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The San Bernardino shooting massacre of 14 innocent people happened just fifty miles from my home.  Imagine my shock when just a few days later, I was shopping in my neighborhood Albertson’s grocery store and was confronted with a magazine rack filled with magazines glorifying assault weapons. There were more than a dozen magazines pushing assault weapons, “combat tactics,” silencers, and “highly concealable” pistols. Guns that could only be used for one thing, killing . . .

I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. My shock quickly turned to anger. I went back to that store to register my concern with the manager. I walked him to the magazine rack, pointed out the ludicrous lineup of gun-centric magazines, and told him I didn’t think a grocery store is the place for “gun pornography.” He offered to pass my feelings on, but said that, ultimately, “corporate” decides what to sell and not sell in their stores. For me, it’s just common sense. Responsible businesses shouldn’t sell magazines that make it easier for people to get their hands on assault weapons, or outfit them to make them even more deadly than they already are.

Please join me in asking Albertson’s to set a  standard of responsibility for all grocery stores and refuse to sell gun-glorifying magazines.

Our country is rife with gun violence. Just this year alone, there have been more mass shootings than days in the year. An innocent child is shot to death every other day, and that statistic only counts the ones who die; hundreds more are injured every year.

It is time to stop glorifying these weapons of mass destruction. One small, but easy, step is to ask the businesses we frequent to play their part. Albertson’s can play its part by refusing to sell these magazines.

Please sign my petition.

Sign David’s petition

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      • That looks like a high-capacity magazine rack too. Nobody needs a magazine rack that holds more than 10 magazines.

        • I saw one of these rolled up on the toilet paper rack in the lavatory. Just lying there! I say we end this bathroom loophole now.

        • JMAC , that was mine . I hope you were alright after seeing it just laying there like that , maybe even for a kid to get ahold of . I was so stupid for leaving it there .
          In my defense , it doesn’t fit my magazine holster tight enough and when I went to tuck in my shirt it almost fell out and a beautiful transgender woman came in to squat on the urinal at the same time and I just simply forgot I left it there .

    • Since the magazines are loaded one by one in the rack, does that make the rack a clip? And does that make the shelf stocker a stripper?

    • I don’t see why you’re being so mean to this guy. After all, everyone knows that the Columbine HS shooters were made crazy from playing all those violent video games.
      That stuff just gets into your head and makes you crazy. The same things happening with all those gun magazines. Can’t you see how macho those magazines are trying to make guns? Those violent images get into unsuspecting people’s heads and, just like violent video games, and rap music, make them do crazy things. People who read those kinds of magazines are walking time-bombs. Albertson’s should do something immediately.

      • I completely agree, Albertsons should do ‘something’. Something like sell more rotisserie chicken and cans of soup and gun magazines. THAT is the something they should do.

      • Yeah because gun magazines allow you to simulate shooting people. Should we remove maxim and cosmo type magazines to try and remove the temptation for young boys to want to rape girls?

        Sound stupid? So does your arguement. Gun magazines do nothing that other magazines dont. They are there to sell a product and many times inform the reader.

      • Absolutely agree! Also, everyone knows it is the porn industry which makes teenage boys horny. If it wasn’t for porn they’d all be monks.

  1. Well I am sure his liberal sensibilities were tickled pink seeing an opportunity to feel like he is doing something, anything, to make his fellow man unable to defend himself against an ever encroaching state.

    • When I was 13 I was totally obsessed with guns. I had a subscription to one of those “gun glorifying” magazines and read them cover to cover. I’m confused, why didn’t I turn out to be a criminal? I was exposed to so much gun glorification…

      • You did. You just have not done anything about it. Yet.

        That’s the Proggie thinking. We are ALL criminals.

        Not for owning guns. Not for liking guns. We are CRIM-I-NALS for daring to defy our “betters” (them) by not doing what we are told is “good for us.”

        None of this is about guns or violence. It’s about control. Whenever focus is placed on the fact that they don’t have control of everybody, they go full nutso with stuff like this.

  2. I went to Walgreens and they had the nerve to blatantly display a Hot Rod magazine. How dare they! Not even a week after a woman in Las Vegas mowed down thirty people with her car. No respect, I tell you.

    The manager told me that it was already on display before the incident, but I know he did it on purpose to hurt my feelings.

