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“Officers said the incident began at the Chateau Club in Harrison Township [Ohio],” reports. “According to police, the two men followed the officer southbound on Interstate 75, came up behind him near Stanley Avenue and began bumping his personal vehicle, forcing him into the guardrail. Police said the men then pulled over on the exit ramp to Route 4. Sgt. Clarence West said, ‘The gentlemen said they apprehended the person who just robbed them at the Chateau Club that is in the county at Wagner Ford Road.’ Officers said they believe that part of the men’s story is true and that someone did approach them in the parking lot and rob them at gunpoint. However, police said they believe the two men became confused about which car held the robbery suspects. Police said this is one of the reasons why they advise people not to take matters into their hands. Cases of mistaken identity are pretty common.”

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    • The thing stinks to high heaven. Whether or not laws making those with badges untouchables apply in this instance (the local PD likely thinks they do), it is my firm belief that such laws are one of the biggest affronts to our system of government that exists today.

      Such laws are a stepping stone (a very large one at that) in the effort to make this a country of men and not of laws — much as Europe was at the time we fought our first civil war against the British Empire. That civil war resulted in the idea of the nation of laws and not of men — the idea that no man is above the law.

      Thus, as laws such as those I refer to go counter to that idea insofar as they effectively result in a class of men being above the law, the laws that create such a situation run counter to our intended system of governance.

    • Chicago PD’s Special Operations Section was disbanded a couple years ago for rampant strong armed robbery among its members.

  1. SGT West needs to lose some weight.

    There is so much wrong with this that I suspect too much. The suspects had been drinking. Duh! How do we know that the men identified the wrong vehicle and that the vehicle they were looking for was just down the road? Why did they pull over 14 mile down the road after running him off the road? Why not stop there?

    This whole thing smells.

    • Not to mention the fact that nowhere in the news story do the police prove that the officer wasn’t the robber, they just claim the “vigilantes” were wrong. If the police know that the robber’s car was further down the road, why haven’t they identified the robbers and arrested them yet

  2. It’s possible that he did rob them and was, ya know, undercover. Not that it should make anybody feel any easier about it, but sometimes UCs commit crimes to strengthen or establish cover. Robbing two guys with a (possibly unloaded) gun in front of some club may have been a way to accomplish that, the local PD doesn’t want to blow his cover, and it’s likely he couldn’t or wouldn’t be prosecuted anyway.

  3. I think we should cut these poor guys a break, because the police arrest the wrong person every now and then and they’re the pros. We shouldn’t expect these guys to be perfect because the police make the same mistakes.

  4. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Maybe they mistook the robber’s firearm for a penis and thought he was exposing himself. Where was Leonard Pitts when all this occurred?

  5. Something this story left out–the actual robbers from the Chateau Club made the 2 boys take their pants off. So when the cops found them in the crash, the boys had no pants, no wallets, nothing.

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