Ohio Gets Gun Sense

Ohio (courtesy wikihow.com)

TTAG reader JU writes:

Yesterday, the Ohio House of Representatives concurred with changes amended by the state senate to H.B. 234, and barring a veto from the governor, many positive changes are coming for Ohio gun owners. This bill makes many changes to concealed carry, such as reducing training time from 12 to 8 hours, increases reciprocity, and disqualification from obtaining a CHL will align with state and federal law regarding gun ownership, along with many many other changes. Perhaps the most important changes . . .

are changing the language of the state’s definition of an automatic firearm, which currently groups any firearm able to fire more than 31 rounds without reloading with any firearm that fires multiple rounds with a single action of the trigger, and allowing hunters to use suppressors.


  1. avatar Jeff the Griz says:

    Wow, Ohio is about to pass Michigan as the most gun friendly mid west state, now lets repeal the tax stamp on gun mufflers!

    1. avatar Jared says:

      Ohio is about to be the most friendly gun state in the Midwest???

      Ohio and Michigan suck for 2A rights. They don’t hold a candle to Missouri or Indiana.

      1. avatar Lurker_of_Lurkiness says:

        Michigan sucks at everything, but what is wrong with Ohio?

        With that stupid 31 round thing gone, licenceless open carry, no registraion and preemption what does it lack?

        1. avatar Danny Griffin says:

          what is wrong with Ohio?

          Besides OSHP and county deputies sitting in the medians every half mile on your highways? 😀

        2. avatar TroyBilt says:

          For one I would like to see ORC 9.68 have some teeth to it.

          It would also be great to get rid of shall inform also.

        3. avatar SteveInCO says:

          How about getting rid of the bullshit that says you can’t open carry in your car?

        4. avatar Jeremy in Ohio says:

          The language is really stupid as far as open carry in a car is concerned. If you’re in a vehicle(even on a motorcycle) and you’re open carrying, it’s considered a concealed weapon in Ohio. On the plus side, if you have a chl you’re good to go with open carrying in the car… but then again you have a chl so why not just concealed carry?

        5. avatar ken says:

          how does MI suck? we have open carry, shall issue for concealed carry, sbr/sbs are legal, machine guns are legal and suppressors are legal

        6. avatar SpecialK says:

          Ohio resident here. Other issues we need to address:

          1. Cannot have a loaded firearm in a car without a CHL.
          2. Cannot have a loaded long gun in a car at all.
          3. No carry in a school zone, unless dropping off a child. Even then you may not leave your car, even if the firearm stays behind.
          4. A parking lot law would be nice.
          5. Gunbuster signs have force of law.
          6. We have a duty to retreat.
          7. Ohio is THE ONLY STATE in which a person must prove by a preponderance of the evidence that he acted in self-defense: in the other 49 states the burden of proof is on the prosecution .
          8. Obviously constitutional carry would be ideal.
          9. We have state-level preemption, but the teeth behind it are pretty weak. It is common for anti-gun municipalities to harass gun owners using unlawful regulations and then drop the regulations only after they have been sued with the plaintiff having spent considerable resources, only to be denied reimbursement in the 11th hour.
          10. We have a duty to inform leos that we are carrying whenever we encounter them.

          That’s my top 10 list, there are other issues besides these.

        7. avatar Lurker_of_Lurkiness says:


          Dude, that was a bit of a joke, you know Ohio/Michigan rivalry and all. (Just be glad you aren’t from pitsburg)

          But seriously handgun registration? Pass.

      2. avatar Nagurski says:

        As an Illinois resident, Ohio and Michigan seem like heaven.

      3. avatar meandmealone says:

        Bullshit. Wasn’t that long ago we had no CCL at all. Quit complaining about what we don’t have and recognize how far we’ve come.

        1. avatar SpecialK says:

          Good point. More needs to be done, but this was a big step forward.

      4. avatar Chip Bennett says:

        Agreed. I’m currently an Indiana lifetime LTCH holder, and as a former resident of the states of Ohio and Missouri, a former CCW holder from each of those states as well. Both Missouri and Ohio are only this year starting to catch up to Indiana’s support for gun rights. (Missouri implemented state-level preemption for open carry, and now Ohio will have sane reciprocity – meaning my Indiana LTCH will now be valid in Ohio.)

        Indiana still has the easiest license to acquire, and a lifetime version is available.

        Ohio does have constitutional open carry (Indiana and Missouri both allow both open or concealed carry, for license-holders).

