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If you have little ones, you’re probably all ready for Halloween. But are you ready for the Day of the Dead? That’s Mexico’s traditional day for honoring and remembering those who have passed. And what better way to commemorate them than by, say, going out and shooting a pig? And if you’re going to honor your ancestors, why not do it in style? Underground Tactical has created just the thing, too – their highly customized Maquina de la Muerte or Machine of Death. Any pig should be proud to give up his life to a round from this beauty . . .


Special Edition weapon celebrating Dias de la Muerte

25hrs of hand engraving

Comes in a custom, hand made, coffin shaped gun case 


Weapon Specifications:

  • Billet Upper and Lower Receiver: Enhanced Flared Magazine Well and M4 Feed Ramps. CNC Machined of 7075-T6 Billet Aluminum.
  • Barrel: Match Grade 416R Stainless Steel Featuring 3 Land Polygonal Rifling. Standard/Medium Profile with spiral fluting. 16″
  • Available Calibers and Twist:  5.56 NATO 1:8
  • Gas System: Direct Impingement. Mid-Length Gas.
  • Muzzle Device: Underground Phantom Flash Hider (Threaded on)
  • Bolt Carrier Group: Underground Tactical Enhanced Bolt Carrier Assembly w/Properly Staked Gas Key. Black Nitride.
  • Bolt: Machined from 9310AQ (Aircraft Quality) Steel
  • Receiver Extension: 6 Position Mil-Spec 7075-T6 Aluminum
  • Buffer: H Buffer
  • HandGuard: CNC Machined of 6061-T6 Aluminum. 15″ Free Float w/ keymod system and Monolithic Picatinny Top Rail (MIL-STD-1913)
  • Buttstock: Magpul MOE-SL Carbine Stock – MIL-SPEC MODEL
  • Pistol Grip: Magpul MIAD® Grip
  • Trigger: CMC 3.5# Flat Trigger
  • Charging Handle: Underground Tactical Charging Handle w/ Tactical Latch
  • Rifle Case: Hard Case
  • Magazine: Two special engraved magazines
  • Sights: Sold Separately
  • Action: – Semi-automatic
  • Finish: Cerakote, Burnt Bronze with with very detailed hand engraving
  • Made in TEXAS!


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        • Thats $50/hr. Even if the guy figures on $75/hr its under $2000

          It looks like much more than 25 hours of engraving.

          I’ve seen a friend of mine, George Spring, who is a master engraver at Colt, work and there is no way he could do that in 25 hours.

          I’m wondering if because the engraving is being done in aluminum rather than case hardened steel, it goes much faster.

    • The website has a logo for the gun and nothing else. I suspect the price is somewhere just north of, “if you have to ask you can’t afford it,” and just south of, “think of the largest number you can count to. Now double it.”

    • Indeed its spelled /maquina/. Also no bueno in Mexico as firearms are you guessed it, outlawed. Otherwise a picaso tattoo on a AR For use in the Estados Unidos only.

  1. Are gas-keys improperly staked often enough, that a properly staked one is a selling point…. even on a rifle like this?

    • The best is when they claim they are properly staked, and the picture shows the gas key isn’t staked.

    • What he said.

      Plus, I think at this point it’s become just something you expect to see in the description.

  2. The irony of a Texan, using this gun made in Texas, to defend his home against the illegal invasion of Texas is freaking hilarious.

    • My pet peeve is having to call to find out the weight of a rifle. Which, like price, usually means they’re hiding a key specification because they’re embarrassed by it being unimpressive. You should not be ashamed of what you sell and openly note the key features and specifications, including weight and price.

  3. Show us the engraved magazines!

    Beautiful engraving job. If money was no object I’d want this rifle or one like it. If I was of Mexican heritage I’d dream about my rifle looking like this.

  4. Why are those Keymod slots backwards? You’d think on a rifle expensive enough to warrant an unlisted price they’d at least go through the effort of making sure their rail was made to spec.

    • That’s an interesting question. In the pic with multiple rifles up on the wall, some of them have the keymod slots in the correct direction and some don’t. I’m not sure it’s actually all that important which way they face, but the original specs do specifically dictate that the large hole is at the rear and the skinny slot points towards the muzzle…

    • The slots are not backward, at all. In fact, there is no backward or forward, as the direction of these slots, are for air-cooling only. The discretion of the designer. Nothing here… is backward.

  5. Looks like it belongs in the chrome section at auto zone!
    You need that as much as you need a set of fuzzy dice or that eight ball hanging from your mirror.

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