    • no it was something worse than a blatant attempt to hurt your feelings. He considered them sooo insignificant that he never cared if your feeling get hurt or not. I’d sue.

    • The leading cause of death in the US is heart disease. I hope he stopped at the nearest McDonalds to demand that those merchants of death stop their advertising and marketing products to young children.

  3. Confronted, from the verb ‘confront’ meaning to meet (someone) face to face with hostile or argumentative intent. I don’t think that an inanimate object, possessed of no rationality or reason is able to confront someone.

    But given that the individual in question believes that guns are only for killing then I don’t think that he is open to a constructive dialogue.

    • You know, I am really tired of that “only for killing” crap, and I bet a lot of others are, too. What I need is a reasonably accurate number for how many rounds of ammunition are fired every year in the US, to point out that there must be an awful lot of misses, if that’s all the guns are for! My guess is that if that were correct, the entire population of the US would be killed by gunfire every year, several times over. All the thousands of rounds I have put to paper in the last 50 years were only meant to kill people? Who knew?

      • “You know, I am really tired of that “only for killing” crap, and I bet a lot of others are, too. “

        Yep. Me, too.

        They were designed to launch projectiles at a target. Nothing more than that. But, this “only for killing” crap is more of them assigning agency to the gun…

        Lots of guns have never killed anything whatsoever. Yet they function as designed. The anti’s can’t grasp that the difference is the “killing” part comes from what the human operator of a firearms aims the gun at.

        • And even Bill Wussy Maher recognizes that “Some people do need killing.”

          Sometimes I think that nothing would improve America half as much as every Whiny Mother being confronted by one of those people, as soon as is practical.

        • every Whiny Mother being confronted by one of those people, as soon as is practical.

          Only let those people who need killing NOT be threatening them with a gun, so the whiney mother can’t decide to focus on that as the “real” problem.

      • “…What I need is a reasonably accurate number for how many rounds of ammunition are fired every year ”

        Can’t help you wit the ammunition count. I can offer this…. Over three hundred million firearm in the US, only 30,000 ish deaths if you count the suicides. If you figure one gun per death/suicide, only 0.0001% of the guns killed anyone over the last year. If guns are designed only to kill people they have a spectacularly low success rate.

        • Cars and riding mowers are far more dangerous .

          I do think Jerry Brown should propose a magazine buyback program , my wife would appreciate it , my waiting room magazine rack would appreciate it and I could make a fortune reselling all mine , I got about 10 subscriptions going back 30 years , stored in plastic storage containers in the upstairs of my garage and I have been waiting for a buyback . These things aren’t even safe to burn .

    • For the full comedic effect you have to quote the rest of the argument he makes; “Responsible businesses shouldn’t sell magazines that make it easier for people to get their hands on assault weapons”

      That’s right folks, buying a magazine makes it easier to get your hands on a Hughes Amendment legal assault weapon (once you pay the exorbitant price for the firearm, the paperwork, etc.) because….reasons.

    • “Well, in the first place an armed society is a polite society. Manners are good when one may have to back up his acts with his life. For me, politeness is the sin qua non of civilization….But gunfighting has a strong biological use. We do not have enough things that kill off the weak and stupid these days. But to stay alive as an armed citizen a man has to be either quick with his wits or with his hands, preferably both. It’s a good thing.” – Mordan to Hamilton Felix, “Beyond This Horizon” – Robert A. Heinlein

      • Yea, worst “gun meme” ever. People seem to like to parrot it, but I guess they just don’t think it through.

        The idea that it’s “OK” so go to Def Con 1 and use lethal force against someone who didn’t hold the door open for you, didn’t say please, took cuts in line, snuck 16 items through the express lane, didn’t use his blinker, took the last piece of pizza, or crossed against the yellow.

        “Apologize to the stranger, son, before he kills you.”

        Yea, that’s a great place to live. A real winner.

        No, it’s an insane precept. While the 2nd Amd. maybe have survived the 18th century, dueling didn’t. If folks wanted to help the community instead of reinforcing stereotypes, they’d be best to let this meme die on the vine.

        • I actually have to disagree. I’m not thinking that in any given year there were a whole lot of people killed in duels. But the possibility would sure shut up some assholes.

          Like, for example, “Apologize to the stranger, son, before he kills you.”

