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It’s probably a good thing there aren’t redcoats in Boston Harbor any more. Not with minutemen like Alberto Pina manning the shoreline. Al was getting in a little angling yesterday when he snagged one by sea. “’I reeled in a gun,’ Pina said, still hyperventilating as he described his catch more than an hour later. ‘Yesterday I caught a 27-inch bluefish. Today? A gun.”

Yeah, hooking some rusted junk can be traumatic. As he whimpered to a reporter,

“To pull something like that out of the water is extremely dangerous. I didn’t want my son to see something like that, but he did. Horrible,” Pina said. “When I pulled it up, I dropped it over at the pier. I didn’t dare to touch it.”

No British regulars fired or fled. Just a barnacle-crusted gun on the dock lay dead.

“No dinner tonight,” Pina said. “I came here for some striper, not a rifle.”

Would Alberto even know a striper from a cod? Cause he sure can’t tell a luger from a lever gun. We’d guess the most dangerous item he’d be able to safely handle is a Boston cream pie. Stay vigilant, Al. Stay vigilant.

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  1. “I didn’t want my son to see something like that, but he did. Horrible,” Pina said.
    For fvck’s sake, man! Get ahold of yourself! I mean, really. Is this guy for real!?

      • S. Freud: ”A fear of weapons is a sign of retarded sexual and emotional maturity” Kind of seems this metro sexual has deeper issues. He shouldn’t let his kid near fishing hooks as they pose a more imminent threat to the boy’s safety. He’s more likely to have a fishing accident than a firearm’s accident. BTW that “weapon” was covered with barnacles. That thing wouldn’t fire even if you sent it back to the manufacturer for a rebuild.

  2. What are you doing dragging a big ol’ lure like that across the bottom? Because you sure didn’t catch that sucker in midwater.

    • Maybe that’s why he didn’t catch any Striper. Although I’ve heard some big ones have be caught bottom fishing at the edge of a deep water channel.

    • I have to laugh… from the comments under the article:

      Well… I can tell you why you didn’t catch your dinner.That’s a surface “popping’ lure.Dragging it accross the bottom it doesn’t work too well.

      Hmmm….that’s a floating popper. How did he manage to get that down to the bottom??

  3. It was probably used in a crime and thrown into the sea to get rid of the evidence. How nice of him to throw it back and then call the police, so they need to go for a swim if they want to examine it. It sounds like he peed his pants over the sight of the thing.

    • It’s not an XD variant; it appears to have a one-piece trigger. I also don’t think it’s a Hi-Point. The safety looks wrong, and it appears to have a rail on the dustcover that extends all the way to the front. Hi-Points have rails, but they’re short little one-notch things that only extend about halfway forward from the trigger guard.

    • From his blog post (uncorrected, bad grammar and spelling are his):

      The detectives decided to take the gun with them but I’m still confused. As one of the walk by me, I asked again, “Is it a real?” “No, but it was good for you to call out of precaution”, he said and proceed to walk with his crew.

  4. The gun in the lead photo looks like a HiPoint…aka the One Hit wonder. Makes sense that they found it sleeping with the fishes.

  5. Looking at the pictures on the source website and the man’s blog article, I have to wonder if that’s not an airgun. It’s hard to tell with all the barnacles. I can see that this is a handgun, not a rifle. I can also see that this man is pathetic if he becomes hysterical over pulling a gun out of the water.

  6. I hope the man is recovering from his massive panic attack in hospital surrounded by his family. We can all understand what a traumatic experience it is to fish a non functioning firearm from the bottom of the ocean. Who knows, it might have been loaded and fired 56 times had he not reacted and called the police to clean up the puddle of urine slowly forming beneath him.

  7. children, calm down, its Boston, home to cowards, pansy’s, and traitors from the earliest days of America…
    they pee themselves at the sight of a pizza slicer, let alone a gun…V

  8. There is something very fishy about this story. He was so horrified that his son saw it that he took the time to pose a photo.

  9. Geeeze. Guys, give this man a break! We know absolutely nothing about him. Maybe he came from a place with horrific gun violence and a high murder rate, and guns were only used as tools of oppression. Maybe he lost people close to him as a result.

    If you know absolutely nothing about guns and have never held one in your life, then it’s understandable not to want to touch it or handle it.

    Good God you guys are judgmental!

    • I know nothing about car internals but I held a spark plug for the first time a few days ago. I didn’t need a therapist afterwards.

    • Judgemental? Not when this guy makes it too easy. Please. He found a gun. The picture makes it clear that the thing is not in any condition to fire. There’s nothing wrong in calling the police, since that gun may have been used in a crime, but his reaction to finding it and his posts on the Internet are what earns him the vitriol. He felt the need to be pathetic in public, and we’re calling him out for it.

    • Nah, he alerted the cops and the media. It’s going to wind up in an evidence locker somewhere to see if it can be linked to a crime.

  10. OMG it’s a short-snouted Gatt-Fish.
    Truth be known, that thing’s probably responsible for a half dozen bluefin murders already.
    As for the guy claiming he caught it, he was no doubt snagfishin’ to begin with, and even if he wasn’t, possession of any size Gatt-fish without a permit’s a prostitutional offense most everywhere.
    Charges pending after further instigation.

  11. What do you expect from The People’s Socialist Republic of Massachusetts? I grew up there and the way they treat firearms it’s no surprise this guy has that reaction.

    I wonder if the State will pay for the years of therapy this guy and his kid are entitled to after suffering such trauma. Somebody needs to get Barney Frank or Elizabeth Warren to look into this.

  12. Thats a top water plug (lure) there is no way that he snagged that gun on that lure. The gun was most likely on the bottom and that lure floats.. something smells fishy…

  13. My firearms instructor said “The only thing a revolver is good for is robbing stage coaches, and the only thing a 1911 is good for is a trout line weight.” Mr. Pina should turn the barnacle encrusted junk in at the next gun buy back and use the money to treat his son to a red snapper at The Barking Crab to help him get over his trauma.

    • As your instructor doesn’t know that it’s called a “trot-line” not a “trout-line” you might want to take him with a grain of salt.

  14. I simultaneously feel proud that my father wasnt a limp wristed sissy like this man, and sorry for this guys son for having a dad who is.


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