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“Well this is terrifying. During Monday night’s Astros-Orioles game at Minute Maid park, a fan reached for a foul ball, and in doing so revealed a concealed firearm tucked into his waistband. Here’s a still photo (above) via Andrew Joseph of the Arizona Republic.” That’s hyperventilating over the sight of a pistol on a hip. In Texas. Yes, Major League Baseball’s policy is to prohibit the practice of Second Amendment rights in all of its stadia, no matter how firearm-friendly the locale. But wait! Don’t parks now feature airport-style metal detectors at all fan entrances to enforce the embargo? . . .

Obviously the video raises concerns about MLB’s security protocols. MLB ramped up security this year and had all 30 clubs install metal detectors this season, yet here’s a fan carrying a gun.

How could this be?!

Screen Shot 2015-06-02 at 6.49.11 PM

CBS Sports’ uber-macho scribe Mike Axisa exhaled tremblingly when he read the good news from the Astros’ tweet.


Phew, that’s much better.

Hope Mike’s OK. You can almost hear his knuckles cracking as his hand unclenches from its death-grip around his pearls. Wonder if Minute Maid Park has a fainting couch in the press box. [h/t AB]

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    • They wouldn’t post my comment to the article:

      Bullshit! If I can’t carry my gun to a baseball game then this off duty cop can’t either! And what is with the sigh of relief at the end of this story when you find out he was a cop? You don’t trust a black man with a gun? Racist bitches! I have carried my gun into ballparks every time until they started metal detector searches in order to infringe on my rights. I had a ticket taker at Comerica Park in Detroit tell me how to smuggle my gun in a woman’s handbag. I didn’t do that because I am a responsible gun owner and I will not relinquish control of my firearm. I just went to a local eatery to watch the game and wait for my group to come out after. This hoplophobia has got to stop. But Bruce Jenner is a hero! Give me a fricken break. You Liberals suck!

      • Since you otherwise made a good point, try removing “shit” and “bitches” and see if it goes through. Many such sites have software that just bans profanity or other stuff as a matter of course. I once was denied permission to post a review of an item which I liked, but with which I mentioned I only had a few “niggles,” or minor complaints. Apparently, the software thought “niggles” was some new racist word all the cool skinheads and KKK kids were using.

        • And to prove my point, the software here auto-flagged my above post for moderation.

  1. Oh the horrah!

    I can smell the stench of his hoplophobic fear from here. It’s amazing how all of the hoplophobes have come out of the woodwork in the last 3 years huh? Like anything really changed? (Besides the media and the Gov’t whipping up their fears, that is).

    • Well, I can’t avoid having some sympathy for the poor smuck. Sure he makes a lot of money but a big part of his job is toeing the company line which, in this case, demands that he act like a scared wuss in social media. Yeah he gets to be a big-time “sports commentator” and, yeah, he get’s paid a big salary, but seeing a grown man have to say stuff like this in front of God and everybody just hammers home the fact that when his bosses say jump . . . he jumps. This guy’s job sucks big-time.

  2. And yet, were there a terrorist attack at a major sporting event (a tactic ISIS has claimed they will execute in the USA), this same sissy would later be whining about how too few armed people were available to stop it.

    Granted in a large venues like this, the coordination of LEOs trumps individual citizens carrying who don’t have the benefit of coordinated fire and maneuver resulting from unified communication and direction, but in smaller venues where there is no LEO presence or coordination, citizen carriers are increasingly “saving the day” until law enforcement arrives to draw chalk lines and interview witnesses.

    • Sadly, in the case of a major event like a terror attack, there’s no such thing as “unified communication and direction” among LEOs. It’s usually complete chaos until after the smoke clears, often with multiple overlapping LEO jurisdictions getting in each other’s way. Generally, when one gunshot is heard, every cop around empties their magazine in the general direction of the sound, so so much for “coordinated fire”, as well. See the Chris Dorner manhunt and the shootout with the bombers after the Boston bombing for a couple recent examples.

