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Designed specifically for SIG’s SB15 (also works with the new SBX) Pistol Stabilizing Brace, ODIN Works’ SB-PT offers more than any of the competing buffer tubes on the market. “Length of brace” adjustment? Check. Locks in the orientation of the SB15? Check. Perfect diameter for the SB15? Naturally. I was excited to check it out, and now I’m happy to “endorse” it . . .

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not disparaging other SB15-specific buffer tubes out there. I’ve used a couple of them and they’re quite good. They’re all big improvements over standard tubes that leave the SB15 slammed right up against the receiver plate resulting in an extremely short “length of brace.” Until SB15-specific tubes really became available, most buffer tubes on the market were also too large in diameter for the SB15 to fit properly. Yet, there are a few features on the SB-PT here that set it apart from the pack.

Adjustable “Length of Brace”
Thanks to a locking collar on the shaft of the SB-PT, the end user can easily adjust where the SB15 “bottoms out.” This is handy when using the SB15 as designed — as an arm brace for your pistol — to accommodate different arm lengths. It’s more comfortable and more stable when the brace is strapped closer to your elbow than your wrist. This adjustment is also handy if you happen to misuse the SB15 by putting it to your shoulder (apparently illegal now). In that case, “length of pull” is adjustable from about 10.5″ all the way to 14.5″, which is a completely normal LoP for an adult-sized rifle.

A hex key bolt is responsible for tightening or loosening this locking collar, and the SB-PT ships with a hex wrench of the correct size.

Fixed Orientation
The little receiver plate extension protruding from the bottom, front of the SB15 brace has a unique, somewhat triangular profile on its top side. From what I’ve seen, ODIN Works is the only company that has attempted to fix the rotational orientation of the SB15 and it has done so by matching, in mirror image, that triangular profile on the SB-PT’s locking collar. The SB15 indexes with it and cannot spin out of whatever alignment you choose for it.

No castle nut is used. The SB-PT threads into your receiver until it torques against the included receiver end plate, which is a nice piece in and of itself with sling attachment points on both sides and a QD socket at bottom. Removable thread locker is included to ensure the buffer tube doesn’t back out.

Torquing the SB-PT was made particularly easy thanks to ODIN Works’ slick (as in “cool”) 3/8″ drive socket at rear.


Not only does your standard socket wrench or torque wrench fit in there, but it even locks in with its ball detent.


It’s just right!

Legal Note:
Please review this post!

If you’re looking for a buffer tube specifically for the SIG Tac SB15 brace, and lowest available price isn’t your top priority, look no further than the SB-PT.

Specifications: ODIN Works SB-PT Stabilizing Brace Pistol Tube

Fit: Designed for standard carbine buffer and spring
Material: aluminum
Finish: matte black type III hard coat anodized
Weight: 4.8 oz
MSRP: $79

Ratings (Out of five stars): 

Fit: * * * * *
It was perfect on my receiver and perfect in the SB15.

Finish: * * * * 
Matte anodizing tends to show scuffs, lube splotches, and scratches pretty easily in comparison to higher gloss options. At least from what I’ve seen. The SB-PT had a few minor finish imperfections, most of which can’t be seen when installed. Machining is very nice but not flawless. Somewhere between 4 and 4.5 stars here.

Function: * * * * *
Many novel and useful features and high quality materials make this the stand-out winner among SB15-specific buffer tubes.

Overall: * * * * * 
Best in class.


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  1. Hmm…I think I’ll send a letter to the ATF about this product. You know, just to clear up some legal questions I have about it.

  2. These companies just keep pushing the line with these Items, I have 32 inch draw length for a bow, this buffer tube seems a better option for my long arms if using the sb15 as intended.

    • For sure. I’m only six foot but find it much more stable and comfortable when strapping it to my arm as I built this pistol for when the brace is farther from the receiver.

    • Had I made the video after this whole clarification thing came to light rather than before, I would have been EXTRA clear that this was built as a pistol and intended for use as a pistol. I believe this buffer tube is the best one out there for using the brace properly as my comments in reference to “length of brace” are really about where the brace straps on your arm. I find it much too close to my wrist when it’s against the receiver and significantly more stable and comfortable when adjusted farther back! The SB-PT is ideal for making that adjustment so you can custom fit this sort of pistol setup to your arm length, pistol weight, personal comfort preference, etc.

      • If you get a chance to change the video, that would be awesome. This looks like a very cool pistol accessory what would really help me to properly use an AR pistol.