  4. Feelings…nothing more than feelings…

    If a magazine caused you that much distress sir, I recommend you stay away from the TV, radio and Internet.

  5. Why don’t they ban all magazines and books that promote differing political ideas and ideologies while they’re at it, since they’re so deeply “harmed” by the mere availability of ideas other than their own.

    I thought America was a place where ideas were free to be spoken and distributed, where we embraced the availability of views contrary to our own as the hallmark of a free society. A marketplace of ideas, where we could compare and debate and let the best ideas stand on their own merits.

    I can’t consider authoritarians like this my countrymen when they’re trying to destroy our national values by creating an authoritarian regime with peaceful opposing political organizations criminalized as terrorists, demagoguery as the prevailing political philosophy, nationwide repression of fundamental human rights, and unlimited executive power.

    • It’s easier to ban books than to burn them. Burning them just harms the ozone layer and that would not be acceptable

    • Progressivism and Fascism are rooted in the same base ideology, so it should not be a surprise that they want to ban opposing views. I am sure if we let Obama and his minions finish what they started, they will start burning books and magazines in the streets.

  6. I say we just move some of those firearm magazines around the rack a little. Let’s put them over the women’s magazines. Redistibute them to the registers where they have the National Enquirer and all those rags.

    Maybe we get somebody that’s tired of waiting in line to pick one up and buy it.

  7. FLAME DELETED .has he ever looked on the interwebz? Funny but most mag racks I see in area stores(like Walgreens) are either absent or greatly reduced with maybe one or two “evil” gun mags. No Albertson’s near me and if I want to see guns I have to go to Wal-mart or Cabelas. Haven’t bought one in 4 years accept the NRA rag. FLAME DELETED

  8. Wow – A pettion that attacks the 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, and private property rights in one little package.

    It takes real talent to be that uneducated.

    • I find it refreshing. Usually the left pretends to respect the 1st amendment most of the time, and occasionally the 2nd. This kind of open contempt for the most fundamental of natural rights give us an up close and personal view of the monstrosity behind the veil.

  9. Someone call this … human… and demand that he forfeit his man card.

    Not because of the gun issue. But because he thought he was “confronted” by a rack filled with glossy printed matter.


  10. I was at the Seattle airport around Thanksgiving. I went into one of the stores to get a bottle of water and noticed that the largest category of magazines on their magazine rack was gun magazines. The second largest category was car/motorcycle enthusiast magazines. I couldn’t help but smile.

    • Yes, we’re not all sissies here in the Evergreen state.

      BTW, what’s up with “businesses shouldn’t sell magazines that make it easier for people to get their hands on assault weapons, or outfit them to make them even more deadly than they already are”?
      Was there a coupon I missed?

      Oh, and just so I don’t feel left out:

  11. David Jones I have only this to say to you: “Deal with it you hippie, we’re tired of your leftish liberal bullshit, you don’t like the magazines tough. You live in California stop trying to enforce your views in parts of America that don’t want it. Your laws on guns are already the worst in the country enough is enough!”

  12. So, tell Albertson’s to stop selling … things people want so much they are willing to pay for, about other things people want so much they are willing to pay for. Because I do not approve, not only is the thing wrong, *discussing* it is not to be allowed. So says David Jones. (“… people say we monkey around…”)

    Clearly, this guy has tons of respect for other people who shop at Albertsons’.

    • I mean, how dare two people in a market economy come to an agreement about an exchange of value, right? That can’t be allowed to happen. Think of the children! Statism at its worst…

  13. I doubt Albertsons is going to do diddly squat. One nut-less wimp and a few signatures from some clueless hens isn’t going to influence them to cease selling gun literature. I bought the magazine The Complete Book of the AK47 by Guns & Ammo at Albertsons not that long ago.

  14. Anybody have his address? I want to send a subscription or two. Anybody else want to join in? Imagine the horror of opening his mailbox……

      • Oh come on! That was hardly a flame!

        You post an article about some guy having to fan himself off because of magazines at Albertsons and when we make fun of him, you go on a delete-a-thon.

        • TTAG’s posting policy no flaming the website, its author or fellow commentators. No ad hominem attacks (also categorized as a flame) on the subject of a post.

  15. Oh, “,” the place for anyone who wants to feel like they’re “doing something.” Goodness. Not to mention his argument’s absurd, but really? Just another in a long line of people trying to ban things they don’t agree with.