    • Coordinated fire and maneuver? Unified communication? Are you serious?

      This is a simple demonstration of government privilege, nothing more.

    • Danilushka,

      As others commented, I wouldn’t put too much stock in the idea of a coordinated police response on site. While the police are pretty good at using their radios to coordinate vehicle pursuits or officer movements around a region, they have basically no ability to coordinate second-by-second movement/tactics in the immediate vicinity of an active deadly attack. Why? Because only one officer at a time can talk on the radio and a lot can happen in the 10 seconds it takes an officer to explain where he is, what he is doing, where he is going next, and what he will do when he gets there. Now imagine 6 officers doing that. It would take nearly 60 seconds. And by the time everyone has finished coordinating, the situation could have changed so much that everyone would need to coordinate again, and again, and again … not to mention the fact that a spree killer could kill dozens of people during each 60 second cycle of coordination.

      Basically, what I am describing is the “fog of war” which seriously reduces the elegance, efficiency, and effectiveness of a team.

  3. I don’t know how many people saw the segment I think was called “Guns in America” on Fox last night. It was very well presented with lots of facts to discredit the anti gun lies. Geraldo Rivera represented the anties. He claimed that he stopped carrying when jogging in Central Park he drew his “revolver” and almost firing it after hearing a noise behind some bushes. Turned out to be a harmless person wanting to say hello to him. My first thought was, how did he get a CCP in NYC? My second thought was, yes you should stop carrying, in fact you probably should be banned from ever owning a firearm because you are a dangerous MORON. Or you just made this all up.
    Unfortunately this segment was on Fox so probably the only people watching are of the same mindset as us.

    • He got the CCP in NYC because of who he is, whom he knows, and whatever favor he/Fox did for the CLEO who signed the permit authorization (backstage passes for your entire family to any venue you want in NYC, anyone?). But you knew that.

    • Geraldo is a tool. Here he employs a common tactic of the left. Leftists are the ones who harbor fantasies about gunning down people, and almost all mass murders with guns are leftists. They don’t trust themselves with guns, and therefor project their circumstances on everyone else. The only people who should have guns are the jack booted thugs, who answer only to them, of course.

  4. OMG! That should be illegal! Or not. If this were the NFL I wonder if the pistol wearing guy would have been charged with trespassing, because the NFL last made a stink about not even wanting LEO carry in stadium. In MI big sporting events are off limits for cc anyways.

    • People are carrying lions into stadiums? Yikes!

      If non-law enforcement is being barred from bearing arms in these venues then off duty and retired law enforcement ought to be too. If these places received public monies then they shouldn’t be able to ban firearms anyway.

      • No sporting arenas or events with seating greater than 2500, but the law prohibits concealed carry in these places.

      • I’m fine with LEO carry — I mean, it’s heavy and cumbersome (and who can guarantee that it won’t eat you for lunch?) — but I don’t see how anyone could conceal one. Unless maybe it’s a Cub.

    • If it were the NFL, the guy with the gun would probably have been one of the players…

  5. Funny how quickly they accept a concealed firearm on a regular person employed as a cop vs a regular person employed as anything else.

    I think it’s where our society has been going. Don’t do anything yourself, get an expert, someone whose been “trained”…be dependent…be compartmentalized.

    I bet many of the same people that decry concealed carry are the same people who would never consider doing their own carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, car maintenance, computer setup, etc… I bet those same people haven’t actually meet many cops outside of TV and movies.

    • great point. what if the guy carrying was a top brain surgeon? trust him to monkey around in your cerebral cortex but ohnoes he haz a gun he can’t be trusted?!?!

      • That’s an amazingly good point.

        When I go to a medical care provider I often think that I’m put in a position where I have to place blind trust in the individual whom I might have never met before.

        Some few months after my son was born he needed an operation to remove a growth in his neck. I carried him to the entrance to the operating room and a young fellow (looked about 19 years old) reached to take my baby. I asked him what his job was. He said “I’m the anesthesiologist.” I instantly recognized that it was this kid – not the surgeon – whose job it was to keep my son alive.

