I will even offer to man one of the guard towers from time to time to make sure they don’t leave. It is for their safety after all. 🙂

      • Progressivism is solely and entirely about building exactly such safe spaces. For all of us, whether we ask for it or not.

    • Or him/herself. Or some innocent being attacked on the street.

      Realistically, Uber drivers are significantly safer from their passengers than taxi drivers – it is a non-cash business where all fares are collected by Uber from the passenger’s credit/debit card. Uber drivers do not pick up random passengers, they are dispatched to specific persons and places and the rider’s personal information is on file with Uber.

      Uber drivers are, however, subject to the same risks as ever other driver on the road, perhaps more so due to the fact that they spend more time on the road. They deserve the ability to defend themselves against those risks. I know for a fact that when I was driving my (fairly nice and almost new) car at 3:00 A.M. I was always aware of the possibility of carjacking.

  3. So does she think a container of glass and metal is somehow going to keep her safe from any threats?

  4. Meh-let her carry a rape whistle. Would she be happier if a Chicago Uber dude HADN’T been armed when a driver stopped a bad guy last year? AS long as it wasn’t her dumb azz…

    • Did I just see a Buffalo WildWings ad just pop up? Way to go guys after they dissed gun owners and especially open-carry. Or maybe you’re not aware of it…

      • I doubt the owners of the site have any control over the ads that play in an embedded video.

  5. I’m sure the Uber driver feels the exact same way. He’s a cabbie in freak in’ Chicago – murder capital and gun control utopia. I’d sure as hell carry there too.

    • Rahm’s detail…… I’m sure dimbulb in chief is surrounded by people that make dumb broads “uncomfortable” as well, when he is back reliving his slumming days.

    • Having ridden in more than my share of cabs in Chicago, I’d prefer a ride with an Uber driver packing heat any day of the week. The air conditioner will probably work and the car will likely be cleaner and smell better.

    • I know right! When I had to make the trek back to Chicago for my cousins wedding, I spaced out after a trip to the range and somehow my little PF9 got stuck between my seat and center console of my new car! Silly me, Chicago is the safest city in America, me bringing a firearm there increased my chances of rage-murdering an orphanage full of blind children with leprosy.

  6. So she felt unsafe because he was carrying a gun, yet she’s completely carefree about strangers controlling her fate in a 2-ton metal box? I’m confused….

  7. Uber says drivers are not employees. If that’s true then Uber can’t tell a driver no guns. Uber is running a tax scam if they want to go this route. IRS guidelines say this “an individual is an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what will be done and how it will be done” So they can control the result of the work, IE driver picks up fare and drops them off, but they can’t control the way the driver does the job. If the driver wants to be armed then its the drivers decision and only the drivers decision.
    If snowflake is upset about seeing the gun then maybe she should stay locked safely in her house and not be risking her feelings by interaction with others.
    If I was driving my own vehicle and picking up total strangers you can bet I would be armed. I would also expect any Uber driver that picks me up to be armed as well. If he or she isn’t I would have to question their intelligence.

    • So duber is attempting to infringe on the rights of individuals who are not even employees? Where is the ACLfreakingU???

    • Uber asserts that their “driver partners” are independent contractors. So far the IRS seems to agree and it was certainly the way I felt when I drove for them.

      However, I have been an independent contractor for several trucking companies as well and the employment contract can and usually does include rules of conduct. Violation of those rules negates the contract and you WILL be terminated. Same applies to Uber in regards to guns in the car – carry at your own risk. If you are caught violating the policy, as the driver above was caught by a passenger and reported, your contract with Uber WILL be terminated. Wouldn’t surprise me if Lyft got word of it and black-balled you as well.

    • My experience as a contract driver told me that although, as you said:

      IRS guidelines say this “an individual is an independent contractor if the payer has the right to control or direct only the result of the work and not what will be done and how it will be done”

      IRS apparently ignores enforcement (perhaps selectively) of that requirement. I worked with (not for) one agency that I drove for that wanted to dictate exactly how I would do my job. There was another corporation that did the same, attempting to micro-manage MY CORPORATION (I was sole stockholder and held all corporate offices).
      They even even came up with a demand that all contract drivers wear their livery, deducting the cost of rental of those uniforms from the drivers pay. That was when I dropped them.
      If Uber is so controversial, it would seem some concerned party should press the tax and labor issue of Uber treating contractors as employees, without conforming to proper wage and benefit regulations. Certainly, since “concealed means concealed” ignoring their baseless rules is an option for any contractor.