  16. Hey, at least s/he didn’t call them “clips”!

    What a dufus. Far more damage has been caused in our family by my wife bringing home magazines on garden design than by me bringing home a copy of Tactical Hard Core Survivalist Soldier of Fortune Journal! Her list of honey-dos after reading one of those always seems to involve heavy lifting and planting stuff….

  17. Just days after all those people were run over in Las Vegas I walked into my local supermarket and was SHOCKED to see hot rod and car magazines all over the shelves. My shock quickly turned to anger as I realized they were advertising ways to add more and more deadly power to these machines of DEATH! I approached the store manager and let him know my thoughts on the subject, but since I live in the south he just told me “Suck it up buttercup.”. I was outraged! I drove my *insert trendy eco friendly car* to my safe suburban home only to find myself in more outrage as I arrived home as all my neighbors had cars parked in thier driveways, and then I realized how sick I was I just stepped foot out of my own deadly killing machine! I have now sold my *trendy eco friendly car* and bought a safe sensible bicycle for my 50 mile commute back and forth from work, I feel just so much safer now. If only the rest of the world could see through my blind sensible eyes.

  18. Sounded like the ramblings of snl church lady?
    What is this country coming to?
    Sometimes it just seems to be such a joke.

  19. Albertson’s doesn’t actually sell guns, dimbob! But they do sell alcoholic beverages and tobacco products, which cause, I think you know what.

  20. This over-emotional FLAME FUGGIN DELETED is exactly the kind of person exacerbating the wussification of western civ. He reminds me of all those progressives who were left dumbfounded because we all didn’t just throw our guns into the smelter after Newtown and hold hands singing Kumbayah “for the greater good”.

  21. I have never in my life been confronted by a piece of furniture nor shocked by something printed on the front of a wad of glossily printed and bound paper. I would question the emotional stability of anyone that would react in such a way to something as pedestrian as a rack of magazines.

    This chap should steer clear of any Barnes & Noble stores. I’d bet some of the stuff in some of the hundreds of specialty magazines they sell would induce a stroke.

  22. I remember when I was a kid going to a drug store with my mom, and she went off on the clerk because on the magazine racks were playboy, penthouse and other dirty magazines. I couldn’t see them or get to them and they were on the top shelf but it didn’t stop her from complaining over and over and over again until one day she was happy that the drug store decided not to carry porno mags ever again. I was a young impressionable girl at the time so I was ‘Alright mom!’. Of course now I see the world a little differently and see viewpoints like hers and the woman above as archaic and somewhat sinister. Behind the bravado there is something else hidden. There are a lot of magazines I won’t buy like Cosmo with their ‘almost porn’ articles, still I would never stop someone from displaying or selling them. I don’t even buy gun magazines for goodness sakes but I would never stop someone from selling them.

    • That’s funny…when I was a teen my mom was OK when I got a Playboy.(a long time ago). I guess she was glad I liked girls… Christian woman and she used to say things like “look but don’t touch and “don’t bring home a colored girl or a Catholic”. I did all 3 LOL. How pretty IS your AR?

  23. Just more proof that the anti-gun cult are authoritarian bullies.

    I’m not interested in naked men so I don’t buy gay porn. I don’t want to stop gay men from buying it.

    II don’t like cats so I don’t buy magazines about them. I don’t want to stop cat fanciers from buying them.

    I utterly LOATHE professional sports so I don’t buy “Sports Illustrated”. I don’t want to BAN “Sports Illustrated”.

    Dim witted thugs like the character referenced are one reason why I wear an NRA ballcap almost everywhere I go.

  24. ” . . . the right of the people to keep & bear magazines (both kinds), shall not be infringed.”

    So much wrong with Jones’ petition . . . so little time.

  25. “Guns that could only be used for one thing, killing”
    OK. I confess, every handgun I have has indeed killed”
    My Ruger SR22 pistol with 10 round mags filled with CCI Mini Mags killed a paper target. It was brutal, nothing left of that target, we, tied to save it with those little orange sticky dots. Sadly too late. It’s big brother Ruger GP100 .357 180 gr Buffalo Bore Bear rounds out of 3″ barrel, took 6 rounds, didn’t even try to save that one, it was a goner before the cylinder was empty. Don’t even want to think about the targets killed by my SP101 .357 LCR .38 P+ or the LCR 9mm 5 rounds with moon clips.