        Conversely, I expected that the surgeon would be some intern working under the supervision of the experienced doctor who recommended the surgery. Turns out that once they cut him open the experienced doctor decided to take over because the growth was too intimately intertwined with the neck muscles. We didn’t learn of this until after the surgery was done.

        Meanwhile, the Anti’s are wandering around in public imagining that all the men and women in blue uniforms must – of necessity – be crack-shots whereas none of the concealed-carriers in street cloths are anything other than amateurs.

        • Five shots from a distance of 5 yards on a 6″ target in under a second…0.896 seconds to be exact.
          I had a consistent split time of 0.224 seconds between shots.
          This was drawing from concealment and the entire process only took 2.884 seconds. It was one of my slower draw and fire times or it could have been better. I was 0.4 seconds slower on the draw, otherwise, the total time would have been 2.484 which is under my 2.5 second goal.
          Not bad for an amateur.

      • Wouldn’t it something if a cop who had arrested a guy for a CW, ended up on an operating table, and just as he was about to go under, found out the surgeon was the dude he arrested!

        • My nephew is a LEO on a major metropolitan police force and has a strict policy of extending professional courtesy to any medical personnel he encounters for just that reason (nurse/doc/paramedic). He’d rather the nurse/doc/paramedic recognize him as the guy who cut them a break….

        • @styrgwillidar: Your nephew dispenses, at his pleasure for own his potential future benefit, that which he doesn’t actually have the right to take in the first place. IMHO, he sounds like scum. I would disown such a relative and make it my mission to expose that department.

          Care to share what department this is?

        • “Your nephew dispenses, at his pleasure for own his potential future benefit, that which he doesn’t actually have the right to take in the first place. IMHO, he sounds like scum. I would disown such a relative and make it my mission to expose that department.”

          You’re gonna just haul off and call the guy’s nephew scum? Seriously?

    • And never mind the studies that show that concealed carriers are more law abiding than the police and that they shoot the wrong person much, much, less than cops.

    • haha right? It’s a natural reaction for a SHEEP, I guess… and plays into their desire for a Gov’t controlled Police state. All’s they have to do is sacrifice their (OUR) freedoms and Daddy Govt will promise to protect them from the evil scary wolves.

  6. MLB, NBA, NFL, none of them have made a dime off me as I neither participate, watch, nor attend games. I have come to the conclusion that there is vastly more estrogen than testosterone in the management and ownership of all the above.

    • Indeed.

      The wussyfication of America continues, and this idjit “sports commentator” is a prime example.

  7. Like oh my god Becky, look at that guy’s gun! Oh hes a cop? I feel so much safer!
    Bob nailed it above, so quick to exit the “Alerted Sheep” state and quickly return to the bread and circuses.

    “Don’t parks now feature airport-style metal detectors at all fan entrances to enforce the embargo?”

    I wonder if theyre using TSA style tactics 🙂

    • They do not x-ray your bags. You can bring in a soft side cooler with water and whatnot. They feel around for stuff on the outside and look in to make sure it is water and not alcohol, but it is theater. I can get my gun in if I wanted to. Just sandwich my GLOCK between two pieces of cardboard in the bottom of the cooler and place the bag on the table then walk through the metal detector. Visit the nearest bathroom stall and holster my pistol.

  8. Why the h#ll was this so-called cop(I don’t believe the narrative) going for a foul ball-wasn’t he supposed to be protecting sheep? AS I watch the Colorado Batman boy calmly talk about unloading a shotgun on theater patrons in a GUN-FREE paradise…

  9. So if anyone is able to get a gun past the gate, every Leo that sees it will assume the carrier is a leo as well??? Great plan, but the emperor has no clothes.

  10. a) Call the writer and demand his man card. He’s lost the right to carry one. Oh, and send him a coupon to get his fainting couch cleaned.

    b) This sort of crap is why I don’t attend “professional” sporting events.