  8. If Uber canned the driver, he can always sign up with Lyft. Hopefully he’ll keep it better concealed lest some North side princess get upset again.

  9. hi kit imagine all the people who where killed in chicago because they weren,t carrying how uncomfortable they must have been.and to keep the gun in the glove box is ridiculous,you need the gun on you for faster access.kit allow me to put up gun free zone signs in your front yard or on your apt door and stickers for your car/home/apt windows,to show the world you really our against firearms.this way we can photograph these gun free zone signs and really show everyone you our anti gun.and prove it with your signs

  10. ” it just made me really uncomfortable.” .
    Hey, cup cake people like you make me “feel” uncomfortable”

    • Well if the car was car jacked, the perpatrator wouldn have used a gun, because that would have been ileagle. Thank goodness there are laws againts crimes commited with firearms, countless crimes have been averted due to those laws, countless

  11. “Uncomfortable” how exactly? What was you exact fear?

    Did you fear they were carrying a gun because they were a bad person?

    Did you fear they would shoot you?

    Did you fear the gun would go off?

    You’re going to have to be specific if we are going to fix you.

  12. Well, to be fair, the wording on Uber’s sight says that someone “may lose access to the Uber platform” for carrying a firearm. However, a driver who refuses to pick someone up based upon discrimination WILL lose their Ober privileges.

  13. Got her 15 minutes. Time for men to ignore silly women. That’s right don’t listen to them, don’t look at them, don’t acknowledge them, don’t feed them and when the screech their opinion just give the them the back hand. The world will be a calmer better place.

    • I live in CA. I’d have to EDC a decent container of baby powder. The whiny manginas would take up more, since they get some follow up palm after a backhand.

  14. In practic an car is the only place you can safe carry in illinois if you see the “no carry no gun zones” in state law if you don t break the “law” what i would do if i read that “off places” ……….
    For that case here, go outsite the “taxi” don t carry self and enjoy gangbangers at night and shut up !!

  15. I’d feel safer locked in a car with that armed Uber driver than I’d feel locked in a car with that wacky broad.

    • I kept my LC9s in the center console. Not my favorite option, but the occasions when I had to get out of the car to assist riders made it problematic for me to find a place to conceal the pistol on my body.

      When it is necessary to move around, especially climbing in and out of a car, shoulder holsters are not great concealment. If you zip or button your jacket it slows your draw. Ankle holsters are impossible to reach when you are sitting at the wheel and most waist holsters are obstructed by the seat belt. On body carry options are severely limited. That said, the glove box is an especially poor option, especially if you have a passenger in the front seat.

  16. meanwhile here in phoenix today i walked into the local Pizzeria to a woman open carrying and my only thought was whether or not to strike up a convo about open vs concealed carry

  17. “I want to get in a car with a stranger and feel safe”

    one OR the other, or pack heat yourself

    • I read somewhere an astute comment from a psychologist in regards to elevators: “Humans are the only mammals that will voluntarily climb into a sealed metal box with a complete stranger.”

      Does she actually think that in Chicago the only time she is ever in danger from an armed stranger is when she climbs into an Uber?

  18. I’d certainly feel safer if he were smart enough to keep his concealed weapon concealed when he’s not supposed to have it as per his workplace rules. Gotta keep such things on the DL when your idiot employer won’t let you have them.

    Hell last time an Uber driver with a gun in Chicago made the news he saved a bunch of people’s lives. Goodness knows the people in the bad parts could certainly use the help.

  19. Thanks to NRA contract lobbyist for Illinois Todd Vandermyde, the Uber driver can be arrested and charged by Chicago police. EVERY violation of Rep. Brandon Phelps HB183 concealed carry bill passed in June 2013 has criminal charges of 6 MONTHS or 1 YEAR in jail- that’s how Phelps wrote it. NRA supplied the language the anti- gun police unions wanted. Thanks Todd! How much do Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham pay Vandermyde for this “work?”

    That’s what happens when you get a white racist hick like Phelps sponsoring his “NRA backed” carry bill. Vandermyde tells Chris Cox & Chuck Cunningham at NRA-ILA that “pro-gun” Rep. Phelps bent over for the police unions and put criminal penalties in his bill plus Duty to Inform, ILA sends him a check for $3,000 and they own him for life.