  26. Well, he clearly never visited the magazine rack before and this is all knee-jerk reaction, or he has and this is all an act. Almost every, big box grocery store I go into has a magazine rack that sells at least one gun magazine of one kind or the other. I don’t know where this guy is from, but I’m calling his BS.

  27. I like the comment where they guy is proud that his name is David, too.

    That folks, is the “mentality” we are dealing with.

    They go to a website to sign a petition on a serious issue that is hotly debated…a true front in the “culture war,” and the best comment that guy could think to make was to connect with the petitioner on the fact that they share the 6th most common first name in the country.

    Utter brilliance.

  28. “Responsible businesses shouldn’t sell magazines that make it easier for people to get their hands on assault weapons, or outfit them to make them even more deadly than they already are.”


  29. Albertson’s provided my “gateway drug” to gun guydom when I bought my first Guns & Ammo there as a 14 y/o to read an article by a guy named Ayoob.

  30. I guess he doesn’t go out much. Gun magazines have been on Alberson’s, as well as any other supermarket and bookstore, magazine racks for decades. They might even be a few at the local library.

  31. Of course I agree with all u guys!
    I’m a gun guy too.
    However, this IS America (F,, Yeah!) and we DO have the right of free speech.
    So, as soon as that snowflake gets his way and gets all those manly rags replaced with xgendered fashion mags or some goatf**ker bs,,,,,, I’ll be the 1st one to speak up as well.

  32. There is a real need to include a “disagree” box with these partitions. I’m sure the 800 some signatures would be drowned by the number of “disagree”
    Hey, let’s start a petition to do this!

    • A good chunk of the signatures were probably from people looking to post in the comments section to tell this guy off. The comments are gold, I recommend reading them.

      I’m guessing/hoping that will disqualify those signatures so the count is reduced at some point.

      But yes, they should leave the comments section “open” for debate and discussion. Conversations drive traffic, after all.

  33. Why the quotes? Is this guy implying that the “highly concealable” pistols he saw in the magazines were only averagely or slightly concealable?

  34. Something tells me the FLAME DELETED who authored that petition wouldn’t have complained if it were Mapplethorpe anthologies and bear-lifestyle rags set front & center on that magazine rack.

  35. If he is concerned about the magazine rack I would advise him not to visit an Albertson’s in an open carry state because he may be confronted by a person carrying an actual gun.

  36. The petitioner could not be reached for conment regarding his feelings of being assaulted by magazines that objectify women.

    And unfortunately for the petitioner’s safe space, the first amendment protects both types of magazine.

  37. Aversion therapy is indicated. Tape one of those gun magazines, any one of them will do, to the small of his back where he can’t reach it. I’d also recommend stuffing an issue down his pants but I prefer to keep my hands clean. Some things just should not be.


  38. ” Guns that could only be used for one thing, killing.”

    Really? No sh*t? News flash, the intended use for nearly every weapon ever designed has been to kill. You can’t win wars yelling mean things at your enemies. Cowering in fear or running away from a person who wishes to do you harm isn’t always the best way to ensure survival. Also, it’s generally difficult to chase down animals you intend to eat and strangle them to death with your bare hands.

    “Responsible businesses shouldn’t sell magazines that make it easier for people to get their hands on assault weapons, or outfit them to make them even more deadly than they already are.”

    Wrong. Responsible businesses SHOULD sell magazines, as well as the “assault weapons” they’re for.

  39. I am offended by all of those good looking new magazines. You see I live in Colorado where we are limited on the number of new magazines that we can own because once they are used up we have to throw them away. Maybe they could fill the magazines with more pages so that I could read more at a time. Hmm, that might run afoul of a high capacity magazine issue as well. I hate reading. I quit.

  40. You know, if you have a 30 round magazine clip you can go through it in a half second. That’s a heck of a lot of reading.

  41. Who are these people? Honestly, who are these legions of people who are so deeply effected by seeing a magazine that shows a picture of a gun that it upsets them to this level? How the hell did they survive childhood? It scares me that I share a country with these people.

    • Frankly I don’t think he wrote it. It reads like it was written by someone from Moms demand FLAME DELETED.

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