  11. I think the solution to these national ball clubs is to ignore them.

    Imagine a stadium in some State where the population is pretty comfortable with civilian concealed carry; and, carry in general. Maybe, say, AZ or NM. Maybe we are another 5 to 10 years into the ramp-up of carry. The local mood about guns is even friendlier than it is today. Still, the Commissioner is in Washington or NYC or somewhere and he doesn’t care.

    Gradually, more and more people try to get through the metal detectors and succeed. A few get caught and say that they will put their gun in their car and be right back; the attendant then waives the guy through; after all, he disappeared for 3 minutes – during which he walked all the way back to his car and back to the entrance.

    Eventually, less and less is made of the pretext of “catching” a few guys and going through the dance of disappearing for 3 minutes. Maybe it becomes common for a carrier to just discreetly show his CWP to the attendant and the attendant just lets him go.

    The stadium operator gets the idea that he can keep his ticket sales up or enforce league rules. The league decides that it’s suffices to claim that they have the rule and are enforcing it, but they actually do very little. Occasionally, a couple of gate attendants “get fired” at just about the same time that they find better jobs elsewhere.

    We might very well enter into a solution of widespread open-secret “civil” disobedience that everyone is comfortable living with.

    Likewise with chain stores that advertise a policy of “no guns” while at the same time doing little-to-nothing to actually enforce the policy.

  12. Hilarious. I’m reminded of a quote from the Joker “When a bunch of soldiers in a truck get blown up, nobody bats an eye, because it’s all part of the plan; but if one little damsel gets hurt, then everyone loses their minds!” These people lost their minds until they found out it was “all part of the plan” and that he was a cop.

  13. Today, at a MLB event, a concealed carrier was accidentally revealed.

    Noone had prior knowledge of the carrier or gun, as he didn’t shoot, harm, threaten or brandish, before or after the revelation. He appeared to be quietly enjoying the baseball game, independent of the gun on his hit.

    When asked he replied: “Why would my gun come out? Nothing bad happened at the baseball game.

    My gun’s not with me outside the range to make a problem, but in case there is a problem that can’t be resolved another way. I’m really quite surprised that the commentator seems so terrified. You know that guns don’t do anything by themselves, right? I’m not a threat to anyone, so my gun isn’t, either.”

  14. I will never understand the whole “this is terrifying!!!” reaction to finding out someone was armed. Did anybody get shot? No, they didn’t and this guy probably wasn’t the only one schlepping a legally owned piece either.
    This guy was “positively terrified” of someone else legally carrying a firearm all while he sat on his ass for 4 hours while shoveling down handfuls of artery clogging ballpark food.

  15. I understand this is the internet and all, but I’d love it if y’all could knock off all the “OMG!” titles. There has to be a better way to express artificial outrage.

  16. I don’t have a problem with it personally, but if he is a Texas CHL holder then he just broke the law. AND just because he is an off duty police officer doesn’t mean he can carry concealed. There are peace officers that can’t pass the background check. His profession doesn’t justify his actions on this one.

  17. I went to a shooting competition last week and somebody sneaked in a baseball.

    Naturally, I ran away screaming.

    • “Naturally, I ran away screaming.”

      I’m throwing the BS flag here.

      No way in *Hell* does Ralph run (since 1970)…


  18. Just goes to show the value of a good gun belt. This guys carry system is sloppy and poorly thought out, especially for a LEO. Get a belt you schmuck! I’m surprised your pants didn’t fall to your ankles carrying like that.

  19. The security checkpoints at ball games are a joke. If you put your piece in a false bottom in your bag (which they don’t xray or metaldetect, just a cursory manual check for obvious things) you’ll get right through and can then re-arm in the nearest bathroom stall.

    I’ve considered testing this myself with an innocuous item but have not had the chance yet.

  20. A perfect product of leftist society. Trembling in utter terror at the sight of a confident person exercising freedom.

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