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OKlahoma Capitol

Oklahoma looks to be ready to move another increment toward permitless or “Constitutional” carry.  The Senate has already passed SB 735 on a 67-2 vote; the bill has passed the House Public Safety Committee with a “Do Pass” recommendation.  If passed by the House, it will go to the Governor. It is a small increment . . .

Oklahoma has already restored the right to carry without a permit to the residents of those nine states that do not require permits to carry. Mississippi is likely to become the 10th “Constitutional” carry state any day now. Governor Bryant is likely to sign the bill into law by this Monday, the 18th of April.

Oklahoma SB 735 would extend permitless carry to people 21 or older who can show that they have both a current military ID and a valid Oklahoma drivers license or ID. From the Oklahoma legislature:

2.  The person is twenty-one (21) years of age or older, is on active military or National Guard duty, regular military or National Guard reserve duty or has retired or been honorably discharged from military service and presents a valid military identification card in lieu of a handgun license. handgun license or a valid military identification card and in compliance with the provisions of the Oklahoma Self-Defense Act shall be authorized to carry such concealed or unconcealed handgun while bow hunting or fishing.

While this only affects about 10,000 people in the National Guard, it also affects almost all military retirees in Oklahoma, all active duty military, as well as those who have been honorably discharged and who have a valid military ID. I had one for a long time as a reservist; I do not know what the current requirements are for maintaining a military ID.

Oklahoma has been a prime candidate as another state to restore permitless or “Constitutional” carry to the general population. If SB 735 bill passes into law, it will have moved even closer.

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  1. whats all this i keep hearing about carrying the constitution around? Are they talking about the actual constitution or a copy of it? I cant see how a sheet of paper is going to help you. Now if they are talking about the USS Constitution, well then I could see how all those cannons would be nice to have around, but carrying it around would be impractical.

    • My USS Constitution would have an entire airwing (CAG) onboard. Maybe a few Marines, too.

      • Either one is a bit awkward to tote around in Colorado. No place to float them.

        Maybe that’s why we don’t have constitutional carry. Yet.

  2. The problem with the wording, as I understand it, is once you are honorably discharged from the military, but not retired, you do not leave with any sort of military I.D. other than your flimsy DD214. Unless they’ve changed something since I got out.

  3. Cliff that’s a great point. You should bring it up to them. A simple call or e-mail goes a long ways.
    Lew I’m not sure what you are talking about.
    This is a great step forward for my state.

    • Politics is the art of the possible. If the votes aren’t there to get full constitutional carry then we should support them getting ehat they can and edging closer.

      Looked at another way if incrementalism worked to erode our gun rights it can work to restore them.

  4. Many state dmv offices issue a military veteran ID for free. Lowes and home depot give 10% off when presented. Lowes is better because they do the whole Bill while HD excludes a lot of stuff.
    This is sooo much better than states where you have to beg for permission and pay exorbitant fees to exercise a right.

  5. As a legally licensed ccw permit holder in Oklahoma, I am offended by the fact that my Constitutional rights are for sale. By that I mean I have the right to keep and bear arms, but wait…because the OSBI will lose money if our full rights are restored, then I still have to get a permit to carry concealed. There is no legitimate explanation for that other than that my rights are being infringed and held ransom to the budget of a government agency. I prefer concealed carry. Why should I be discriminated against because of that preference? My right has been sold to the OSBI.

  6. This bothers me more than permitted carry and I hardly consider an incremental step. It’s just as bad as the LE/retired carve outs we see in places like NY.

    Recognizing “permits” from the Constitutional Carry states does nothing to treat your residents differently, acting only within the bounds of respecting the sovereign decision of other states. This, on the other hand, creates a class system within your own. Absolutely unacceptable.

  7. While this only affects about 10,000 people in the National Guard, it also affects almost all military retirees in Oklahoma, all active duty military, as well as those who have been honorably discharged and who have a valid military ID.

    Doesn’t sound that great to me. Especially given this statement:

    blah blah blah blah blah… blah blah blah… blah blah… shall be authorized to carry such concealed or unconcealed handgun while bow hunting or fishing.

    So… bow hunting or fishing? Got it.

    So there we have it.

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