        Remember that we have plenty of bureaucrats out there with nothing better to do than ban stuff that’s fun to use.

      • I’m sure your true intent was to strap it to your arm.
        I know from experience mine slips off of my wrist and pops into my shoulder socket all the time.

        • “I’m sure your true intent was to strap it to your arm.”

          Yes. The Police never lie… 🙂

          (I’m smiling when I say that, OK? Don’t Tase me, bro!)

  3. I would imagine that the further back the brace sits on your arm (when using it as designed), the better balance it has. Resulting in less torque on the wrist and more stability, correct? Ideally it would be strapped just in front of the elbow…

    • Yes, it’s really quite effective in that way. Definitely less torque on your arm as you move it closer to your elbow. In front is certainly best, as behind the elbow locks your arm totally straight haha… which, if coupled with a 40 oz of non-alcoholic beverage duct taped to your other hand, would be pretty hilarious though.

      • Yeah, I kind of want to do a regular and a lefty pistol build using these since the brace will be so much more stable with the longer LoP and dual wield…

        I can just imagine the look of incredulity on my dad’s face next time we hit the range. Should probably throw a terminator quote in too.

      • one would never play ‘Edward 40 hands’ while actually shooting. that’s definitely for the after party. clarification needed. ^5

  4. .”…heard a lot of phrasing in the video that sounded like intent to make an unregistered SBR.”

    Loved the article, must get this…all the Fudd’s frantically badge licking afterward not so much….
    I am sure the BATF had no problem with “intent” when they walked all those guns over to

  5. >> From what I’ve seen, ODIN Works is the only company that has attempted to fix the rotational orientation of the SB15

    That’s not quite true. Extar EXP-556 has an adapter for SB15 that you mount to the brace by screwing it, and it effectively locks the orientation (due to the way it mounts to the gun itself).

    Then again, EXP doesn’t even have a buffer tube in the first place (which is why it even needs that adapter), so arguably it’s in a different category.

  6. Having the SB15 slide up and down the tube is actually a real problem. This
    happens even if you think its tight. Mine was so tight the tube CANNOT be
    rotated by any means…but the SB15 still slides forward after a few
    magazines at the range. .

    • That would work well for LoP but wouldn’t lock in orientation. Also, and this was mentioned in the review, the vast majority of buffer tubes on the market are too large in diameter for the SB15 brace. The ones that fit properly are basically all SB15-specific tubes. If you’re going to buy an SB15-specific tube anyway, and you really should if you want to be able to install the thing without baby powder and hammering and lube and swearing, you may as well do it right and get the ODIN Works one in the first place. Diameter, great receiver plate, the 3/8″ drive thing, and the locking collar that locks orientation. It’s done right in every single way.

      …but yeah, if you already have an SB15-appropriate buffer tube then I agree it would be cool to add a locking collar, and maybe ODIN Works can consider selling their collars separately.

      • Or you could leave the 3/8 rachet in place and use it instead of the brace 🙂 Oh come on we all know there will be a video of that happening somewhere!

  7. I will probably hold off even though I love this thing. I just see some idiot asking the atf for a ruling and I don’t think it will go down the way we want it too. I don’t want to have spent $80 on a tube. Not to mention when the brace came out it was nice because they were cheaper than the tax stamp. $120 brace + 80 tube= $200 that you could have spent on stamp and not worry about it. I know people say SBR are harder to sell and a nightmare if you move. I have only sold 2 guns in my whole life and regretted both and my house is being built for me with room to expand so I am not going anywhere.

    On the other hand, it does take a while for a stamp to come in. You don’t have to worry if you leave it in a family members car. You don’t have to set up a grant or talk to your CLEO. Hmmmm maybe I should have at least one set laying around.

  8. Tell you what would be fun, but I’m too lazy to do it myself: fit the SB-15 to a registered SBR lower and pistol length upper, and run around the country showing it off to people and shooting it at different ranges, indoor and outdoor, including shouldering it, and see how many times some John Law grabs you up with intent to prosecute you for an unregistered SBR. I mean, you are safe, it IS a registered SBR, it just looks like somebody is cheating.

    Of course, one of the main places this thing would be useful is in states which outlaw SBRs, and doing this would be inadvisable.

  9. Great review as always Jeremy, got to this one a little late. Congrats on your new chillun! I am definitely looking to buy this bad boy after watchin the review


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