    No industry down in Harrisburg, Phelps district is a vast wasteland of inbred hicks bordering Kentucky across the river. Lots of ISRA & NRA members down in southern IL too stupid to read the bills. The rednecks don’t care about black people in Chicago, they drive their monster trucks everywhere and the police are their friends. That’s why there’s no CTA carry in the IL bill: it was designed and written by racist hicks like Phelps and the Klansmen who vote for him. Yee-haw!

  20. Another irrational hoplophobe. It’s ok for him to have the gun – just not for her to be able to see it.

    Conclusion: Irrational fear of guns from a matrix blue pill person who would rather be blissfully ignorant and without fear than be informed of the situation.

  21. Concealed means concealed.

    If your workplace has a no weapons policy, keep that shit hidden or expect to get fired one day.

  22. But jumping into the back of a usually un-vetted strangers car who could decide today is the day he gets to be the Thelma to your unconsenting Louise to save a couple of bucks on a licensed, background checked taxi gave her a warm and fuzzy feeling.

    • Background checked?

      my neighbor is a taxi driver.

      ex con – marijuana cultivation. creepy. girls who don’t know him walk a wide circle around him, girls who know him have restraining orders against him. he is a known stalker. husbands and fathers get very wound up when his name is mentioned. imagine having 300 people who detest you in a town of 9000 people.

      a very scary dude – I’m NFL defensive line / WWF sized, he’s bigger, with a PPO ( permanently pissed off ) walking around face.

      he won’t do anything that would get him sent back to prison, because he does not want to be a prison b!tch again.

      the good thing is, I can leave tools and ladders and battery chargers untended in the back yard we share, because the dumbest scumbags in town won’t come down our street.

  23. He has strangers coming into his car all day but he shouldn’t have a gun because it makes her “uncomfortable”.

    I wonder if this driver will now lose his livelihood because this special snowflake decided to run to the media to make a political statement

  24. Another liberal dumb*as. Feels safe cuz she doesn’t see a gun even though there could be people all around her carrying guns, sizing her up for robbery/rape, etc…

    “If I can’t see see bad things/things I’m afraid of, they don’t exist”.

    lol so dumb. How are people like her even alive? You think they’d get lost on the way to the grocery store and die of starvation.

  25. “I want to feel safe. (that’s why I live in one of the most violent cities in the United States)”. Idiot.

  26. Drivers for the Las Vegas cab companies carry concealed and no one is complaining.

    I guess you can’t carry pepper spray or a knife? Dame! My 2nd amendment!

  27. I had four young ladies tell me that they’d feel more comfortable if I did carry. They said I should be able to protect myself when driving.

  28. “I want to feel safe when I’m in the car.” Please avoid telling this lady that an automobile, any automobile, is among the least safe of all the places she is likely to ever be, bless her heart. Her “Rainbow Fish” attitude toward life marks her among the least intelligent creatures swimming in any ocean. Perhaps she will avoid being gobbled up by some scaly predator, or perhaps not.

  29. While I understand the author’s POV, I have to say it’s a bit much.

    “Concealed means concealed…” until it’s not concealed.

    Here’s something that a lot of CCW permit holders don’t want to admit: your concealment fails more often than you’d like to think. The gun prints to your clothes or actually becomes visible for a moment. I see this sort of thing about once a week.

    I know a lot of people don’t even realize it’s happening, but when the grip of your J-Frame snubbie or whatever you’re carrying pokes your shirt and makes a bump it’s obvious to those of us who know what we’re looking at.

    Here’s the thing: it doesn’t matter that much because the vast, vast majority of people don’t pay enough attention to notice this and most of those people that do don’t know what they’re looking at. Those of us that do notice and know what it means generally have the good graces not to say anything about it and attract a bunch of attention to you while you’re trying to corral your kids in the supermarket.

    I’m not against CCW in any way, but it doesn’t work as well as a lot of people seem to think it does. The reason is simple: for CCW to work perfectly you have to design your wardrobe around the idea of carrying a gun. Most people don’t bother to do this because it’s time consuming and extremely expensive.

  30. The author pegged it – concealed means concealed.

    Uber has corporate lawyers like everybody else – and because of some perverse legal incentives they think it makes to have a no guns policy.

    I take Ubers all the time and am armed.

    I have friends who drive for Uber and I’m sure are armed. Let the corporate attorneys live in their world of make believe and fairy dust and have whatever policy. As activists we should to change the conditions that lead them to believe this is actually a smart policy.

    Concealed means concealed.

  31. As far as this person being a female, the principle point is she’s an idiot. Not that she’s female. Plenty of “males” would also make these statements.

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