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“On Christmas morning, families everywhere rushed downstairs to find hoverboards, Apple Watches and Star Wars toys under the tree,” reports. But not many can say Santa left them a custom-made, pink anti-tank rifle, bedazzled in shiny jewels.” Anti-tank? The gun in question [after the jump] looks like a .50 cal, but I’m not sure that would be my first choice to take out an T-90. Anyway, the anti-gun rights Daily Mail is shocked – shocked I tell you! – that Americans celebrated Yule with new guns. That said, this is all they said . . .

Pink gun (courtesy

Obviously, the politics concerning gun ownership and how the U.S. Second Amendment fits into today’s society is a highly debated topic.

So, while you know the images were posted to offend British readers – assuming they ran the same feature on the UK site – I think we have to log this as a win for American gun rights. While I can hear the Brits shaking their heads, I bet more than a few would trade places with their American counterparts in a New York minute. And rightly so.

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  1. Love it. “high powered machine gun” “assault rifles” “anti tank gun” “M4 rifle”. That article was LOADED with scary buzz words. 😉

  2. Santa brought me a super scary “build it yourself”, military style, high powered, assault sniper rifle! Thanks santa!

  3. Santa left this little boy a Bushmaster. Not sure I’d call it a gift…I’ve already spent WAY too much on accessories…

  4. I really appreciated the photographer’s work. I went to the ‘fstoppers” site to see the rest. The photo, with the small girls wearing ear protection, is priceless!

    What’s really great is the discussion he generates.

  5. After our rebellion, correct me if I’m wrong, helped them win a couple of wars? To which the British government promply started disarming its citizens? Anti gun is ingrained into their culture.

    True story (raise your pant legs) At a gathering in the Hoilday Inn Kuwait following the first Gulf War. A Brit noted I was pocket carrying an M9, asked if I would disarm. A polite diplomatic no was my reply. He insisted again that in the enclosed space and consumption of booze (I wasn’t drinking) it would be best that I secure the weapon. My response was if he touch my weapon or spoke about disarming me again, I would kill him. That ended the discussion and we resumed enjoying the company of British ladies.

    Perhaps we should take a similar world wide stance against anti gunners. Just say no thank you prefer to be armed. Then they can scurry off to wherever they go.

    • Interesting, I hung out with a bunch of British officers a couple years ago, and once they knew I was a gun owner, all they could talk about is guns. They went out with a few people shooting and complained about their gun laws. One guy was older and talked fondly about the G3 he kept in the trunk while working in Northern Ireland.

      • That war was a draw and the turning point in developing a professional army. After action reports noted the limitations of milita forces continued from the Revolutionary war and led our government to invest in a professional army.

        • I did not know that, thank you!

          It was a draw, but we learned from it. Sounds like another win… 🙂

  6. “Santa” gave to me Ruger LCR 9mm (delivered early) To go with a new bear paw craved leather holster and a blue jean concealed carry NRA jacket.
    My birthday is coming up, I’m seeing a Ruger LCR 22 in my near future, will be delivered to FFL next week

    • I love my LCR 9mm. Did yours come with a coupon for Ruger’s site? I would personally buy more moonclips since they are nice to have at the range.

      • Yes, use the OME moon clips for practice, use after market moon clips for carry.
        LCR 9mm less recoil due 17 ounces vs 15 for LCR 38. Keeping the 9 and turning the 38 over to my husband. I honestly love all my Ruger revolvers but especially enjoying the 9mm

  7. If it were any other culture than rural white rednecks then the liberals would say the photos are exploitive. But it’s open season to mock and sensationalize American gun owners… the photos are dripping with smug irony with the flag and smoke machine. It’s a cheap ploy to sell pictures to uptight Euros.

    • Euro’s are sold the idea and laws implemented to restrict gun ownership and lawful self defense. As well as Islamist being peaceful and law abiding dispite the rise of Muslim men raping European women.

  8. A dining room used to be a place to display fine firearms. The polished wood stocks and blued barrels blended nicely with the decor. But hanging a military pattern rifle on the wall smells of armory or bunker. The pic of the dude with the classic shotgun rang true. The others looked like Call of Duty wannabes or insecure fatherless young men trying to form an identity through gun owning. Buying a AR no more makes you a dude worthy of respect than a buying a muscle car makes you cool. In fact the reverse effect is often the case.

    • Opinions are like a$$ holes. We could just leave people alone and allow them to buy what they want for whatever reason they want and allow them to decorate their house as they see fit.

    • Holy judgmental statement, Batman! Who sh*t in your cereal this morning?

      Speaking from my own personal experience: I didn’t grow up with Grandpappy’s rifle in the dining room. My brother and I had to find gun ownership by ourselves. Being new gun gun enthusiasts, we tend to buy current generation guns. As a mechanic and I.T. guy, we also enjoy the technology behind modern guns. We’ll probably get around to buying some more decorative guns eventually. Unfortunately, we don’t have unlimited funds.

      • Here, here!!