    2. avatar mp says:

      Hi from OHIO

      Good news all the way around, but “hunting with supressors” is ..well, good…but, Ohio is a shotgun only state (for whitetail)…I guess you could use it on a handgun for deer-(legal in ohio), but I think those shotgun suppressors are like 3x the price of an actual shotgun, huge and bulky to boot.

      There are very few things you can hunt with a rifle here- coyote is one but personally not a fan and have no interest…

      either way a win win…

      1. avatar Tallen says:

        This was the first thing that came to my mind as well: firearm hunting in Ohio must done with a shotgun and there aren’t exactly many shotgun suppressors available. However, this year as I recall, permitted hunting arms has expanded to include straight-wall cartridges which opens up the option of suppressed pistol-caliber carbines.

      2. avatar TroyBilt says:

        This is incorrect information. In ohio as of this year you can hunt deer with rifle in many different calibers. All straight walled cartridges.


  2. avatar Vhyrus says:

    That’s a very left hand friendly gun in that picture. Where can I get one?

    1. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

      Grab your GLOCK brand Glock and stand in front of a mirror.

  3. avatar Scrubula says:

    Nice, good job Ohio!

  4. avatar TroyBilt says:

    Great day to live in Ohio. Next stop constitutional cary!!

    Oh and get rid of them pesky red light / speed trap cameras.

    1. avatar jwm says:

      Those things have been removed around here. Never got tagged by one but saw lots that did. Cops should have to pull you over and face to face a ticket. Ain’t fair having a robot do it.

    2. avatar Jeremy in Ohio says:

      Funny you should mention that, a bill was sent to the governor today that essentially bans redlight cameras by requiring an officer to witness the infraction for the camera ticket to be valid, making the camera unprofitable and unenforceable.

      1. avatar TroyBilt says:

        Are you sure it went to the Gov today?

        1. avatar Jeremy in Ohio says:

          It has to go back to senate for concurrence because the house removed the language making texting while driving a primary offense, and then its off to the governor. My mistake.


  5. avatar Grindstone says:

    My parents being new gun owners, this is great news for them. My dad was off-put by the 12 hour requirement because he still works and has to care for his mother, so his time is very rare these days. Knocking off two whole days in a row was not feasable for him. But he already took an 8-hour gun safety course, so this will be very good for him getting his CCW finally!

  6. avatar Tom in Oregon says:

    Another small but important battle won.
    This has been a really good year.

    1. avatar meandmealone says:

      Yep. Slow and steady. We’ve come a long, long way in Ohio and around the US.

  7. avatar Geoff says:

    Automatic reciprocity also. If another State honors Ohio, Ohio honors it without the AG agreement.

  8. avatar Aaron says:

    congratulations, Buckeyes.

  9. avatar David Kerr says:

    Why wouldn’t they want text to be primary? Are they okay with texting and driving? I wonder how long before I will be able to conceal carry in PA.

  10. avatar Dracon1201 says:

    YES! I can finally load my 40rd mags to full capacity at my local range without getting stopped by an officer!!

  11. avatar Marcus (Aurelius) Payne says:

    Step by step the good news strolls in.

  12. avatar JoeVK says:

    “Besides OSHP and county deputies sitting in the medians every half mile on your highways?”

    Lived here for all of my 36 years. Haven’t seen any such thing. Ever. Where I live, county deputies sitting around running radar is an extremely rare sight, and state patrol doing it is even rarer.

  13. avatar LongBeach says:

    I left Ohio. For California. Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid. I miss my buckeye state.

  14. avatar Anon says:

    get your boots ready, the streets are about to flow with the blood of the innocent!

  15. avatar Anonymoose says:

    brb Salvo-12 and SAW-Mags

  16. avatar Gregolas says:

    As a former Buckeye who sill has family there, I am overjoyed that on trips home I will no longer have to stop south of the Ohio River, make my EDC 1986 Gun Owners Protection Act compliant then drive the last 2 hours home disarmed. Sec. 109.69 (b)(B)(3) allows visitors with a CCP from their home state to carry concealed (subject to Ohio’s CCP laws) during their visit. Hot Dawg!

  17. avatar JT says:

    There is one other thing you forgot to add. While they will be allowed to run a background check and charge a fee (that can be no more than the CCW BG check fee) to run the check. Sheriff’s will now be required to sign off on NFA forms if the person passes the BG check.

  18. avatar John E> says:

    it would be nice to get reciprocity with PA

  19. avatar Heathen says:

    ” it would be nice to get reciprocity with PA”

    Doubtful with Kane as Pennsylvania’s AG.

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