        Here is a clue AI, POTG, or whatever you call yourselves on this website, not everyone, in fact most Americans, never grew up in a home with a gun in it nor knew anyone that was interested in guns. More Americans today live in cities than in the country. Most cities are anti-gun, have no places to shoot unless you are lucky to find an overpriced indoor range or spend a day trip to find an outdoor range, and are reliant on someone else to take care of them. Not saying the latter statement is right but that is the mindset as it is. If you want the 2nd to survive into the 21st Century then you better start embracing the likes of Call of Duty and other video games because had it not been for them portraying guns in a positive light I would most likely be an anti-gun, indoctrinated, f***tard because I did not have a dad, grandpa, uncle, etc. that was in to shooting. I had to learn about guns on my own which was difficult living in an urban/suburban gun hostile environment that many who grew up in the country within their own bubbles don’t understand nor experienced but are quick to denigrate media and other things outside their sphere of knowledge that help more than hinder gun ownership including those “dreaded video games”.

  9. Interestingly the photographer mis-states, whether on purpose or by ignorance the guns carrier by their owners. a .50 is a “tank-killer”? Really? Wrong war idiot. He describes a semi-auto Ar-15 as “machine gun”. Eevry weapon is “powerful”. I had an argument with an English tour guide when visiting one of the many Imperial War Museums where thy had a display of several FN Herstal weapons on display albeit with the 3 burst safety. I saw a P-90 and let him know I could buy that at home but only in the semi-auto mode to which he responded with horror that no person should ever be allowed to own such weapons! I responded to him that our Constitution allows each American the absolute right to own one if they desire to. He kept after me about how horrible our Constitution was to even allow for such a thing to which I merely told him to go away and I would finish the tour on my own as I could read English and probably knew more about the weapons in the cases than he did.

    These sheep have been ingrained with such a distaste and fear of guns as to be completely be beyond belief!! That is what the Dems and Progressives want to do to all of us too!!!

    • Right. Civilians shouldn’t be allowed to have weapons of war.
      That’s what King George said, before we whipped his sorry ass.

  10. Cool photoshoot! You can see that the anti-gunners are having fits in the comments section. I got some AR lowers and a Bodyguard .380. I had to get a small gun to compensate for my enormous…gun collection. Now I’m off to the gym to compensate for all of the Christmas cookies.

  11. I came across this DM article a few days ago, and found it highly distasteful. Not because of the powerful automatic assault weapons of tank-killing war, but because of the willful ignorance and sheer gullibility displayed by the author & commentors.

  12. Well, in the U S legal things are legal, and we’re OK with people having and living different choices. We even give guns to people who like guns, because gifts are about making them happy, however they prefer.

    So, yay us!

    If ya wanna live this way, too come on over. We’ll trade you any number of people who think the other way. BTW, we have more fun.

  13. My family went to the range also on the day after Chistmas. Our presents inclined a CZ P07, an XD45, and an M&P Sport AR15. We had a blast!

  14. While I can hear the Brits shaking their heads, I bet more than a few would trade places with their American counterparts in a New York minute.

    When I got to the indoor ranges in Las Vegas (which I often do), everybody around me is from some strange foreign country, like Germany, the UK, Australia and New York City.

  15. Amazing how the left turned out on You Tube to denounce the video–Of course, they ran into some feverish opposition/responses from freedom-loving Americans! God Bless America.

  16. As always don’t imagine that everyone European/British is anti-gun. I’m an ex-pat living in France and I have have about 20 guns – a mix of revolvers, semi-auto pistols, AR-15, hunting guns etc. I had to move to France because UK law over guns is so anal and retarded ( France isn’t great for gun owners but much better than the UK).

    Like the USA there are a big bunch of hoplophobes and crappy media coverage. I say to my American friends, fight hard to keep the great system you have. I’m hoping that the golfing president is not going to cause you any problems this week?

  17. I’m not an expert, but it looks like the guns don’t have magazines. So I guess the Brits are worried about…. clubs?

  18. Went to the rifle range Sunday after Xmas. There was an (presumably new) AR on every bench blasting away. We’ve got 10 or 12 benches. I should know exactly as me and my buds replaced the 30 year old tops on all of them this past summer. A good time was had by all and I didnt mind a bit picking up the shiny new brass that some left behind.

    • “A good time was had by all and I didnt mind a bit picking up the shiny new brass that some left behind.”


      Those whipper-snappers can be downright considerate without being aware of it…


  19. Never mind that there’s really no such thing as an anti-tank rifle. That is the most ‘MURICA! pair of photos I’ve seen in a long time.

    Plenty of people around the world (and here) will never understand, but it warms my heart to know that I live in a country where people have not only the ability, but the RIGHT to put something like that bedazzled pink .50 BMG under their Christmas tree. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

  20. Seriously? Guns have been part of our culture for a good 250 years or so, and they’re shocked by the idea of guns for gifts? Those rocks they’ve been living under must be friggin’ huge.

  21. Well, good on FStopper for going into this project with an open mind, and not making gun-control comments one way or the other.


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